welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen if you’ve been following along you saw me make this cream cheese and
I’ve got about a kilo of cream cheese here and I thought to myself I’ve got
this homemade cream cheese what am I going to do with it let’s do something
special so I looked around and I didn’t want to make just a regular cheesecake
but a recipe that I’ve seen everywhere is for something called depending on who
you are they’ve called it burnt Basque cheesecake La Vina cheesecake San Sebastian cheesecake Burnt cheesecake burnished cheesecake trying to elevate
it a little bit and I thought let’s make that so I looked at all the recipes for
it and I did a little bit of digging and I came across the fact that this is from
lavinia restaurant in San sebastián Spain and all of the recipes online are
people saying oh I went there and so this is the recipe that I developed this
is the recipe that I developed to try to replicate what was going on and I
realized the chef from lavinia restaurant in San Sebastian freely gave
out the recipe to anyone who asked so if the chef gave out the recipe and
encouraged people to make it at home why reinvent the wheel why not just go ahead
and make his recipe so I found his recipe online
I also found a video of him making the recipe which I thought was very
interesting because even though I don’t speak Spanish I was able to pick out
some little tricks and tips he was making it with a spoon and I have to
imagine that he rolled up to the television studio and they didn’t have
the mixers that he wanted his restaurant makes dozens of these cakes every day so
I’m positive they’re using a giant industrial mixer in the back probably a
Hobart in order to get the consistency but if you only have a hand beater you
only have a whisk even a food processor would do the trick really really well
so in this stand mixer I have a kilo of cream cheese and some sugar and I just
want to mix it until it’s nice and smooth okay next in our seven eggs and
the key to putting these eggs in is to do them one at a time
if you put them in all at once the mixture becomes clumpy and the egg
doesn’t incorporate and then you get little clumps of cheese put one egg in
the first one mixes in really quickly and then just move on to the second one
and so on and so on okay all of the eggs are in there mixed in really well I’ve
got a nice smooth homogeneous mixture and I scrape down the bowl several times
just to make sure that I’ve got everything all together next in is some
salt and the salt content will vary depending on the salt content of your
cream cheese one of the things that the chef mentions in the video is that the
cream cheese he’s using in Spain is from a local dairy and it’s a little bit
different than the cream cheese you can buy in the supermarket and I don’t know
how that will affect the cheese cake but I do know that it will make the cheese
cake at home a little bit different than what he makes in the restaurant the next
thing that goes in is flour so it goes while that mixes in I need about 200
milliliters of heavy cream whipping cream this is 35% cream okay I think the
flours all mixed in so we turn the mixer down so they don’t slop the cream
everywhere the oven is preheated it’s a screaming hot 500 degrees Fahrenheit the
whole idea with this cheesecake is that you cook it hot and fast the outside
gets nice and dark and brown some people would call it burnt some people call it
burnished yet the interior of the cheesecake is supposed to be creamy and
soft like a pudding I’m really looking forward to this texture so I’m gonna let
this continue to mix while we get the springform pan ready and the idea with
the springform pan is that you line it with baking paper so I’ve got two sheets
of baking paper I’ve got one in in one direction and I’m gonna put this one in
the other direction and you should crumple at first that softens it up and
makes it easier to get into the pan all the way into the ball
so turn this one opposite direction and just fit it in okay that looks good and
I think our mixture is just about right really nice and smooth thick homogeneous
I think this is going to be fantastic I’m really looking forward to this so
let’s get it into the pan without making too much of a mess okay
looking good so this goes into the oven 18 to 20 minutes here we go
look at that so a little bit burnt on top the way it’s supposed to be and it’s
supposed to be jiggly like it’s not cooked inside and so it’s definitely
jiggly like it’s not cooked inside at this point it’s everything that
cheesecake isn’t supposed to be it’s not supposed to be burnt on top it’s
supposed to be a little bit denser than this this is going to collapse it’s
probably going to crack I’m supposed to leave it out on the counter until it
comes to room temperature and then stick it in the fridge for 5 or 6 hours before
we taste it so come on back let’s see what happens it’s time it’s time it’s
time the cooling has finished so it’s it’s finished cooling it has deflated it
looks early and gooey all the way around that great Brown is on top oh it’s soft
and custardy inside it seems like it’s everything it’s supposed to be now I’ve
seen people try to get this out and it can be yeah cuz it’s not a solid as cake
no okay that’s pretty soft it’s surprisingly
soft it’s supposed to be gooey inside yeah that it is okay totally in give a
try hmm has a wonderful texture to it has a great mouthfeel and a super tang
so the tang is I think from our our cream cheese mousse it was pretty tangy
was pretty tangy the when you get that top and you know that toasted
marshmallow flavor that’s what I got from from the top it was just fantastic
okay everything that you think a cheesecake is I’m gonna say this is not
no it is not any of the typical ways that’s why I was surprised it was gooey
because I you know I’m so used to it being that the very thick you know it
kind of dense yeah and you know with that cookie base although we have made
some without bases before yes that were really good but they were still a lot
they were still very solid and compact heavy is very light yes this would be
it’s okay so this would be fantastic with lemon because lemon makes this type
of dessert lemon makes a lot of stuff yeah good it would give a brightness to
the flavor you could probably put a lot of different flavor like light bits of
flavor like I think so we put a little bit of coffee in it yes or a little bit
of nothing too much nothing Jim no this is just a light flavor a hint a sue song
versus you know when you put stuff on top like yeah cherries on top of her
fruit on top yeah you wouldn’t do that with this you would just kind of embed
it in the in yeah in the mixture in a very light way so everything everything
everything that you expect a cheesecake to be this is not going to be it at all
but it’s still absolutely why is it absolutely wonderful so I don’t think
you have to make your own cream cheese to make this you know if what you have
is Philadelphia because Philadelphia is probably the one that most people are
going to have it’ll probably be just fine so I would definitely give this one
a try enjoy thanks for stopping by see you again soon you