Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a super indulgent macaron
tower dessert which you can decorate to look like a christmas tree, use as a centre piece
on any dessert table or make it and give them away as gifts. Firstly we are going to make our brandy ganache.
Measure out your cream, brandy and vanilla and put it into a heat proof jug and bring
it up to the boil. If you want the brandy flavour but not the alcohol content then let
it boil for a bit longer. Pour the hot cream over the white chocolate
and leave it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then stir it through. All of the recipe quantities
are listed on the website howtocookthat.net I will put a link in the description below
this video. You can of course use milk chocolate or dark chocolate instead you can leave out
the brandy and use something different to flavour the cream, you could try come spices
like cinnamon or nutmeg or for other ideas go through to the chocloate truffles recipe
and it shows you how to flavour the ganache in all different ways there. If you still have lumps of chocolate you can
microwave it in 10 seconds and make sure you don’t overheat it or it will split and the
oil will seperate. Just do 10 seconds and stir it and then another ten seconds until
all the lumps are gone. Once it is nice and smooth leave it at room temperature overnight
to firm up. To make the mini macaron shells measure and
sift your almond meal and icing sugar together first before you start whipping you egg whites,
you don’t want to leave whipped egg whites sitting there you need to use them straight
away once you’ve whipped them. Add your sugar to the egg whites and beat
with electric mixers until they are firm enough to turn the bowl upside down then beat it
for 2 minutes more. Add in your almond meal and your icing sugar
mixture and begin to fold it in using a spatula. Making sure that you get all the way to the
bottom of the bowl and around all of the edges. While you are folding stop a few times and
scrape off the spatula and sides of the bowl to make sure everything is evenly mixed. Continue
folding and drop some down from the spatula every now and then to see what it looks like.
And keep folding until when you drop some it slowly starts to mold back down into the
rest of it. Put a piping bag I like to put my bag over
a vase and make sure that the tip is facing sideways so that it doesn’t all just pour
out the bottom. Add the mixture into the bag and then Twist the top to seal it and pipe out macarons
onto non-stick baking paper in the size of the piping template that I have given you.
You can download that for free off the website. Once they are piped slide the baking paper
carefully onto a baking tray and bang it on the bench a few times on each side. Then place
them straight into the oven on a middle shelf. You will have more mixture in the bag, so
pipe that straight away and bang that on the bench and then just leave it on the bench
top while you wait for the other tray to cook. And they are ready once you can just gently
push down on the top of them and they don’t squash right down try not to open your oven
too many times while they are cooking or you will drop the oven temperature and that will
make the inside of them drop down and you will end up with hollow macarons.
Once they are ready pull them out and leave them to cool.
The next day you ganache should be soft but firm. Whip it using electric mixers. Using a star shaped piping tip pipe on top
of each shell squeeze and then pull up to make a tall peak of ganache. Repeat that on
all of them and then place them in the freezer for 20 minutes or the fridge for an hour. Dip each one into chocolate make sure you
cover the ganache and just around the top rim of the macaron. The great thing about
this is if you haven’t yet mastered making them and you have a few cracked ones no one
will ever know. And by putting the ganache on top instead of in the middle of two macarons
we only need half the number of them to make the tower. Make a cone shape out of cardboard and then
wrap it loosely in baking paper. I placed on piece of tape at the start wrapped it around
and then tucked the extra into the cone. Take your chocolate coated macarons and dip
the base of them this time and the lower sides of each one into the chocolate and starting
at the bottom of the cone place them all the way around the edge.
You want to add enough chocolate to the base and sides so that the tower can hold itself
together so each one that you add should be joined to the previous ones using some melted
chocolate. Once you’ve got all the way up to the top
let it set and then pull the cardboard and baking paper carefully out of the middle. Add one more to the very top and then decorate
it to match you party theme. I am using fresh red raspberries and pistachio nuts to give
a bit of a Christmas feel. Thanks for watching Subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes
chocolate and desserts I hope you have a fabulous week and I’ll see you on Friday. [music The
Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]