Hi guys so me and Hotpoint asked you
to send in your most incredible food memories. So the lovely Clare here had a food memory to die for. She had the most amazing chicken fajitas at a restaurant called Senor Dicks and when I heard the name of the restaurant there was only one person to bring that memory back to life, John the food busker over to you. Hello lovely people. If you want to learn more about these amazing food stories and get the opportunity to win a whole load of Hotpoint kit then click on the link and go through to the food memories hub but for now let me tell you about Clare’s fajitas. Clare worked in Cornwall at Senor Dicks. She’s got a big personality and she was asked to be the maitre d there. She said it was the best time of her life. She loved having the chicken fajitas because it was smoky, you’ve got succulent chicken, you’ve got the beautiful peppers and it was all sizzling. We’ve spoken to the restaurant we’ve got all the ingredients, we’ve got everything we need to bring this fantastic food memory back to life. It starts with a tablespoon of oil, half a teaspoon of smoked paprika, half a teaspoon of chili powder and then half teaspoon of cumin and now we want the juice of half a lime. Slice up a yellow pepper and a red pepper into 1 centimetre strips, slice up a whole red onion. So different chopping board for raw meat. Get your chicken and slice it into nice strips. The chickens taking on all those spices all that flavour. I’m gonna wash my hands and then season that up with salt and pepper and set it aside. I wanted to take this to the next level, give it that food busker twist and so we’re gonna make a mexican spicy edition, a quick mole a sauce. Put a tablespoon of oil into your pan and get 2 tomatoes in there. Let’s get this onto my Hotpoint gas hob. it’s gonna really give me the control I need to get this sauce just right. I want two tablespoons of chipotle paste, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a full teaspoon of cumin, little pinch of chili powder and incorporate
all those ingredients. So I let that cook for two or three minutes and then I add 200ml of water so it all cooks down. We’re gonna grate 15 grams of dark chocolate into it. It’s gonna add a real depth to this sauce. Mix the chocolate in and set it aside. Right let’s get my pan on I’m gonna cook my fajita mix in two batches because if I put all it in it will steam rather than sizzle. I’m gonna wash my hands. Clare said that it was spicy, sizzly and tasty. So let it get that nice sear and then we move it around. Look how delicious that looks it’s cooked, let’s turn the heat off and get our tortillas out of the oven. Straight on to your plate, then the mole sauce. Get your chicken on and then guacamole. Some beautiful calming yogurt, some nice coriander leaves and then we’ll finish off with some lime and then taste this beauty. So good mmm. Smoky, meaty. You’ve got those beautiful peppers and onions that give it a real sweetness and then you’ve got the depth and that hint of chocolate from the mole sauce. Brothers and sisters you have got to try this dish and Clare I hope you liked my version of your killer chicken fajitas. To help Claire cook this dish Hotpoint have given her a gas hob. Click the link to enter the competition
for your opportunity to win a whole load of Hotpoint kit.