Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today we’re going to be making cheesecake
strawberry Santa’s. These are so quick and easy to make, they’re incredibly cute and
a great dessert to bring to any Christmas party. So if you would like to learn how to
make these then let’s get started. First we’re going to make the cheesecake
stuffing for the strawberries. I’ve seen these made with whipped cream which you could
definitely do but they need to be served straight away. The whipped cream just isn’t quite
strong enough to support the strawberry hat for too long. Start by adding cream cheese to a bowl. Make
sure it’s at room temperature as if it’s been in the fridge you will have a hard time
whipping it. Just get it out an hour or so before you need to use it. To the cream cheese
I’m adding icing sugar to sweeten it up. Alternatively you can use honey, or maple
syrup which would give it some extra flavour. Just add it to the same bowl as the cream
cheese. And lastly a touch of good quality vanilla extract. The recipe will be listed
in the information box as well as on my website. I’m starting off mixing with a wooden spoon
first, then switching over the a hand mixer to beat the cheesecake mixture together. It
will look quite lumpy at first, but then it should begin to smooth out and whip up. Beating
it creates a soft and light texture that goes great with the strawberries. Make sure to
scrape the side of the bowl down with a spatula to make sure everything is evenly combined. I’m using a punnet of strawberries, about
10 or so for this recipe but you can easily double or triple the recipe to make more.
Try to find even sized strawberries, instead of having a few small ones a few large. Start
by slicing the top of the strawberry off leaving a flat edge. Discard the top and slice a third
off the bottom of the strawberry. The strawberry will sit upside down, the larger part being
santa’s body, and the smaller part being his hat. Continue doing this until you have
cut all of the strawberries. Fill a piping bag with the cheesecake mixture.
I like to use disposable piping bags, they’re really affordable and easy to use. I’ll
link them in the information box so take a look if you are interested. I’m using a
Wilton 2D tip to pipe the cheesecake filling but you can just slice off the tip of the
piping bag or a plastic bag if you would like. Turn the strawberry upside down and lift the
tip off. Pip a swirl of cheesecake filling and top with the remaining strawberry. Repeat
this process until you have piped all of the strawberries. The cheesecake filling is going
to be santa’s face and beard. A star piping tip works great for this as it looks a lot
like a beard. When you have finished piping all of the strawberries
we are going to add the little details. Switch to small round piping tip or change piping
bags and only cut off a small hole at the end. Pipe small amounts on the tip of the
strawberries being the fluffy ball at the end of santa’s hat. Continue with the remaining
strawberries. Next we need to pipe the buttons onto his
red coat. Pipe two small dots of the cheesecake mixture, one above the other on the base part
of the strawberry. This is quite easy to do, it doesn’t need to look too perfect. And the lastly we are going to need some chocolate
chips. or anything else you would like to use that could resemble eyes. Place two chocolate
chips into santas face, spacing them evenly apart to become his eyes. And there you have adorable little cheesecake
strawberry santa’s. These will easily last in the fridge for a
few days. You can also freeze them, but they need to be eaten frozen as when strawberries
defrost their whole texture changes. Send me a picture on any of my social media listed
in the information box below, I would love to see your little santas. Thank you so much
for watching, I hope you have a great Christmas. If you would like to see more Christmas videos,
take a look at these Gingerbread Cupcakes. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye.