– I know it’s bothering you a lot. – It is. – And I think it would
be disingenuous to act like it’s no big deal and we don’t care because I expected it
to happen at some point, just ’cause people are really stupid. (beeping) (upbeat music) – What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog! – Hi, and it’s gonna last
you four to six months. – So we’re having a party today. – We are, happy labor day.
– You excited? First party, second party in the house? – Yeah. – First adult party in the house. – Yeah. – Well some of those kids
were adults legally speaking. Yeah we got some friends coming over, we got Priscilla’s parents here. Say hello Wayney boy. – Hey, glad to be here! – And a family from Abi’s school, and then Isaiah’s girlfriend’s
family are all coming over. – And then an outsider. – An outsider, what does that mean? An outsider? – I mean she’s not a
school, family member. – How did we even meet them? Oh yeah, that’s right. So I used to own a Motorcycle ATV repair shop as a lot of you know, and I worked on this guy’s bike one time, and we just because fast friends. So we’ve been friends with him ever since, haven’t seen him a lot lately, we just kind stopped
hanging out, you know. They got busy, he’s nearing
retirement in the Navy, and we just got busy, you know? So it’s cool that we get to kind of rekindle that and start hanging out again, we’re looking forward to that. He is underway right now though
so it’ll just be her today, but it’s gonna be a good time. We’ll kind of see how Abigail does with a lot of people in the house, that’ll be interesting. We’ve had, you know, her people from camp but
that’s a little different. Priscilla? – I had so much fun! – [Asa] You put on an awesome party. – Wasn’t it fun? – [Asa] Yep, Abi? You did great!
– You did! – [Asa] I was a little
nervous how she’d do with all these people
in the house, you know. Other than trying to pull people to where you want them to go
listen to music with you, good job, did you have fun? Good to hang out. – Can I take the rest of the plates? You can have that one. – I didn’t vlog our little get-together. I just wanted to hang out
with friends, you know? Not that I don’t think
you guys are friends. We also don’t want to shove
the camera in people’s faces, like hey, we’re vloggers, welcome to our house! (Priscilla laughing) With people you’re just, you know, newly hanging out with or whatever, so. I know you guys understand,
we appreciate it. – [Priscilla] It’s like
a first date, you know? – For sure, definitely a first date. (laughing) You don’t tell them all your weirdness. Isaiah, your girlfriend’s
parents are awesome. – [Isaiah] Yes, they are.
– [Priscilla] They are. – [Asa] Don’t break up with her okay? Because we want to continue
to be friends with them. – If anything I’m gonna mess up, so I’ll try to not do that. – Well we get them, we
get them if you mess up. – [Asa] Yeah yeah, we claim them. If you mess up, we get them. – I’ll work on it. – So sorry about the super short day guys, you know, we just wanted
to hang out with friends, but let’s continue this in the morning. (gasping) – [Asa] Good morning!
