Cooking recipes said and Italian Christmas fly ash Hollywood least during Christmas
I here stop still scales I yes makes me he thought the whole follow
later on in another of okay so basically we can say this is a know of a 600 you
can use for me some pizza like you said missus for sure
you are highly secret are traditional no the which is very nice
color a taste and texture it’s just phenomenal as you’ll see later on with their lives
turned 18 so I’m gonna start here thank you very
much %uh my soul what we have here is a cups of flour have already inserted the a cause of
lower limb here your your understand at the position of
making something like this I through practice of course all the
ingredients here are perfect in other words we won’t have
to worry about that having this spring after not too much
water %uh for always make sure your ingredients a
sharper now what we’re gonna do to start his I
have two envelopes that he’s I’m gonna put it in got warm slaughter which is power couple lukewarm water that’s two envelopes for a cost flower I’ll within the skis we can put the sugar sure will not harm the East so I’m gonna play 1 tablespoon and a half school put that aside why I
will do is now a mix the 2 1/2 cups of water with I can he has is that we’re gonna be
used I were in it a for cable schoolrooms I’ll olive oil survive sports table sets santa hats salts for 12 points approximately sales gains
offend plants kristall the mix always nice to have a picture I you could all these also use a here over here and I goodbye handlers for herbal good amazed like this a so now ashtray we’re gonna mounted okay I’ll this next test test these I use speed number two you cannot go more and less you could do that but
you’re better off at say number two okay I make sure
they’re sick settings obviously you have to go to setting water to I
have 10 send song gonna go 17 number 2 a I only this anymore so now basically the East is starting to males and starting to activate tease you say
10 minutes but I even five or six minutes 556
Minister change with you’re going to mix the ingredients
for here which is the sole the olive oil and the tender flavorful that’s ready to go so to have cost water and half a cup of water in yeast and
sugar and this year what we have here this is
just preventive just in case we notice that there’s not
enough flour there’s always always go the houses on
the site there 8 Kos a flower let me start pushing always start with the specs fairy this
way make sure that everyone I play around I now here 140 in our grade alternext all yeah water way and she will be able to makes everything now like I said these are precise
measurements a this.Cooking recipes with so many times basically the snow
white for safety class draft when you’re doing seichas said but a little bit shoulder the lecture purchase go so what makes this hard the little 47 because it’s almost come together properly sector with three going until the fall flower is 4 that you know I you you wonder should I text
you though texture again I’m not gonna do that cuz
I’m using precise measurement the pier not using precise measurements yes yeah
stop the machine drop it cratchit and see if the textures
good and my case the textures good because
I’m using again precise measures basically that’s it do she bro under the rules the apparatus break it up sites pharmacists thank you though span just basically I guess losses he’s here its looks easy but it’s not it’s but you get
here so what I’m doing with the baby fingers on fucking the whole under me like this smoke a now the usual 16 inch pizza case two cups of flour so what I do is I
think the SATs cuts and I tried it again to school then cases old and I do the same movement
today then spawn a mass of specifically say a
meeting right now spraying everything together making it
look a lot more attractive sleep that sports so what are you doing here you four large pizzas right here folks yeah
it’s can get more precise than that we’ve got
all your pictures and have a safe thickness once fireballs already what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna have a
role to come over here and take he’s fully area where there’s a
little bit warm under a table full of around school
we’re gonna fall faiths you see here me still already sooo that still is
starting to rise already silos just layin skills stretch those of
the year and they will rise just like this you
just come into my stay just leave them alone don’t get any
draft anything on them spend still the balls double and then they’re ready to the so this is
basically holiness of I we’re going to see you in the next
episode the show you pizza is brimelow from thank you very much.Cooking recipes