Ching’s chicken 65 recipe is very easy Ching’s masale makes everything taste great and it gets ready in no time These are all the ingredients required to make chings chicken 65 recipe We will make this tasty chicken 65 recipe in 2 easy steps For which add 400 grams of boneless chicken pieces Add three spoons of ginger garlic paste About 8 to 10 curry leaves One egg Add and mix one packet of ching’s secret chicken 65 masala A specialty of ching’s masalas is that all the required spices are already added in the mix So we don’t need to add any other masala to it, not even salt Put this away to marinate for about 10 minutes Now we will fry the chicken pieces, for which add a little oil in a hot pan Fry the marinated chicken pieces when oil heats up Flip and fry these chicken pieces from all sides After frying for 3 to 4 minutes, when they get golden brown in color, they are ready to serve Take them out from hot oil Garnish these tasty chicken 65 with lemon and onion slices, and serve with tomato ketchup If you liked my video, then please press the like button below And do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon so you don’t miss any of my new videos Thank you