Today I will be making coconut burfi with a little twist adding some walnuts. It makes it really good crunch. Coconut burfi is really good to serve anytime of the day. Holidays are coming. So coconut burfi will be very good you can make it in advance. Coconut burfi stays good outside for about a week. Or you can refrigerate for a month. But they taste better if you serve them at room temperature. The recipe I am giving will make about 24 pieces. So we need 1 cup of whipping cream or heavy cream. 1 cup of milk powder 1 cup of sugar 1/2 cup of coconut powder 1/2 cup of crushed walnuts 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder So I have heat on medium. And I am going to boil the milk first. And wait till milk is boiled. Milk is boiling. So time to add the sugar. And just mix it so it dissolves. So we are going to make sugar syrup. It is very important to keep the right thickness of the syrup. It will take about 6-7 minutes. And we will boil it on medium heat. Don’t boil on high heat. So after 6 minutes you can check it. It should be one thread or I use the candy thermometer. If syrup get too thick then your coconut burfi will too hard and dry. If it stays less and so you will be boiling more with the milk powder and it will become little bit chewy. This has been boiling for about 3 minutes. I have to wait 3-4 more minutes. So this is how you will see all the bubbles
coming on the top. Sugar is almost ready it’s up to one thread Or 230 degrees fahrenheit. So you can see the another way to check is by feeling it you should have the thread. This has been on for 6 minutes already. So as you see it’s already on 230 degrees or one thread. So let’s take out the thermometer. And we will add the milk powder. And we need to stir just for about 2-3 minutes. So this is almost ready. As you see it has started leaving the sides. And after you put the coconut and walnuts, it will get little bit thicker. We don’t want to dry it too much otherwise burfi will become dry. So as you see if I turn it and it leaves the side. So it’s time to add the coconut powder. Keep mixing. Cardamom powder And walnuts. As you see it has all together. It’s time to turn on the plate which I have already greased it. I like to cut little bit thicker pieces and in the squares. It will take about 5 minutes before we can cut them in the pieces. It has to cool off. Coconut burfi has been sitting for about 5-6 minutes. It has cooled off little bit. So we can cut them in the pieces. But before we take out from the plate it has to be completely dry. So that should take half an hour more. Coconut burfi looks great. I am really ready to try. But I will wait till it dries up so I can pick up the piece. How about you? So thank you for watching. And I will see you again.