Cooking recipes.I’m first thing we want to do me is Francis clams up you can see I’m
not American I S just to keep them nice column
russians.Cooking recipes another woman I am and I just wanna sort
through my alarm and them up a bit make sure they don’t
have any Sanders them I’m on the other members in then we can add up to a rolling boil
I’ve got about an inch of water in here that’s all you need to get the steam on
but these plans more than a little then I’m wait three
to four minutes is all its gonna take forget these things just are popping up
another I am as you can see here but top player clams as open soul start removing each one
individually they’re awesome tongs and separate them the ones that are on
on them when the way to the bottom those in see
monopoly open all we do is possible over them upside down bit more but on the
other side and I started all but not so that one
about just popped right up mom like that when I’m and move on to the russians again just awesome time and so they open
up bottom mistakes and hear more sermons there’s
another one them although nom I’ll move on the main stage
know what you want %um staged want the best for them I there
that you know house all to that water us him this is what we’re doing this to
see some acquaintance gonna look even better there got a
problem 2 tablespoons worth garlic that the
season over this water armistice all the all
you gotta do is just got a little bit more water team that’s galleons another help system more
than that a survey were just and just as good just
about ’em give it a good stir mike boorda
meltdowns season a little bit here with little bit
up and burn the mashina and splash in Alameda I am like a little km newspapering a.m. even so the house chili flakes are
pregnant them that’s up to you Manuel I’m mimes over more on this sauce over the whole time that’s for the
call is awesome %um so we’re just gonna drown them with the so they are just some them only played among Americans we can serve them mmm and that’s all there is to it must not
understand clams right here in the poor man’s
gourmet kitchen mmm partially I’m get left him thank you for watching and be sure to
stop by poor man’s gourmet kitchen dot com for more resumes an exact ingredients.Cooking recipes them