Assalamualaikum How are my lovely sisters? It’s holiday season these days so my Kids are at home and requesting some dishes And I also thought about sharing it with you so you can make this for your Kids too And they will have a nice holiday, and enjoy themselves So what are we making today? We are making Chicken Football Fries For the Recipe you will need Some potatoes, as you can see I have cut them into little cubes I used a device to cut the into this shape Wait let me show you This device is called ”Nicer Dicer” There is also the possibility that you can cut your vegetables in a bigger form but we will need the smaller one Here we have some Gouda cheese cubes Should be medium sized Cubes If you love cheese you can make it a little bigger Here we have the meat I will show you how to prepare thisin the next segment We will also need a tiny bit of Oil Take a Chicken cube and cut it into little pieces and put it into the 200 grams of Chicken Now we will put the remaining Spices into the chicken (one teaspoon each, salt is variable) Cumin, Red Chilli flakes, Black pepper, Garlicpowder, Now I’m adding three teaspoons of Ketchup and now we will be adding Chillisauce, approx. 2 Teaspoons I will also be adding 2 teaspoon of lemon juice The chicken is marinated, I left it for 4 to 5 hours in my Fridge What we’ll also need is half an onion two green chillies, and a little part of scallion we will put this together with the marinated chicken into the mixer This mixture of cornstarch and Egg will also be added (2 Tablespoons) So I started making some of these I’ll be showing how to make them infront of you now Take a bit of Oil and put it onto the palms of your hands Then take a little bit of the meat approx. The size of a meatball If you’d make it bigger then it won’t cook properly For a size comparison this is what it should look like now put the cheese cube in the center and now close it and roll it around in your palms use your fingers to get some of the mixture and cover the meatball with it Lastly cover the meatball with the Patato cubes Don’t make the oil to hot and keep it on a medium to low flame because if it is too hot the patatoes will turn black while the meat isn’t cooked yet Make sure that the balls are golden brown if they are then they’re ready