Chicken patties recipe | homemade puff pastry | how to make in oven- Asalam-o-Aliqum Today I am going to teach you how to make chicken patties To make chicken patties ,material we need Fresh Milk 250 ml bonless chicken 300g (boil it in water with salt, and make it shred like these. garlic,ginger & green chilli paste 1tsp it enhance the taste puff pastry, i ‘d already taught you how to make puff pastry,this is my homemade puff pastry black pepper 1/2 tsp,white pepper 1/2 tsp, salt, egg x1 all purpose flour 2tbsp butter 2 tbsp green onion chopped 2 tbsp First of all,take butter in pan Add chopped green onions into it and mix it. add garlic,ginger & green chilli paste into it and stir it again for few minutes after cooking 2-3 minutes ,add flour cook it for 2-3 minutes again till it get cooked after the flour has been cooked add milk , but not all at once, but little by little again add milk flame should be kept low add chicken add the remaing species(salt & pepper) and a little more milk and stir it well add the remaining milk(250 ml milk have been added into it) Now stir it well so that all spices are mixed well after cooking 5 minutes,as the milk dries, switch off the flame Chicken is well ready switch off the flame and after it ‘ll be cool, we will fill it in patties now beat the egg well now roll it in a reactangle or a square shape after rolling. i am giving it a circle shape.cut it with cutter Put the aluminium foil on baking tray,and put the circle shaped patties on it after giving patties a little touch of egg almost 1 tsp material that we prepared ‘d be put up on it Put another layer of patties on it and press it gentle on the corners Put another layer of patties if you want Put egg on it well after putting egg,give -it a third layer press on the area where we put chicken preheat the oven at 150 before a half hour bake it at 180 degree for 35 minutes Must try it.thanks for watching.see you in my next video. Bye! Chicken patties recipe | homemade puff pastry | how to make in oven-