Asian Style Cooking Xiao’s Kitchen Chinese Sweet & Spicy Salmon Xiao’s Kitchen Hello, welcome to Xiao’s Kitchen I’m Xiao Wei Ingredients 400 grams of Salmon Fillet 10 grams of Ginger 4 Cloves Garlic 10 grams of Coriander 2 Tablespoons of Honey 1 Tablespoon of Rice Vinegar 1 Tablespoon of Chilli Sauce 1 Tablespoon of Light Soy Sauce Half Teaspoon of Sesame Seeds Salt to Taste Method Finely chop the garlic Finely chop the ginger Finely chop the coriander Place the salmon fillets in a mixing bowl Add the garlic, ginger & rice vinegar Add chilli sauce, soy sauce, honey & salt Mix & leave to marinate for 20 minutes Heat 2 Tablespoons of oil in a frying pan Place the marinated salmon in the hot oil Cover the pan & cook for 1 minute on medium heat Remove the cover & pour in the marinating sauce Fry for 2 minutes each side till salmon is cooked Sprinkle with sesame seeds, coriander & serve Check out my other recipes Thank you for watching Please Subscribe