Hello guys, welcome to my channel! Today, I will show you how you can make chicken burger parties! Just a few ingredients, a
little bit cooking in the pan, and the burgers will be ready in less than 10
minutes. And you can serve them with any garnish you love. Follow my instructions!
First, we have to cook the onion. Turn on the heat, nonstick pan on the heat. And
when you’re making burgers, you have to cook the onion; if you don’t cook the onion,
the acidity of the onion will destroy the meat. Two tablespoons of olive oil, of course Greek, and the onion goes in. 1 clove of garlic, and also goes in. I will put some
sugar, help it caramelize better, salt pepper, and just give it a few minutes
until it becomes golden. My onion is almost ready and here I have bread. We
need bread for this recipe because when we’re cooking chicken, the chicken takes
out all of its liquid, all of the juices. Now, the bread will absorb all these
lovely flavors and it will become actually a chicken. Roughly chop it, like
this, and my onion is ready. Perfect! I will turn off the heat and in a food
processor, add parsley, the mint – we need a big amount of mint- the onion, the bread,
one chicken cube. If you don’t have any chicken cube, just add more salt and pepper. Smoked paprika, some thyme, and mix everything
together. And the marinade is ready. I wish you can smell this marinade. This is
all the taste we’re giving actually to the meat. Now, we have to mix everything
together. I need a bowl, I need some gloves, and put all this lovely marinade inside this bowl. And now, we will add the minced chicken
meat, olive oil -extra virgin- and one egg. Mix everything together, combine all the
ingredients. And my meat is ready! At this point, you can refrigerate for up to two
days; the more you refrigerate, the more the chicken becomes tasty. Now, separate
into four patties. And I have a nonstick pan on heat, with
just a drop of olive oil, and I will cook my chicken burgers approximately three
to four minutes on each side. Medium heat, not high heat so they can cook through
to the center. The only fat we have inside those burgers is the extra virgin
Greek olive oil. They are so tasty and they are so ready.
I will take them off the heat and I will prepare a nice platter. This is a healthy
version, so I will use some bulgur; if you want to know how to cook your own bulgur the proper way, just click the link at the end of the video. I have some veggies,
some peppers, and some zucchini. I just grilled them and of course, my lovely
burger. And one more burger here…and look at this! Who can resist this
beauty? The chicken burgers are so tasty and they are so juicy! Look at this! All
these herbs, all these flavors. I will add some herbs, just for the
decoration; a bit of thyme, a little bit of oregano, and of course a splash of
extra virgin Greek olive oil. You will love this recipe, I’m sure! Please subscribe to my channel, make comments underneath the video, and share the recipe with your
friends! See you next time, bye bye! Please try my burgers! Bye bye, yia sas!