– Hello beautiful people. Today on Bachelor on a Budget we are making a delicious
coconut curry laksa. This is a delicious Malaysian soup. Now, I’ve had the opportunity
to go to Malaysia twice and this was one of my favorite. Laksa is like a staple but there’s so many varieties. This is like a delicious
creamy coconut version of it. Let’s get started. (instrumental music)
(pan sizzling) So to start off we want to
get some water on a boil, that’ll be for our noodles to prep that. With a hot pan, ideally a big wok, we’re going to add about a table to two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Now, for this laksa we
are using curry paste. Now, you could totally make your own but that’s not in the scope of this video. It’s made from like shallots and garlic and ginger and lemongrass. So it’s not totally complicated but these are really simple. Then you would just be frying that longer but we’re only gonna fry these
for about one to two minutes because they’re already been fried in oil. We’re just gonna release
a bit more fragrance. (pan sizzling) Turn that down. And move that around, we don’t want that to burn. But then I’ll probably lower that too. Then we want to add a liter of liquid. I’m using almost half chicken stock, about 400 milliliters. Then 600 milliliters of water. We’re gonna bring that to a boil. Now, while that’s coming up to a boil, I got a package here of laksa noodles. Now, normally the coconut curry laksa comes with like, you have the egg noodles and then vermicelli noodles, which is like a rice noodle. I’m just using one kind and that’s this rice noodle here. So I’m gonna cook these till soft. That was a five to six servings pack. Meanwhile I’ve also boiled two hard eggs for I think six and a half minutes and then I put them under the sink to cool them so they’d stop cooking. So ideally they’re gonna be
just slightly soft inside. If you prefer a harder, cook it a bit more. Now, while that’s coming to a boil, I’m gonna add in my fish balls. I got these at the Asian grocer. They have all different flavors and types. I think these are cuttlefish. We’re just gonna add these, these need about 10 minutes. So it’s cuttlefish with like
a floury doughy mixture. They’re really flavorful. These are optional. If you can’t find ’em or don’t wanna put ’em, don’t worry about it. That was half a pound or quarter kilogram. I’m also going to add in about
half of a Chinese eggplant, I just like a bit of eggplant in my laksa, so adding that. The noodles are done cooking
so we want to drain that. I’m also going to throw
in a 75 to 100 grams of tofu puffs. This is like fried tofu and they just absorb the flavor so well. I’m gonna cover this and let it come up to a boil. We have reached a boil. Now we’re gonna add our coconut milk. One can, 400 milliliters. When using coconut milk, look for the one with
the highest percentage of coconut extract. I’ll just let that cookagain, until the eggplant is a bit softer. Okay, that’s been cookin’
for another couple minutes. Now I’m gonna add in some prawns. I have about a half pound here. They were on special. You can also some shredded
chicken if you prefer. This is pretty much gonna be done as soon as these prawns are. To make this a bit more healthy, I’m adding in, this is like Chinese spinach. Any greens will do. Bok choy or regular spinach. Now we wanna give this a taste to see if it needs any
fish stock or sugar. It could use a bit of both. Got about a teaspoon of brown sugar here. Palm sugar is ideal if you have it. Regular sugar will work as well. A teaspoon of fish sauce. In Asian cuisine, fish sauce is like flavored salt. It smells like dirty socks but tastes amazing. Okay, I think it’s plating time. Now, to plate we’re gonna take
some of those cooked noodles and just place that right in the bowl. I’m gonna grab our mixture. Place that on top. Now we can garnish that
with some bean sprouts. Some cilantro. And some green onions. Also some of our egg, let’s see how this cooked. Okay, okay. Not bad, not bad. Really perfect. Now we’ll just place that in there. Boom. Coconut curry laksa. (upbeat instrumental music) Look at this beauty. This, this right here is art. Oh man, I gotta, I gotta try. Mmm. So good! Holy crap. If you wanna see behind
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