– I just hit 50,000! – [Asa] What a great way to start the day, Priscilla just hit 50,000
on YouTube you guys. Isn’t that awesome? – Aw I’m so excited, thank you guys. – [Asa] Congratulations. – Thank you! – [Asa] Hey, so I’ve
got generators to fix. – Yeah. – [Asa] But I wanna get in the pool first. – Okay, Abi’s taking a nap right now. – [Asa] Whilst it’s still sunny. Oh she’s taking a nap? I was gonna have her get in with me. It’s okay, she can get in later. (laughing) – Oh that’s so cool, I’m so excited, I can’t get too excited
because she’s sleeping. – [Asa] Also, somebody is TikTok famous. – I am, can you believe it? – [Asa] It’s so funny. Priscilla made a TikTok yesterday, right? Was it the day before yesterday? – Mmm, the day before yesterday. – [Asa] And it has
– 482000 views. – [Asa] Wow. – That’s insane. So the funniest part is Isaiah
keeps getting text messages your parents are on my For You page. (laughing) I’m TikTok famous! I hit over 12,000 followers
– [Asa] Wow. – So I gotta up my game on Tik Tok. – Yeah, you gotta come up with a TikTok. You’re so famous. Isaiah’s had a busy morning. He went and got his oil changed, so he’s got a, um. – I’ve been gone for
three and a half hours, I’m tired of driving. – He’s got a tick, it sounds
like a lifter making noise, in his car, not a good thing. The problem is we’re not gonna fix it, I mean that’s like full on engine repair, that’s ridiculous, like twice
what the vehicle’s worth. Um, he already doesn’t
have it air conditioning, and he went and got his oil
changed because it needed it, but if the lifter goes
in it, or a valve sticks, or you know, that’s
catastrophic engine damage, then the car’s worthless. So we’re talking about upgrading his car sooner rather than later. The plan was to give
Isaiah Priscilla’s car, our family car, for college, so that he would have something reliable, something under warranty, all that stuff. Everything is covered for
him going off to college. Isaiah has some sentimental
feelings about his car. – It’s only at 24,0000 and I just want to hit 250 before I let her go. (laughing) It’s like, ya’ll wanna go
on a roadtrip or something? We should go watch an Ap state game. – The truck hit 300,000
before I sold that. – [Priscilla] Go watch an Ap state game. – You wanna go watch an
Appalachian State game? We have to drive all the way
there in the no AC Acadian. We’ll have to drive at
night so it won’t be as bad. – So he also went to pick
up a friend’s generator so that we can work on
that, get that running, make sure she’s ready to go in
case we lose power tomorrow. And um, he went to Dunkin’. Dunkin’ is closed until Thursday. – Feel like we lost a family member – Right? – That’s if they can reopen on Thursday. – [Priscilla] It’s a bunch of crap. – We’re gonna have to make our own coffee like its 1912 up in here. I better start brewing coffee so I can make you guys iced coffee, huh? – I don’t want iced
coffee, I want hot coffee. – [Isaiah] I want iced coffee. – [Asa] I’ll work on that.
– Get cracking. – [Priscilla] We’ll just have
to start our own franchise. – How you doing Ab? – Stick some Dunkin’ signs up in the yard, have people stop by. – We have the flags, we put
the flags up in the yard, and make a little Dunkin’ thing going on. – Don’t worry, We’re here to rescue you
from Hurricane Dorian. (laughing) – Hurricane Dorian coffee relief program. – [Priscilla] Yes, that’s a great idea. – Let’s do it. So that car belongs to someone with The Department of Children and Families. So the struggle is do we
talk about why DCF was at our house and give
fuel to the situation, or do we not? – I say we don’t, I don’t know. – Well I mean, I’ve
already talked about it. – Oh. – DCF has entered the house. Somebody filed a claim, Priscilla’s blood is boiling right now, somebody filed a claim for Abigail, on Abigail’s behalf, because she’s locked in her room, her access to food is
restricted, what else? – [Priscilla] She ate B12 and we didn’t take her to the hospital- – Oh yeah, she ate Priscilla’s B12 and we didn’t take her to the hospital. Called a doctor to make sure
there’s no ‘Od’ing on B12. Fyi, we looked that up. – So you guys are wasting time. – [Asa] Yeah. – I mean that woman has no
reason to be in our house, like, it was comical. – Yeah, she was laughing. She was like wow, you
guys really have her safe. – Like, you realize that we have people in and out of this house
like everyday of the week. Don’t you think someone would say, yeah, they’re not doing
what they need to do. – Right, so your desire
to somehow hurt us, all you did was take up
10 minutes of my time, whatever, but your desire to do that is
actually hurting children who genuinely need these services, you know. They’re limited staff, she had to come to our
house instead of going to assist a child that’s
actually in need of help. So you’re a garbage person. You have to live with that. – [Isaiah] And like, when
everything is all stripped away– – [Asa] What did you say? – I was saying like, when
everything’s stripped away, the one thing that you
guys are really good at, and like you own, is being parents. – [Asa] Aww. – It’s always been Abi first
above your jobs and each other. – [Asa] That’s really sweet. I’ll give you 20 bucks later. – [Isaiah] Thanks. (both laughing) – [Asa] Oh don’t cry babe! It’s okay, we knew this was
gonna happen eventually. Right, eventually it happen
to everybody on YouTube. Don’t cry, I know it’s frustrating. – It is, like… To say that I would ever
do anything to my children, are you kidding me? You’re a disgusting, sickening person. – [Asa] Don’t let them get
to you, they’re irrelevant. They’re just bad humans. Abi, she took pictures of you to make sure that you weren’t malnourished. She said, oh yeah she’s
definitely not underweight, I feel like that offended you a little. (laughing) she’s like, she’s
definitely not underweight. Like okay, whoa, slow your roll there, shaming. I have the nice lady’s
card though, from DCF, so if you ever need to get hold of The Department of Children and Families, I will put the number down below, not her cellphone number, but the number for the office down below in case someone is in danger. There you go. I think we have a casualty. – [Isaiah] What? – [Asa] The pink flamingo’s
left wing is, uh– – [Isaiah] No!
