I’m sharing with you how to make this delicious
No Bake Candy Cane Cheesecake. It’s so easy and simple to make, doesn’t
require an oven plus it’s perfect for Christmas Day. Welcome to recipes by Carina where I share
with you how to make classic and simply delicious recipes, make sure to subscribe or follow
my page for a new recipe each week. To start we need to make the biscuit base
for the cheesecake. I’m using digestive biscuits here which
are very similar to Garam crackers but any type of plain biscuit or cookie should work
well. Alternatively if you would like you can make
this a chocolate and candy cane flavour and use a chocolate cookie like oreos for the
base. If you would like the full printable recipe
for this candy cane cheesecake it will be on my website as well as the full measurements
listed in the description box below. Place all of the biscuits in a food processor
or alternatively you can do this by hand using a plastic bag and something heavy like a rolling
pin or fry pan. Process the biscuits until they’ve formed
crumbs. You want pretty fine crumbs so if you are
doing it by hand make sure to check there isn’t any larger pieces hiding out. Let me know in the comments below what baking
or desserts you have planned for Christmas. If you’re looking for any inspiration make
sure to take a look on my channel for all my other Christmas recipes, I have quite a
few from over the years. If you haven’t already, you need to try
out my gingerbread house recipe. It’s a favourite of mine that includes the
recipe, printable templates and all the instructions you’ll need to make your own house this
year. Place the crushed biscuits into a mixing bowl
and move to the side. In a smaller bowl measure out the butter. We’ll need half a cup, 113g of 1 stick. You’ll notice I give the recipe amounts
in metric and imperial so no matter where you live in the world this recipe should be
easy enough to follow. Melt the butter either in the microwave for
about a minute or in a small saucepan over medium heat. Pour the melted butter into the mixing bowl
over the crushed biscuits and using a wooden spoon, mix until well combined. The biscuits should be about the texture of
wet sand, make sure you’ve scraped down the sides of the bowl so everything is evenly
combined. Tip the crushed biscuits out into a lined
cake tin and using a spoon, press down until even. It’s best to use springform tin here, it
makes it the easiest for getting the cheesecake out. Mine is 20cm or 8 inch but you could use a
different size your cheesecake will just be wider or taller depending. Place the cheesecake base into the fridge
to start to set while we make the filling. For the filling pour the cream into a mixing
bowl and either using a whisk or a hand mixer, whip the cream to the softly whipped stage. I’ll usually use a whisk for this, it’ll
only take a few minutes and it’s a good arm work out but a hand mixer works just as
well. Make sure to keep an eye on your cream as
your beating it though as it can change from liquid to over whipped pretty fast especially
if you’re using a machine. I get questions many times about cream, in
mostly all of my recipes when I refer to cream I’m meaning heavy, double, or whipping cream. Names can be confusing depending on where
you are from so if it’s the kind that has about 35% fat and you would use to make whipped
cream it’ll be perfect. Make sure not to mistake using light cream
or low fat here as theres not a chance it’ll whip up. Set the whipped cream to the side while we
prep the rest of the ingredients. In a larger sized mixing bowl add in your
cream cheese. Make sure it’s soft so we can actually work
with it as if you’ve just got it out of the fridge it’ll be as hard as butter. Using a wooden spoon give the cream cheese
a bit of a mix together just to soften it up before we add the other ingredients. We’ll need some icing sugar or powdered
sugar to give the cheesecake a bit of sweetness. These are both the same ingredient just different
names depending on where you live in the world. Using a measuring cup add half a cup of the
sugar to the bowl with the cream cheese. To add a little more flavour as well as the
candy canes we’re going to be using some peppermint essence. This just helps enhance that peppermint flavour,
about a teaspoon or two depending on the strength you would like. Using your wooden spoon or hand mixer combine
the ingredients together until light and smooth. It’ll be a little lumpy at first especially
with the sugar but it should start to completely smooth out as you continue mixing. I have a few other fun ideas for Christmas
themed no bake cheesecakes, gingerbread would be delicious! If you haven’t seen any of my other no bake
cheesecake recipes I’ll have the playlist linked below. Next we want to add the whipped cream to the
bowl. Pour it in and using a spoon fold everything
together until well combined. You want to make sure you’ve got all of
the cream cheese mixture up from the bottom of the bowl as they’re the same colour it’s
hard to tell if it’s properly mixed through. This is a no bake cheesecake and it stays
pretty set on its own from the fridge but if you are planning on leaving it out of the
fridge I would recommend using gelatine to set it. A few teaspoons dissolved in a couple tablespoons
of boiling water will be about perfect. But if like me you’re not going to use anything
make sure to give it enough time in the fridge to properly set and don’t leave it out at
room temperature for too long as it will become soft. The last thing we’re going to need for this
candy cane cheesecake is of course candy canes. I’m crushing up five here and using most
of it for the cheesecake filling and saving a small amount for decoration when serving. Place the candy canes in a plastic bag and
using a heavy object, crush them down. They will melt down in the cheesecake so I
like keeping some a larger size and some completely crushed. Add the candy canes to the cheesecake filling
and fold until evenly combined. Pour the cheesecake filling out onto the cheesecake
base and spread until even. Leave it in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours
to set completely before serving up. To serve the cheesecake pipe on some whipped
cream and sprinkle over the crushed candy cane. I hope you try out this candy cane cheesecake
this Christmas. Thank you so much for watching and I will
see you in my next video.