Sexy Cooking by Victoria X Rave sorry about the description box laughs
and live no whoa okay thank you Victoria x-rayed here serve as the
confusion I don’t know what’s going on I never know what’s going on sorry about
it but today we’re gonna be cooking and you might be asking why I’m dressed like
this let me tell you I never got a dozen for Halloween someone sent me this
beautiful costume have never got to wear it so I’m going to wear it I’m high oh
I’m so flustered right now so flustered hi hello I’m sorry explain
okay let me show you my costume yeah you guys ready to cook a meal
it’s Halloween again I know I know I know let me see if I can make this
higher how are you guys to everybody out there that’s new here
because I’ve been getting the new subscribers lately hi it’s nice to meet
you I’m Victoria today we’re gonna be cooking some vegan dilip delights
delightful I look great oh thank you my feel like death I feel like death it’s
how we nerd Nate this isn’t Halloween guys this is how I always dress yeah but
this thing is like really long every goddess right every Queen Queen Victoria
hello all right so let me tell you what we’re gonna be making today don’t get
too excited do we’re almost at 100k yeah we’re gonna get there next week I expect
it I expect a hundred thousand of you to be following me and if you’re not it
would be very very devastated so get on that I got shared this right now are you
guys sharing this I’m liking it that’s all we got to do sorry I’m really
obnoxious but mmm all thank you you look great too I’m sure
I guess the thumbs up if you guys want to learn how to make food because that’s
the reason you’re here I remember you Jay very happy for
everybody so uh let me give you a tour of my
kitchen whoa ah there it is it’s quite small I really flustered right now
really sorry about I was laughing like some technical issues almost sucked up
in the head some sick and of course Sports Page may remember you it’s not
messy no it’s not messy I have all the ingredients out right here okay this is
ingredients this is my pants I’m not exactly sure how I’m gonna do this but
we’re gonna we’re gonna get done okay my life is not a beautiful message it’s
it’s just very nice most of the time I don’t jerk off please we’re cooking food
that’s not appropriate for for right now it is a small kitchen and I am quite
poor and I live in a studio apartment but it’s oh I like this song hold on a
second so you haven’t liked I don’t know I
don’t know I don’t know how to cook okay first things first okay we have an apple okay we have a
pepper and we have oh so corn you get it half surfer in
that corner you have a try be blood to forgive up nice tofu tofu to us and a strainer okay how’s the stream quality though you
guys let me go out there comes up with the stream quality so Pamela’s piece of
junk how’s the street party you guys are
perverted stop it immediately it’s good all right thumbs up on this my favorite
tats through my body I like my neck piece okay great
you guys ready to cook okay so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re gonna
cut things up I’m not sure how I’m gonna do this exactly I don’t really want to
be with my back to the camera whoo you guys are green this just out
fitness someone study and if they come in tell me that if it’s you guys send it
to me because I really love it I love it I love it all right I think we’re gonna
get this a little closer so you guys can see what it’s doing here hi so we’re
gonna grab a pepper first okay guys I don’t like to turn my back to you guys I
never wanted to turn my back to you ever let’s see here I feel like there’s gonna
be some things that fall on the floor it’s inevitable all right better I don’t
know hey you guys want you can pay me to come
to your house and cook for you because I need the money
but if everybody’s gonna walk at any time here oh then this is we have 30
minutes to get this this creation cooked okay all right
night first thing we’re gonna cut okay seriously my head feels it’s gonna
explode it’s gonna explode everywhere the first thing gonna puke and then it’s
gonna explode my eyeballs are gonna come out thick but mostly because of like
crashing from a pre-workout but also because I have a lot of anxiety but also
because I’m sad watch we might actually turn the burner on my butt and catch
myself a fire that’s likely to happen okay so as you can see we’re cooking you
know what’s that what I did I dropped a knife like this on my toe
pick up that alright so this is just a nice a stir-fry that we’re making here
it’s gonna have protein and it’s gonna have vegetables okay okay cool so I had
