Sometimes I wish
I was a billionaire, just so that I could hop
on a plane to Mexico
[aircraft sound] whenever I get a flan craving. But you can make awesome flan
at home, anytime. And I’m not talking
about regular flan. I’m talking —
Chocoflan! [MUSIC] So we’re going to start
by spreading half of our can of dulce de leche
on the bottom of a very well-greased
Bundt pan. Now this stuff is really,
really thick, so just take
little bits like that, and put them right next
to each other, all the way around
in a circle.
[drip sound] So, here we go. Now that
we’ve got this on the bottom, and it looks somethin’
like that, we can clean
our caramel finger, and come over here —
to make the flan part. We have got cream cheese
in a bowl, and we’re gonna start by
just beating this up to make sure that it is
one smooth whipped mass. Just break it up. Now we are going to add
our eggs, like that. You don’t wanna to have
any lumps in there. Great. And now, we’re going to add an
entire can of evaporated milk, and entire can of our sweetened,
condensed milk. This one’s a little sticky, [pouring sound] so use a spatula
to help you get it allllll out. We are gonna add one teaspoon
of McCormick Vanilla Extract — and there we go. All right, now we’re
going to blend this all up — until it’s nice and smooth. And, there we go.
Lovely. Now we’re gonna
set that aside and come over to our cake mix. We’re just gonna prepare
the cake mix as it is instructed
on the package. So we’re gonna add our oil,
our water and our eggs. But in order to give it
a little bit more of that homemade flavor,
we’re gonna add two teaspoons of McCormick Vanilla
Extract to this. And that’s a really nice way
to jij-up a little cake mix. [OOOH!] Makes it taste
like it’s from scratch. So this, we can just blend
together with a whisk — so just like that, until it is
alllll incorporated and smooth. So now we’ve got our three
components all together; first we’ve got
the dulce de leche, now we add our second layer,
which is the cake, and we’re going to pour it
slowwwly and evenly. Great.
And now we are going to gently put the flan on top
of the chocolate cake. Be really slow here, you don’t
want it to sink right away, but it will sort of mix up
as you pour. So, you already see that the
flan has almost completely disappeared
underneath the cake batter. All the magic is gonna happen
while it’s in the oven, so we’re going to
cover this with foil. And we have put ah, baking spray
on the foil, because the cake
is gonna rise, and you don’t want the top of
that cake to stick to your foil. So cover it up. So we’re gonna put this
in a roasting pan, and then we’re gonna place
that pan in the oven. And now I’m gonna put
on my mitts — safety first, always — we’re gonna
pull out the rack, and we’re adding boiling water–
to the roasting pan. And you’re going to fill it so that it’s halfway up
the sides of your Bundt pan. Then we can push this
in the oven and close it up, and we’re gonna
let that bake. So the reason we’re cooking that
in a water bath is that we’re actually using
a French technique called using the bain-marie, that uses the water
to gently bake around the flan, instead of putting all
the direct heat of the oven right on it. And that’s going to allow it to
bake nice and gently and slowly, and we have
a beautifully smooth flan. So our Chocoflan has been baking
in a 350 oven for about an hour, and we are ready to take it out. You can leave the pan of water
in there and just pull out the rack,
and take out the cake. So we are going
to take off the foil — there we go — and just make sure
that it’s done by inserting a toothpick down
into the center, pulling it out — yep.
Comes out clean, and it’s done. Once this is completely cool,
we are going to refrigerate this for at least six hours,
or until the flan is set. All right. We have been waiting
for this thing to chill, and it is finally time
to unmold it — oops! So the best way we can do that
is take a serving platter, flip it over, do a little wish,
and then flip it.
[drum roll] Ta daaaaa! Beautiful! So you can see our layers
have switched. We put in the cake mix first,
and then we put in the flan. But in the oven
they’ve actually switched, and it creates
this beautiful layer Chocoflan.
[ta do music sound] So to top it off,
we are going to melt this dulce de leche
with just a little bit of milk. So we’re going to make sure
that this is completely smooth, so that it’s the perfect texture
to pour on top of our Chocoflan. Yeah, that looks good to me.
Alright, so I’m gonna turn
this off. Now we are going to pour this
[pouring sound]
alllllll over the top. ahhhhhhhhhh See? It’s not so impossible
after all. Look at those beautiful layers! Make sure I get a little bit
of everything in this bite. Mmm! We’ve got rich,
chocolatey cake on the bottom, and then we’ve got the flan, which has got that
beautiful custard texture, and that vanilla flavor.
And then we’ve got the sweet, sweet dulce de leche
right on top. This is all made at home.
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