how you doing? so guys today’s video is about those peoples.. who cant live without eating indian food those indian people have to eat indian food once a day but the problem is indian food in bangkok is very cheap for example a Roti (indian bread) price in a decent indian restaurant in bangkok can be 80 to 100 baht which is very expensive but dont worry i am gonna take you to Bangkok’s 3 cheap indian restaurants… restaurants people have less idea about so if you guys are living here, doing job here or if you are coming to bangkok for traveling purpose then you guys can go to these 3 indian restaurants and have a very good meal in budget so lets go quickly to our 1 restaurant so guys our first restaurant is near Marianman Temple inside a short street near family mart at pan road silom area Sugam Restaurant here you can find south indian food in very less price so you can find this place a little crowdy i was really hungry so without wasting anytime i order there famous south indian unlimited thali price of the thali was 119 thai baht and approx 270 Rs in this thali you will get 14 food items and you can order as much as you can in one sitting so you can eat as much as you can until the person in front of you will ask that how many month pregnant you are? so guys i started eating so many varieties of food and because of unlimited offer most of the restaurants dont give a shit about quality but this restaurant is different sugam restaurants quantity and quality is the best. after eating every food item in thali you gonna feel like you are eating in india even if indian food is expensive in bangkok still this restaurant offers you very cheap south indian food every food item was fresh and very good to eat thank you after eating indian food its not possible that you will not sleepy i am so full its was really tasty food i had traditional feeling while eating and the way they gave me food on banana leaf and… the way they were serving the south indian in style it was really very intersting to see, good to see in bangkok so guys before going to the 2nd restaurant i am gonna explore this area and then after that will go to the restaurant so guys its lunch time i am in Sallim restaurant lets see how the food is here sallim restaurant menu is very straight forward i ordered naan and chicken curry here the price was even more less one naan cost me around 30 Rs and chicken curry cost around 140 Rs in first bite it reminded me of local indian restaurant in taste the chicken curry was full of masala and naan was fresh and crunch the way i like it specially after watching this area i didn’t feel like i was in a bangkok indian restaurant this whole meal cost me around 180 Rs so guys my second meal is done was very tasty now lets wait for dinner time and then will go to eat 3rd meal in 3rd restaurant so guys its dinner time lets go to the last and final restaurant for tonight welcome to Mama Restaurant if you want to eat cheap and tasty dinner then this place is for you guys in this small restaurant they keep all most every indian food here you can find almost every delicious indian sweets tasty tasty indian snack Maggie (Indian famous noddles) and indian groceries here they have different variety of thali and i decided to eat veg thali in veg thali you will get shahi paneer salad garlic naan basmati rice dal makhani and rayta (Indian Style Curd) only for approx 400 Rs mama restaurant is a Punjabi restaurant while eating i taste Punjabi only food was same like Punjabi style very tangy and full of masala and according to taste the price was perfect restaurant style is totally local indian style restaurant in front of you you can see indian movie so you guys can enjoy indian food with indian movie so guys my dinner is done but before ending this vlog we gonna eat indian famous sweet Ras Malai so guys thank you for watching the video plzz subscribe, hit the like button and you guys know what to do Stay Awara