Growing up, my family’s favorite summer dessert
was a fruit cocktail. We’d make all different variations of it from adding almond jelly
to a canned fruit cocktail, or making up our own concoctions from scratch. Today, I’m going
to show you my friend Kay’s recipe. Che Thai is a Vietnamese fruit cocktail dessert that’s
full of tropical flavors! And best of all it’s a no cook recipe so you don’t even have
to be in the kitchen. To make Che Thai you’re going to need a can of each: Ai-Yu Jelly which
I prefer the green one, just to give it some color, a can of sliced Toddy Palm’s seeds,
a can of Longan, a can of Jackfruit, a jar of Nata de Coco, which is like a coconut gel,
fresh Pomegranate seeds, 2 cups of half & half, and some crushed ice. Ai-Yu Jelly, also known
as known as ice jelly in Singapore is a jelly made is from the gel of the the seeds of the
Aiyu fruit. The Aiyu jelly comes out as a block from the can, so i like to slice it
into thin strips. But you can it into cubes, or cut it into diamonds, whatever you prefer!
Toddy palm seeds come from the from the ASIAN PALMYRA PALM tree. Inside the young fruit,
there are two or three white soft kernels, or seeds. It’s this jelly like fruit that
is really tender. In Vietnam they like to eat this raw because it’s supposed to cool
your body temperature. Longan is a tropical fruit that’s in the same family as a Lychee.
But Longans have a more tart and distinctive flavor. If you don’t have Longan or can’t
find it you can always substitute with lychee in this recipe. Jackfruit is this ginormous,
prickly fruit that’s bigger than a Durian. But its flavor is a combination between an
apple, pineapple, banana, and a mango. Since the jackfruit comes in whole pieces I like
to slice it up. Nata de coco, or Coconut gel came from the Philippines and they’re these
chewy, translucent, jelly cubes that’s made from fermented coconut water. They’re my favorite
in this recipe. When you chew them they start out chewy but then they ooze out with this
coconut water, it’s so good! Pomegranate Seeds. Typically in vietnamese restaurants they’ll
make their own version of pomegranate seeds using water chestnut and tapioca starch. But
since this is a “no-cook” recipe, I’m using the real Pomegranate seeds. Plus, I think
it’s also healthier and better. And then, Half and Half. A lot of people use coconut
milk in this recipe but I like to use half and half because it really lets the other
flavors shine. Plus it’s got this creamy texture. If you don’t have half and half, make your
own using half cream and half milk. Make sure to reserve half of the juice from
each of the cans of the Longan, Toddy Palm’s Seeds, Jackfruit, and the Nata de Coco. To
put it all together drain the rest of the fruit and add your ingredients into a large
bowl. This dessert can become too sweet if you add all the juices from the cans. But
if you like it a little sweeter than this recipe then just add a little bit more in.
Now add in about 2 cups of half and half just until it covers the fruit, and then mix well.
Serve it in a cute cup and then top it off with some ice for a refreshing, Summery treat.
I love bringing this to a potluck or a barbecue because it’s so refreshing and unique. Most
people haven’t ever had it before and they love the pops of color from the Jackfruit
and the Pomegranate seeds. The milk becomes this beautiful green color from the Ai-yu
jelly. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. So I hope you enjoy this no-cook recipe. Let
me know if you had it before, commenting below, and what you would add into it. And don’t
forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys soon, Bye!