Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! and today we’ll be cooking Chicken Hamonado and here are the ingredients we need chicken, cut into serving pieces pineapple tidbits with juice brown sugar we’ll also be using soysauce onions and garlic aside from these we’ll also be using cooking oil salt and ground black pepper and here is the complete list of all the ingredients and their measurements Let’s start. Let us marinate the chicken first before cooking Mix the soysauce and pineapple juice in a bowl together with the chicken the pineapple juice came from canned pineapple tidbits filter it and then transfer these pineapple tidbits a container with lid and the refrigerate mix our marinate well make sure that the chicken is submerged in a well mix soysauce and pineapple juice marinate cover the bowl put in the fridge and marinate overnight I marinate this overnight or at least 8 hours so the chicken could absorb our marinade I will now get a bowl and put a colander in it then pour our marinade we are now just filtering the chicken and let the marinade drain later we’ll be pan frying the chicken we are avoiding splashed grease during pan frying save marinate that has been drained for later let us ready our cooking pot preheat with cooking oil distribute cooking oil evenly preheat cooking oil pan fry the chicken pan fry each side of the chicken for 2 to 3 minutes under medium heat we just have to cook the chicken slightly meaning we don’t have to cook it well because we’ll still be cooking the chicken later I pan fry this for a good texture the good thing with pan fryng this before stewing is that this retains how the chicken looks meaning, the skin is still intact even after simmering and the meat part would still be intact, unlike if we just stew this right away, the chicken will shred this is benefits presentation let us now flip this over and pan fry for another 2 to 3 minutes and as you notice the grease does not splash even after flipping the chicken draining it helps a lot, unlike if we hadn’t drained this, the grease will splash and we may get burns from it at this point the chicken is now ready Chicken should look like this chicken blood is visible but it’s all right all we need to do is cook all sides of the chicken as mentiones, all we need is to pan fry this because later we’ll saute this as well set aside the chicken and remove some cooking oil from the pot at this point we may now saute our onions and garlic, let us start with onions this is the same oil that we used in pan frying the chicken, we just removed some then let us add our garlic these are crushed garlic meaning “dinikdik na bawang” (crushed garlic) you may chop this a little further if you like saute for one minute or until sa onions softens and the put back the chicken let us add the chicken here this is our chance to cook the chicken more saute chicken together with the onion and the garlic and then pour the marinade flip the chickens first so it would be cooked evenly You’ll notice the chicken’s darker side. To make the color even on both sides, flip the chicken over every once in a while sauteing ready our marinade and then pour it in our pot this is the marinade we drained earlier let it simmer and then cover cook under low to medium heat for 15 minutes flip the chicken after 15 minutes so it would be cooked evenly even the color is balanced bottom part is dark so flipping it over even out the color as well by marinating this with pineapple juice, the chicken is being tenderized so no need to cook this long. Marinating allows it to be flavorful as well once flipped, cover cooking pot and cook for another 15 minutes at this point we may now add other ingredients left let us now put our dark brown sugar or what we call “asukal na pula” I don’t know why it’s called “asukal na pula” (red sugar), shouldn’t it be “asukal na brown” anyway, let us just mix this let the sugar dilute and then we may now add the pineapple tid bits before I forgot, you may also use white sugar if dark brown sugar is not available let us now add the pineapple tidbits put in everything and mix it with the chicken continue cooking until sauce reduces to half so our Chicken Hamonado will be so flavorful This is now ready. Let’s just mix the chicken a little bit and then the pineapple and we may season this afterwards see, the chicken is now cooked but the chicken is still intact, as mentioned earlier the chicken does not shred now we’ll season this with salt and ground black pepper have a taste of the sauce so you’ll know how much salt and ground black pepper you’ll need to season this then mix transfer to a serving plate then serve this is now our Chicken Hamonado! Let’s eat!