to cook every single day I know exactly what it’s doing sorry I’m still sick so
just bear with you here we’re gonna do the soup together
yeah you don’t have made stickers on vegetables
this is gonna be a quick cooking session hopefully if I can get my shit together
but I literally feel like the spotlights on me right now
like I need to prove you guys like that I can cook hi you guys don’t know even
though I want to interact with you okay so we’re gonna put all of our chopped up
stuff in the pan I know this isn’t as entertaining as beginning a bath but I’m
hungry and I got out of multitask again all right
we’re gonna cut we’re going to cut the Apple and I know this may seem weird for
a stir-fry but it gives it a nice crunch eat an onion and somebody super chats me
I will bite into an onion okay I will literally bite into an onion chew it and
swallow yeah that’s right I said I’ll swallow – $20 someone that’s $20 not
even kidding but you have to do it before app like while chopping up this
Apple because once I chop up the onion that’s the deadline okay now goes to
those types of things Oh people in my last broadcast was like you’re like
thank you commander I’m not begging for money I’m offering favors for you guys’s
entertainment I’m just saying I would do it all right so we’re going to the Apple
now just like this chop chop chop chop chop chop chop maybe once even dance why cook you but I
don’t recommend it because I will come up you can dance to make you want to
that my luck I won’t stab myself she’s not a stripper she’s a model there’s
that stripper outfit okay I’m gonna gypsy goddess not stripping you’re gonna dance so definitely I’m sweaty it’s
really hot in here I think I’m shaking too why this is
weird I think then the Grim Reaper’s going to shrimp please soon be like case
your time good what’s up I didn’t know you were coming today I
would have not finished cooking earlier no fucking hungry yummy thank
you for a diet please coming by to drop a like oh thank you if you drop a like
I dropped my love on you but you still see the Egyptian to see
this look and chips shouldn’t probably I don’t actually know what this costume is let’s continue shall we okay so I’m
beside you did anybody nobody super tatted for me
to bite into this and to it not only is this an onion but it’s a discounted
onion well it is almost blew a snot bubble that would have been embarrassing
you guys know an area and good blow stuff but nobody notices but you but
it’s like you’re so much shaped and embarrassed on the inside that you just
kind of want to go in a corner you know it’s like you’re talking to have a great
time and I think it’s like ya know so I just ask if you guys do that a lot sure nobody wants me dead you know okay
you don’t have to stop it around today oh it’s just kind of an almost rotten
but it’s not yeah I was shopping today and you guys know the kid who please
internet on factory and also in Bates Motel and also a lot of other movies
he’s like an adult now but I thought I stopped at Ralph’s because it is Los
Angeles and you never know so I was just like I was fuck I was following him
purse I wasn’t next stop him or anything like that I wasn’t like this no I was more like this and I realized it actually wasn’t him
but if it was he was pretty hot but it wasn’t so that’s my story so I’m like sniffling and like congested
and trying to be sexy but not failing horribly that’s all right you guys know
you don’t have to actually eat the food and be polite because if you did I’d
probably like sneeze on it probably stick ten breathe breathe yeah it’s not
Oh before we do the cotton I forgot I act like I’m on drugs
no I’m I’m just a little mentally off okay so I have a can here with water in
it I prepared this and a leg will it okay and that is good enough gum gum
burner your back burner don’t you be another story it’s my life
right am i right yeah you got me and these are rice noodles they’re very good
you put some sesame oil in them that’s drugs no drugs okay we’re gonna put these in the pot
whenever it’s boiling let’s go through that I want to warn my roommate that I’m
streaming in an Egyptian goddess costume in the kitchen so my people what she
walks in she’s gonna be like I’m gonna be like oh really pay me for that ah well I just spit all over everything
well huh good thing I’m a little eating it yeah
no no no my breath smells like onion I bet no one wants to kiss me now you know
shits bad when you have to buy just kind of onions and my am i right you are
right you are a I’m wrong I legitimately fits into the onion I don’t know if I
