Ingredients to make 4 tablespoons or about 30 grams of 5 Chinese spice powder 10 grams of star anise A cinnamon stick of about 10 grams 5 grams of Sichuan pepper 5 grams of fennel seeds And 5 cloves Let’s break the cinnamon a little to make it easier to roast Put it in the pan with the star anise and toast over low heat until it gives off its aroma, it will take about 2 minutes Add the rest of spices and continue toasting another 2 minutes removing all the time Turn off the heat and let cool completely With the aid of a mincer or a mortar crush the spices First press little by little so that they do not jump Now we can crush normally until getting a powder And now is ready to use in many Asian recipes that I will leave in the description
below Can be stored in a glass jar and kept for up to 2 months