– [Asa] It’s deflating. Oh, stuff’s starting to
move around the pool. It’s getting a little windy outside. – [Isaiah] Uh oh. – Okay, let’s focus on real problems and things that actually matter. Isaiah, let’s get some generators going. – Alright, not like we’ve lost power, just we have to work on them. – [Asa] Right yeah, we’re
gonna make sure they run. Okay let’s hope. Dude, dude — – [Isaiah] Sorry, it’s real full. – [Asa] Let’s hope ours just cranks up. That would be ideal, rather than having to clean
the carburetor and what not. – Do you want me to
fill it all the way up? – [Asa] No, but I mean you
wanna put a good bit in there, you’ve only put in like a cup. Isaiah? – Mhm? – [Asa] Did you check
Beth’s generator when you picked it up to see if it would crank? – No I didn’t dad. (laughing) – [Asa] Fired right up, didn’t it? – Yeah it did dad. It’s a really heavy generator, I don’t know if you know. – [Asa] Best drive all the way back there and give it back to her, – Yeah I’m going too. – [Asa] And say ‘works fine!’. Do you know how to start it? – Mhm.
– [Asa] Okay. – Just clutch it up and go. – [Asa] Choke. – That’s what I meant. It starts with a C, it’s just. – [Asa] I should go. (laughing) – I got it. – [Asa] Okay, first question
is when I turn the gas on, is it going to come pouring out
the bottom of the carburetor because that means the fluid
needle’s stuck if it does. Well, it’ll come out of the air box. Let’s hope there’s no critters in here. These giant Florida
roaches love air filters. Air filter’s clean, check our oil. Is the dipstick on the other side? Oh I see it right here. (grunting) It has oil, it’s not the cleanest, we should probably change it very soon. So this actually has
a Harley muffler on it which means it should run better. – Is that what that means? – [Asa] Yeah – [Isaiah] How does that
equate to running better? – [Asa] Do you know why I put a Harley muffler on this thing? – ‘Cause it looks cool. – [Asa] That’s right. – Is that actually the reason? – Yeah, I mean there’s no
efficiency or mechanical reason. It took some doing though to
mount that thing up there. – [Isaiah] Yeah it looks like it. – [Asa] Yeah there’s like
welding going on under there. – [Isaiah] You could have just
put anything else on there. – [Asa] Alright, choke, switch on, moment of truth. (engine roaring) – [Isaiah] What did you do? – [Asa] I turned the gas off so it would run the carburetor out of gas. – Yeah that makes sense, okay, rather than shutting it off. – Power equipment tip, it
doesn’t matter what it is, lawnmower, generator, whatever, if it has a fuel shutoff, the best way to store it
is by turning the gas off. That way it uses all the
gas in the carburetor before you put it up for storage, because then the gas doesn’t
turn in the carburetor. Really best thing to do is
drain the tank entirely, you can put it in your car or whatever, just leave it dry, you want it dry when you’re not using it. Especially on generators, we go like nine months
without using a generator, so. It’s a good tactic. Now Beth’s generator’s different, it does not have a fuel shut off. The fuel shut off shuts the engine off, so we need to drain her
float bowl in the carburetor. I’ll show you. – [Isaiah] Of course, that makes sense. – [Asa] Okay, we’re gonna use a solo cup, which is okay for temporary fuel storage. As in, let it drain and (metal clatters) – [Isaiah] You’re a strong guy. – [Asa] Did it scare you? – [Isaiah] Yeah, it did. – [Asa] Temporary fuel storage, so let it drain in there
and then pour directly into something else because it
will eat through a solo cup. – [Isaiah] Really?