might never step bit of my all right we’re gonna cut this on you know just
love Denis Galilee get this done before at night no side
all right put that in the pan without the pen like your extra man I
have a little baseball team a little color and variety can’t remind just one
that’s won’t get these at least three because they will always just be bland
by themselves it was just kind of I mean I doubt it’s a 500 dollar blade what
$500 blade what are you talking about good night someone actually said this to
me oh my it was on which list thank you okay now now we have our corn if you
guys don’t know how to open things he’s going this is how I’ve been thinks is
open here but like you Oh give it open anywhere okay there you go that’s it
that’s it that’s it that’s right mhm work oh this is import
I picked the wrong thing you guys trust me to come to for you okay well it’s not
corn but it’s okay it’s like broccoli and cauliflower and stuff so we’re just
gonna pour that a little bit just a little bit we don’t want too much
because I thought it was informed gonna take up too much of the pot you know I’m
saying to the pot too much of the pot okay this melody of vegetables Wow
really slow usually I’ve done with this by now I cook this like every day I
always cooking for like me when I can move comes over he does not a feed
himself so I’m like have you eaten today he’s
like no I didn’t put two days I’m like okay well I’ll make you food because
it’s in you to eat otherwise you’re gonna die you’re gonna be might fall so
this is what I make from him so why here I don’t want to turn this stuff shut
Victoria no it’s yes shut up all right so I think my waters been boil
soon that’s nice good job I can boil water
good I’m concerned for myself okay olive oil put a little oil in you don’t want
to stick into the pan all right let me have we have beans
throw some beans in for a little protein okay okay mix it around a bit now comes
the fun part pepper Wow so I’m so why please does somebody
wanna like me this is the white sands hello
Smee wheel and then we can say to ask something will a little just tinge just
a tinge of Tabasco just for the tinge don’t pinch a little bit up bought some
money eat my thumb baby just a little bit just sprinkling oh we need shut off
stop oh wait oh no so why that you okay okay Oh in the secret ingredient this is
the secret ingredient that no one’s gonna tell you got Nvidia bug that your
father’s not even gonna tell you this wait before the secret agreed I’m gonna
put in a little bit of salt or a lot of bit I like it to be a little I like it
to be a lot of salt to eat just like me and we’re also gonna just throw in some
oregano for good luck because if this isn’t turnout we have the oregano to
back us up I just saw you secret ingredient this isn’t it this isn’t it okay okay secret ingredient
Pina the snake ha oh well pet nut but it’s her peanut butter I heard this
city I know how to read I’m gonna turn this burner so yeah let’s say four solid
four kind of like how people rate me so I just do the song before out of what
out of 20 okay four five no no I’m 21 okay so I’m just gonna put that in there
you guys might think I’m crazy but this is Pat friggin tiny that’s why you’re
making pad thai I don’t think I’ve told you that because I didn’t even know what
I was making but now I know I make you some pot pie oh okay oh my god the
boiling it’s what we got the boiling belly I was kind of scared about this
because like I tend to like somehow burn myself
okay we’re gonna throw this in and continue and let it boil yeah all right
no harm done there okay all right good job good job
cut in the back all right we’re gonna let that boil down I’m gonna shut Ramsey
right now we’re Ramsey up in the kitchen you all set and she looked you but like the chick II
don’t want to break up with trust me I’m so guys tell him I’m looking close up
okay I’ve only had one relationship by the
way I believe a broken up with once okay so this is cooking we’re gonna put the
lid on so it can push down that’s the cooking term for it you want
to wash it down how much would you pay for my food that’s the question I would
probably still help for like a dollar 50 a plate to be honest I know you know
fine dining is what I say five buddy okay so we have a hot tofu here for
protein because I always like to add vegan protein into my food because
otherwise what’s the point if I make these game deals and what I say that
Jason be like he’s always like that’s the most annoying thing you do is you
always think you know to me you know I’m saying I’m like okay we’re just wrapping
