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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a chocolate cup I have filled these ones with white chocolate
and coffee mousse and topped it with vanilla foam. To make the plate take a saucer, rub it with
a little oil then cover it tightly in plastic wrap. If you bunch it on the top side and
then twist it helps to tighten it and smooth out and creases on the base Once it is tight cover it in melted chocolate.
Then tip it on the side and tap on your arm to allow excess chocolate to drip off back
into the bowl. Then run your thumb and finger around the
edge to create a neat edge. This also makes sure that the chocolate is not wrapping around
the edge of the plate which would make it hard to get off without breaking it. Now to make the cup part take a container
that has and wrap it in some non stick baking paper or some foil and tape into place.
Then wrap a strip of clear plastic around the container and mark where it joins so you
know how much chocolate you need. Now the height of this rectangle is how tall
you cup is going to be so cut it to the size that you want.
Take some more of your chocolate and spread it out over the plastic. You need to use tempered
chocolate for this or if you are new to working with chocolate you can use fake chocolate
or compound chocolate which doesn’t need tempering. I will link to the chocolate playlist at the
end of this video, and there you will find a video there explains the types of chocolate
and tempering and what all of that means. The chocolate should come just beyond where
you marked on the plastic. Carefully lift up the plastic and wrap it
around the container. Run a knife around the top and the bottom
of the plastic the make sure you’ve have got a straight edge and then leave aside to set. Put the remaining chocolate into a plastic
bag and cut a tiny bit off the corner. Then pipe your handles onto non-stick baking paper.
You can print out this free template from the blog howtocookthat.net there is a link
in the description below the video. Put the template under the paper and trace around
it using the chocolate. I was asked this week in the comments if I
could choose any five you tubers to have over for dinner who would I close? And it is so
hard to pick. I think I’d like to have Laura Vitalle definitely Mark Crilley, the kids
love Devan Supertramps channel so we’ll probably have him Id like the Shaytard family, can
they count as one and I’m not sure who to have as a fifth there are so many channels
that I have even found yet. If you could have any 5 youtubers over for dinner who would
you choose. Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear.
If you are using real chocolate leave it at room temperature to set, if using fake or
compound chocolate you can put it in the fridge or freezer to set. Once it is set carefully untwist the plastic
wrap and push it off the edges of the plate. Then lift off the plate and peel the plastic
wrap off the chocolate. then using your fingers gently lift the plate off and then you should
be able to peel back the plastic wrap off the chocolate and you have your saucer With the body of the cup unwrap the plastic
from the chocolate and gently pull on the baking paper to ease it off the container.
If you use a metal container that helps here because the metal shrinks slightly when it
gets cold. Then scrunch up the paper on the inside and take it out of the middle. Warm a baking tray in the oven or on the stovetop,
put some baking paper over the top then quickly rest the base of the cup body onto it.
Then place that onto the plate and it will seals into place and form the base of the
cup. To add your handle melt a tiny bit using the
tray and then put it into place. I am part filling this one with white chocolate
mousse. The recipe for this mousse is on the blog I show you how to make it in the instagram
cake video so you can watch that one if you are not sure how to make it. Put the mousse into a plastic bag and pipe
it into the cups to 3/4 fill them. Then take some strong coffee and fold it through
the remaining mousse. Put the coffee mousse into a bag and pipe it into the cup. And to make the froth on top we are going
to put 1 cup of milk into a container. Then take another 1/2 cup of milk and add into
that your gelatin and your sugar. Stir it really well, and then heat in the microwave
or on the stove top until the it just starts to boil. Add this hot mixture into the cold milk and
put that in the fridge and leave it until it is just starting to set at the edges. So you’ve just got the keep checking it until
you get it at the right moment. Then use an electric mixer to whip it up until you have
a good layer of froth on top. Then add a scoop of that into the cup and put in the fridge
immediately to set. Once it is set you can sprinkle with some
unsweetened cocoa powder, add a spoon and you’re dessert is ready to eat. Thanks for watching liking and sharing the
videos and for subscribing you guys are amazing and you can add all your requests in the comments
below and I’ll see you next Friday have an awesome week.