– [Asa] Yeah. But this is just to get the
gas out of the float bowl so it doesn’t sit in there and turn bad. – [Isaiah] It’s coming out. Oh, it’s got a little bit
of pressure behind it– – [Asa] Yeah so it was
a little bit orangey, so that gas was already starting
to go in the float bowl. Give it a little tip-a-roo here. Alright, so then when she
goes to fill it back up, when she turns the switch on right here it’s going to turn it gas on — – [Isaiah] Yeah it definitely ate through the cup immediately. – [Asa] Okay yeah, pour it in the gas can. Just pour it in the generator, top of the generator, any generator. (laughing) – [Isaiah] Open it! It’s all gone, it’s all empty. Oh my god, that was a waste of time. – [Asa] Solo cup, does not store gas. – [Isaiah] That was comical. I have it on me, that’s
gotta be not good for you. – [Asa] I mean I did it for, like, two decades you know? – What? – [Asa] Got gas and stuff on my hands, I didn’t die. – No I just mean the red. – [Asa] Oh, the solo cup is
more hazardous than gasoline? – [Isaiah] Well, no you’re right. That sucks. – [Asa] Science project,
what’s more carcinogenic, gasoline or solo cup? – That’s kinda cool, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never, I didn’t expect that at all. – [Asa] Oh yeah, it’ll
eat through styrofoam too, like stupid fast. Yep okay, good work. Done, easy. – We worked super hard, I thought that was gonna be like an event. – [Asa] Do you wanna start on the garage, getting the garage cleaned out? Is that? – What? – [Asa] Is that on your list, no? – I have to go do homework. – You liar! So funny story, this is not alcohol, this is Powerade. If you watch Priscilla’s TikTok’s like, wow, she’s drinking for them TikTok’s. Yesterday you had a wine glass, what did we put in the wine glass? – [Priscilla] Cranberry juice. – Cranberry juice, that’s right. Props you know, movie business. – Thank you. – Priscilla’s last TikTok went viral so she wanted to make another one, so that’s what we’re doing. (mumbled talking) and action. Good, perfect. The scene’s over babe. – [Priscilla] It’s okay. – [Asa] You’re just
gonna stay there, okay? – [Priscilla] Got my
Powerade, I’m living the life. – Why won’t our children come outside? – They don’t want to hang out with us. – They won’t come out and get in the pool! Abi’s on the couch, Isaiah’s on his phone. Chilling. Are we not cool parents? You’re TikTok famous, we should be cool, I feel like we’re cool. – [Priscilla] He’s probably
hating he’s not TikTok famous. – He’s hating on, he’s jealous? So was there anything else
that you wanted to talk about? That whole thing? I know it’s bothering you a lot. – It is. – And I think it would be
disingenuous to act like it’s no big deal and we
don’t care because we, I expected it to happen at some point, just ’cause people are really stupid. – I didn’t because we’re so transparent, and we’re so out in the open, and we have so many people in and out of our house, and like — – Yeah I did kinda like. Well that’s my thing, I don’t know if it’s just
somebody hating on us, so they wanna cause issues, or if it’s someone that
genuinely thinks they’re doing the right thing by
calling DCF, or whatever. – They can’t, because
if you watch our videos, how could you ever think
that Abi could be in danger, I mean what, like? – I don’t know. You know, like you said, the frustrating thing is that
it affects so many people, because they have to talk to crazy nanny, and they have to talk to Becca, and they have to talk to her therapist, and they’ll talk to maybe her school. It’s like, these people have better things to do than deal with this! – Right.