it with my look I wish this camera was like this way
more look around I’m okay so we have the noodles wailing I’m gonna let this boil
what ladies don’t burp sorry I’m the thirsty guy I need some
water got you without you two you just
reminded me I’m freakin thirsty yeah I try to visit a cup because everybody’s
gonna drink it all right we water would you like some here all you’re
thirsty stay hydrated stay hydrated that’s my main lesson here today okay you know what everything I get is on the
discount section everything again it’s always just kind of a bizarre red and
yellow what’s that color yeah yeah I’m ready
now red and yellow red and yellow huh ready 89 cents for salsa oh you know
whatever I hate every front I need every four minutes to ensure that I am filled
my booty and then you guys can see it in this but um it’s there I have everybody
this everybody has a butt okay all right let’s check on this how much I could
like give us to you guys see if you like it
haven’t you be like you’re disgusting how can you be polite and be like huh
it’s cuz I have fewer dicks and half of you are the sweetest little things but
you both love me so I love you just as much I need a good balance anyways
you want my physique well I’ll tell you how I got it um my mom noticed King
Nonaka Nietzsche like six kids and she’s still in shape and she broke her back
she broke her back and she was just exercising with me recently yeah you can be the middle soon on a
date but not sweet that’s how I like him you’ve lived close to Flint cool um she
she likes to stay in shape my mom she’s like work out the gym like I do but she
likes to stay in shape all right I think my noodles are almost done sorry
I’m only screaming because I was frightened to no works and we’re used up
screaming because there’s a little different reason I don’t like this music
but I can’t change it so be happy with it
the things that you can’t change just accept them and just accept it into your
life and be like this is my life now it’s most of my life am i cold no I’m
hot I’m sweating to death I think I’m a fever
yeah I’m cooking something look at this I’m cooking lots of things you guys pay
attention but what am I saying is that I’m dying I don’t mean to seem like it
and I’m kind of like tried to like get my whole face in the the camera that’s
why I like bending down like that um I’m dying I’m sick I let you I’m sad
guys oh do you want to hear why I’m sad I’m not gonna tell you I don’t know
actually I think I gotta process my emotions it’s really weird I’m gonna
take three in the intagram and they don’t have to process the motion so I
don’t know why I’m sad I just am and I my heart’s beating really fast for my
Kubrick I’m something and I feel like I’m gonna vomit I’m not even hungry to
be honest if you burn it is still vegan no ocean man is a good boy he respect
women who’s ocean man you mean b1i it’s true
are they real tattoos heck yeah heck yeah when I’m gonna home my mom she said
she’s like she’s always saying heck and now I’m saying like what the heck all
the time oh my god dang it that’s lame oh I just blew I Spit level that’s a
little better than a snot bubble but still kind of embarrassing hashtag respect women that’s right
okay I’m sweating really bad that’s okay that’s sad sorry I’m um stop apologizing
for being you okay okay okay next step in the process is to strain the noodles
because you don’t want water noodles you don’t want water in your noodles the
corn don’t even know okay I got some chords running around here a little
nervous about this house kitchen – everything about how this is heavens
kitchen by the way an angel you guys not notice something the angel goddess it’s hot I’m a prostitute
shut up I’m just starting it was just strictly faith Tim it’s awesome oh I
love this outfit adjusting it to wear it yet so I’m wearing it out those drugs
for you guys stop that immediately okay okay this is really hot don’t burn
yourself okay cool pour it in I’m a pro guys in the pro I’m
a pro in the kitchen of pro in the kitchen okay we got that whole string
and those are the dowels noodles well actually we’re gonna do I’m gonna put in
some sesame oil in the noodles but also some salt and we’re gonna shake it shake
it like a Polaroid picture or shake it shake it off by Taylor Swift
and then we’re going to go ahead and pay my it’s to our cooking vegetables we’re
going to shake them too but more so like a shimmy shake like to me to me to me
there we go you’re glad I’m super hot why but this not me is appetizing if I
were on the front piece I’d respect women well this is water by the way I’m trying not
