I haven’t even know what I saw I’m so happy hey guys so last week Satoshi and I asked you guys to choose between chicken long rice and pretty cocky most of you guys chose the chicken long rice I don’t have a chicken rice so I’m very happy me too now chicken long rice is a typical Hawaiian dish that’s usually served on luaus but also frequently made at home because it’s so easy to make so we are going to start with the ingredients we’ll start with 1 chicken thigh a stomach ginger 1 bunch bean thread noodles chopped green onions 1 to 2 tablespoons powder chicken stock depending on your taste preference a teaspoon of scallops and four cups of water first let’s slice off the skin off the ginger if you’re a fan of ginger add more like men mutter bucks then we’ll slice the ginger thinly just like this next add the chicken to the pot we’re also going to be adding the sliced ginger and the water and let’s add in the powdered stock as well as salt cover and bring to a slow boil skim off any impurities you see floating on the top cover and simmer for 40 to 50 minutes while waiting for the chicken long rise to finish cooking let’s ask our friends what they’d like us to make next time ok sure how about if we make Hawaiian dessert huh that’s a great idea ok well I feel like eating butter mochi it’s something one of our viewers asked us to make plus is something I have it even since I was a kid I love butter mochi so much I don’t know why I had a universal walk how about everybody’s favorite bar asada it is probably my most favorite sweet drink in Hawaii awesome so which one do you guys choose bar emoji or even Alice Alice let us know in the comments down below and if you haven’t already done so subscribe so you won’t miss any of our RSS let’s check the chicken long right after a long steamer your chicken should be tender branch out the chicken to a cutting board and let it cool down a bit once it’s good enough to touch shred the chicken into small pieces making sure to discover skin then transfer the chicken back into the soup let’s out the in the bean thread noodles at this time turn the heat back on and separate the noodles so they are completely immersed in the soup cover and cook for another 10 minutes adding the green onions at the last minute give it a quick mix around and the chicken long dice is done Gary cold chicken long buy chicken long rice one of my favorite Hawaiian food taste it yes please I love the smell of ginger I just love ginger you know my mother when she makes the ship it in a lot my mother is a ginger mmm ginger ginger perfect nothing salty but perfect mmm yum yum yum yum mmm I feel like a luau I feel like eating pig and I feel like eating without Lao and lomi lomi salmon and okay oh is it well I know that you love jinlun rice that’s probably his favorite Hawaiian food right chicken longwise I think right I remember we went to Hawaii and you had it at the Auto Hawaiian food mm-hmm and you’re like wow this is so good to me I remember that so we hope you enjoyed this dish it’s really one of our favorites and something we eat often here give it a try give this meal it sums up and let us know what you think in the comments down below don’t forget to let us know what do you want us to make next time check out the playlist by clicking on that I form a Hawaiian wish peace thanks for watching and until next time Aloha you