– It’s not fair. It’s not fair that one person who is either just vindictive
and a horrible person, or? – Confused. – They have their own
mental issues going on? Like I can’t imagine why
anyone would ever think that, that just blows my mind. – Yeah. – So it’s gotta just be
the upmost level of troll. And if that’s the case, then
we’re feeding that troll. But whatever, I mean I just, I think it’s important to
talk about in the big picture. Think about things,
think about your actions. Even if they are good intentions, think about your actions
before you do them because it affects
people on a grand scale. This is something that’s gonna
be forever on our record, DCF will have this forever, you know. – Right. – I mean, they’ll close the case on it, I have no doubt about that. But its still gonna– – It still goes on there
– It still exists, you know. And that kinda sucks because, I mean, Priscilla told the lady, she said, ’cause she’s taking pictures right? And you’re like, wow, this person’s in our house
taking pictures of our pantry, taking pictures of our fridge to make sure Abi has food available, and you’re like, it kinda
gives you a sick feeling. But Priscilla, Abi had to go to the bathroom whilst the lady was here, so Priscilla takes her into the bathroom, Priscilla pokes her head out the door, she says, we have an award for Best in Parenting and Family if you wanna take a picture of that too. And she wasn’t being snotty with the lady ’cause we’re all just kinda laughing at the ridiculousness of this, but then I was like, oh yeah, and we have a whole
bunch of nominations for the WEGO Health Awards for
advocating for another, there’s that as well. But it’s just like, I don’t know man. – Like, I do Ma Squad cares, where I give food and
stuff to homeless people. Do you think I would give it to strangers and not feed my own child? Like what? We bought this house so that Abigail could be with us for the rest of her life, and she didn’t have to
move into anywhere else. That’s why we bought this house. – Well and then like
yesterday’s vlog where we went, or the day before yesterday, when we went and talked to a lawyer, and we’re going to have very
very large life insurance that gets deposited directly
into a trust for the kids, you know? It’s like, I don’t know. So I guess my thing is
if someone genuinely believes that Abigail
is mistreated like, god, I would hate to see your definition of someone that really is mistreated. ‘Cause she’s got a good frigging life. – Like you can question
other things like diet, and life choices that I make. – I won’t be getting out
of this pool on camera. – But don’t question the type of mom I am. Just don’t. For me, this is the worst thing
a parent could go through, is to have someone
accuse them of something. Especially when we’re
just so out there, and, – And we give so much to others. Just giving, we’re just open. – Just giving advice, and helping, and knowing that we’re
here to listen to you. You know, we didn’t have
that when Abi was diagnosed, we didn’t have those
people to turn too, so. – And we don’t think we’re perfect. – No!
– We don’t think we’re God’s gift to Autism parents. We’re just doing our best, and I know so many of you appreciate that, and we appreciate you for letting us know. I think we have such a great relationship with our viewers and our subscribers, and it just sickens me
that there’s someone out there who genuinely feels this way. Because that’s certainly a possibility. And if you are, and if
you’re watching this, because you’re waiting for this thumbnail and this title to come up, I fully expect that if you
have the gonads to do this, I fully expect a letter of apology. Because you can only see what
we put in the vlogs, right? So you must be assuming that
there’s behind the scenes stuff that nobody knows about, right? There’s this vindictive,
making money off our kid, blah blah blah, and all that. So therefore DCF will turn over a stone and find the ugly truth. Well they’re not gonna
and when they don’t, I fully expect a letter of apology. I will put our PO box down below so you can send that letter, I fully expect it. If you went through the effort, then go through the
effort of making right. – Yeah. – ‘Cause you did this. This is on you. And yes, I still say
