hi guys in this video I will show you a
delicious chicken stir-fry noodles once your ingredients are ready start
with the chicken I’m using chicken thighs but you can use chicken breast or
any other meat you want to use while frying you can season with some salt and
add some fresh garlic then it’s time to add some spring onions
followed by some of your favorite vegetables trust me there is no rules so
use vegetables you generally like or you have leftover in your fridge you don’t
need to cook the vegetables for too long so add the boiled noodles after a good
star if you don’t want too many noodles and fewer vegetables make sure to
portion it before you start cooking at this stage we just need to make sure all
the ingredients are nicely cooked and mixed with the noodles if you want to
add eggs it is straightforward just move the noodles around and make some space
for the eggs then add the eggs and scramble it with some seasoning now
simply mix everything together and that’s it is ready to serve you may
add some crushed caramelized onion to give it an extra flavor or serve it as
it is so that’s it you just learn the easiest way to make stir-fry noodles now
make some for yourself and let me know in the comment how was it