Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here nice to meet you again and today it’s our second valentines day recipe
for you to try it’s tiramisu cherry and raspberry tiramisu it’s amazing good times.
Looks amazing right and trust me when you eat it you’ll be like ‘my minds telling me
know’ I know I sing that a lot but my body really is telling me yes it’s gonna tell your
body yes too when you eat it you’re gonna feel like you are a teddy bear chilling out
on the beach you will love this so write down these ings write them down scribble them down
get on it get on this bus of tiramisu loving because it’s driving away and I wanna take
you with me does that make sense?! First up you want to mix the coffee with your
cherry flavouring of choice now I used cherry cordial but you can use some cherry brandy
which is very naughty or the fruit mixture that we make later with the cherries and raspberries
you can use some of the juice from that if you want.
So just mix that through and let it just sit there, just let it sit there for a bit. Plonk
your double cream into a mixing bowl and whip it up using an electric whisk til it’s nice
and thickened then you want to add in the icing sugar and a little bit of that cooled
coffee mixture and whisk that through. With your cream mixture to one side clean your
electric whisk and whip up your egg whites until nice and stiff dump them in with the
cream fold them through with a spatula and plonk that entire mixture in the fridge until
later. Into a saucepan over a low flame add your
cherries raspberries sugar and a little bit of that coffee mixture again so you want to
stir that through over a simmer until it all starts to soften and again turn that heat
down and leave that to cool should take about ten minutes all in all.
We can now work on our cake so all I did was cut it into nice thick slabs and then across
into nice squares all you do then is soak them very briefly in your coffee mixture and
leave it to one side kind of like when you’re drinking tea believe it or not i’m British
and I don’t like tea but you know when you dunk a biscuit or cookie in a hot drink and
you leave it too long and it just goes blurgh? don’t do that ok because it will just absorb
it all too much and break down just a little dunk is all it needs – yeah.
The last thing to do is grate up your chocolate so I used a combination of milk and dark gave
it a little grate and mixed together with my hands so it’s nice and combined black on
white action. Then all I did was just build it in a glass
I did mine nice and rough but you can spend hours on it making it look precise if you
like but I started off with some layers of the sponge the cream a handful of chocolate
shavings and then our fruit mixture I repeated that again sealed it with cream on top some
more chocolate shavings couple of raspberries and nuts looking amazing.
Oh my goodness you know this is the hardest bit about doing these videos for you guys
unbelievable I don’t know what’s happening but my eyes are closing and i’m just sort
of swirling and the swirl is getting bigger the taste is taking me on a wave i’ve got
that coffee kick in there that little bit of cherry play around with all of the steps
in here tweak whatever you want as much or as little coffee cherry or chocolate as you
want it’s all optional whatever you want to do it’s amazing – there’s good texture in
there good flavour it’s so important to put it in the fridge once you have built it a
good half an hour at least just to chill it and get those flavours working together you’re
gonna love it and I love you too my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes
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all that stuff really helps my channel grow thanks so much for all the love really means
a lot to me and i’ll see you on the next video – merry valentines day.