Hello everyone welcome back to my channel this is me Abhimanue today’s video is going to be really different from what I usually do its a collaboration video , see i have never done a collaboration video before, so this is going to be a good experience for me actually i had an idea on my mind to ask questions to the guest on a video and the guest can also answer the questions back in form of a video itself so that I can link both the videos together to make it a single video that will make a perfect collaboration video but when I ask her she was bit shy to come in front of camera i told just chill, just relax there’s nothing to worry to about it, i will send u some questions u can send it back in form of message or email today’s youtuber I am going to collaborate is Pratyusha and her channel name is cuisine craft she’s a wonderful cook and also if anyone of them are interested in cooking just visit her channel she’s having wonderful recipes , just follow her channel u will get more ideas before jumping into the video, one thing, collaboration is a fantastic way to grow ur channel it will help u in gaining views tell me how does it feel when your channel started to grow// she’s very excited and also planning ahead to get more subscribers and views by creating different cooking videos how often u upload videos and why? whenever she get time she will upload and why she is uploading because this channel is all about her mother, she cooks delicious food, so thought to turn it into a new adventure for her and she really likes it are u happy with the channel or u ever felt like getting bored? actually who gets bored when they are creating the videos of what they like to do, she likes to cook and she is creating the videos about cooking , her answer is obviously happy which is yor fav food and why? “Biryani; it is my favourite because I just love it, who doesn’t like Biriyani right? in the about section I read this channel is a dream project of u and your mom? am I right? yes it is our dream project and first of all my mom cooks delicious food so thought of turning into a new adventure did u got this ability from mom or self taught? obviously from her mom, sounds like mom is her best friend do u have any plans to make this full time? actually this is my mom’s channel, but I edit the videos for her and I have full-time works, so still no plans to make this as full time what is your goal?is it simply uploading or is there any strategy behind this our goal is to publish a recipe book , that is great u can do it Tips for young youtubers am still a young youtuber, eventhough i have one tip for the young youtubers, just be consistent in uploading videos who is your fav youtuber? her fav youtuber is Hema Subramanian she’s also a fantastic cook, and her channel name is Home cooking show