to drink anymore I was telling Jason in there damn like I
want to be sober now I just like my sobriety I don’t want to drink that I
want to eat weed I don’t want to be sick anymore hey guys look up here my nails
didn’t even notice you liked them okay uh-huh I look like an 80s hipster
girl I didn’t know that was a thing I don’t know I don’t know okay hello all
hundred of you there’s 100 here but there’s not a hundred bikes I don’t know
is that not but you guys not like me sorry pops onward through today I’m
cooking some Pat time wow this looks great this is wonderful
okay salsa we’re gonna put in salsa and tofu for the finishing touch you like
salsa Y salsa well it’s not salsas what I say every day every day don’t question
the salsa I don’t it’s not sorry I make it Pad
Thai but it wouldn’t like Mexican food in it okay you can don’t be white here
in the Victorian cooking show because I don’t give up we just stir that in okay now what we’re
going to do is cut up top the to do them which I don’t recommend eating tofu
because it’s not really that good for you but I’m forced so I’m going to do I
need that oh team the protein
sorry I don’t know all right shunk like that stop chop-chop for that Asian protein
so this is an actual real thing if you guys want to cook Asian food put in a
sour and a sweet element and then something like peanut butter and it
always tastes like Asian food and soy sauce soy sauce peanut butter honey and
vinegar is there nothing I’m talking about tofu
who talks a token do say sir nut mister nothing she can’t do but she’s she’s
everything she it’s just some freakin AIDS oh so you can do it all while
choking on tofu okay I’m gonna stop I’m gonna stop talking well I’m trying to
just shoot this piece of tofu fuck me why respect the feminist but okay so we
through the tofu ooh this looks like for you this look as good probably taste but
I don’t know how it tastes so we’re just gonna let that marinate good little boy
sweets less blue more sweet sauce with it to give it a nice flavor okay it’s
gonna give it that nice safe stuff but Asian zest and I yeah you wanna if you
wanna put let’s hope food you can move or something that’s the beauty of total
you can always put more in and that’s my nest I’ll clean up later don’t worry
about it don’t worry about it okay so that’s that we have a noodles
that are seasoned and then we have that I haven’t tasted anything because I’m
actually not hungry at all I’m gonna go vomit in the bathroom I’ll be right back
just kidding I’m not gonna do that I’m actually gonna end this stream now thank
you so much for coming to my cooking show sorry then I was like like
squatting the whole time but like you know in the kitchens small I don’t I
don’t have it all but I do the best with what I can and that’s all we can hope
for in her eyes and you can quote me on that and put a squiggly line that’s
right extra said that and then tag me in it and then like put it in one of those
names like those boxes and like a little kitten hanging from a tree
why made vegan cuz I don’t know why I’m anything but I do know that I love you
and that’s all I know and that’s all I need to know and that’s all you need to
know I hope that you guys have an amazing night and I hope your food
tastes better or equally good as mine I’m gonna go eat it now even though I’m
not that hungry but you gotta feed yourself to feed the muscles to feed the
power to squash the news so you can roll the world I feel so out of it right now
I’m gonna go to bed after that I love you very much if you haven’t check out
my newest uploaded video it’s actually pretty good it’s my time in Pennsylvania
and go ahead leave a comment and a like and after this has been live leave a
copy the link to because I won’t respond I ate responses most all comments stead
extraterrestrial I am I don’t want to be alone out here I love you very very much
I’m single yes probably forever let’s be real nobody wants to deal with this 24/7
or even five oh hey I’m streaming I know everybody’s gotta come and be like what
but I’m just anybody right outfit I know if you like it I love it my stream is
called sexy cooking and I’m your head to me yet I just starving oh good it’s done
oh great we have hi yep look at her oh we do that well this is true
friendship goals your roommate could come in with you in the scantily-clad
outfit while like talking to your phone while cooking and not even judge you no
I’m just like oh yes so I’m gonna go feed this hungry child right here baby
baby please thank you so much to convince stream guys mwah lots of all of
you Mike Sexy Cooking by Victoria X Rave