you’re a garbage person, be a better person. Send that letter of apology. I will look forward to it. I won’t put it in the vlog, just send it. I’ll wait. We’re not gonna stop. Not gonna stop, you can’t make us stop. Too many people that we’ve helped, we’ve found this calling if you will, we’re just, you know, it’s what we were meant to do. – It’s advocating on a
whole different level. – It is. There’s so many of you that
had no ties to Autism at all, and the comments on the
video’s just tell us that this is what we’re supposed to be doing. And it’s helping, so I’m not gonna stop. No matter what you throw at us. – It’s getting windy. – It’s getting windy,
there’s a hurricane coming. – There is. – Perhaps we should get out of the pool. (laughing) – We’re around these, like, really old trees. – Look at these trees, these trees are going nuts up here. And we’re just. (laughing) – [Priscilla] That’s the
biggest difference of this area, is everything’s above ground here, like all the lines and stuff. – [Asa] Yeah, all the power lines. – [Priscilla] I feel like
we’re gonna lose power, I don’t know. I hope we don’t lose this tree though, I really like that tree. – [Asa] Yeah, and it puts
a nice shade on things, keeps the pool from getting too hot. – It does, yep. – I don’t wanna lose any of those trees, those trees keep our power bill down. They’re providing shade. On a positive note Cilla, the person who had DCF come out? – Yeah? – They really provided a thumbnail
and title for this video, so I mean, that helps Abi too, financial stability in
the future and all that. – Yeah, Abi says thank you. – So you did one thing right there pal. Isaiah and I went on one last scooter ride before the big one hits, before the storm. (Abi yells excitedly) You gonna go with your brother? He’s gotta take the generator back, you wanna ride with him? You gonna ride? Yeah, it’s okay if you’re in your hurricane hair don’t care outfit. No big deal. Gotta get Abi out the house, she’s a goer, she likes
to be going all the time. So she can get out of the house, even just to get in the car
and go for a ride she enjoys. You guys are gonna try to find
a Dunkin’ that’s open, huh? Yes, what’s up? You have to go to the bathroom? You wanna go to the bathroom first? What are you trying to say? You trying to say ‘go’? Show me go, go car. There you go! Alright, lets go get him. You gonna ride with your brother? – [Isaiah] Come on, you can ride in here. – [Asa] Oh, you’re riding in
the front like a big dog huh? Look at you. – [Isaiah] It’s just because there’s more stuff to move in the backseat. – [Asa] That’s true. – [Isaiah] You ready? And these ones have seat covers. – [Asa] Remove any distractions like that sunscreen down there. As far as distractions for you, you don’t want her getting them. That sunscreen right there. You don’t want her grabbing
that and trying to squirt it, you’re trying to grab it from
her whilst you’re driving. – Thank you. This is from my camper by the way, I accidentally took it, my bad. – [Asa] You get radio control over here. Oh yeah, she’s already on it. She’s like, crank it brother. She just cranked that all
the way up, by the way. – It’s okay. I turned it down on my phone so that even when she cranks it she can’t do anything. – [Asa] That makes sense. Drive safe okay, we’ve still got like two
or three hours before we’re supposed to get
any bit of the storm. So you guys will be good. – Well it’ll be like 20, 30 minutes, before we get any bit of that pizza. – [Asa] True. – I’ll make it quick. – [Asa] Pizza’s coming, it’s ordered. Bye. Okay we have power, electricity. We have food, we have water, and we have each other. And we have Summer’s volleyball game that Priscilla’s watching. (laughing) – I’m gonna make some
banana bread for ya’ll. – Ooo, that sounds amazing. It’s been a super busy day and I feel like ending the vlog now. – Okay. – There’s just a lot going on today, so we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! – Hey, we love you guys. We want you to know that. – Thank you for your support. – Yep, bye. (beeping) – [Asa] Did you get Dunkin’? – Huh? – [Asa] Did you get Dunkin’? – No, I didn’t dad. Because Dunne Avenue Dunkin’
closes at six p.m. today. (Asa groaning) We missed it by an hour and a half. – Why are you so wild? (giggling) Why are you so wild, yeah. (ice cubes clatter) (gasping) – What is that? Is that a Mr Maass special? – [Asa] It’s an iced coffee dude. – Thanks. – [Asa] You’re welcome. Psst. – Thank you! – [Asa] You’re welcome.