Bismillah Arhman Raheem, Aslam Alikum Today, i am here with a new recipe Today we are going to make Chaat Masala Many people requested for garam masala, biryani masala and chat masala recipes and in this video i will tell you the recipe of chaat masala which is used in Dahi baray, gol gappay and in all types of chaats that are made in homes and commercially and the major use of this masala in Dahi Baray i will upload the commercial recipe of dhai baray as well and in that video, the masala part will be the same what i have done here is i have made alot of packets like this i have arranged all the ingredients already what i do normally is all the ingredients have been packed in a bag and the name of the recipe is written on that and i give these packets to the workers and they do the rest to reduce any chances of mistakes in measurements this makes my work easy now lets talk about the ingredients first of all we will start with salt this is recipe of 50 grams salt for better understanding This is white salt this is 50 grams let me open all these and then i will show now if you see here i have opened all the ingredients lets start from here, i will tell you about these this is salt this is plan salt this is freshly ground salt, don’t use iodine salt for better taste this is 50 grams the next ingredient is Tatri it is also called citric acid these are granules and we will grinde it in fine powder this is 15 grams this is black pepper this is 5 grams and already ground i will be less than a table spoon if you measure in spoons now i have 50 gram coriander here which is not roasted we will roast it in a while next ingredient is white cumin this is also 50 grams and not roasted yet the next ingredient is ajwain if you see it closely you may have also seen and weight of ajwain is 5 grams we will grind this as well here i have black salt you will find black salt very easily from any variety store we are using 35 grams of black salt in this recipe this is amchur powder this is used 50 grams you can see the texture of this amchur powder it has a little grainy texture it is also available in ready made form this is red chilli powder this is 15 grams i have told you all the ingredients that we are going to use in this recipe we have to roast three ingredients which are coriander, cumin and ajwain roast them separately or combine, it doesn’t matter lets roast them on stove and the reason behind roasting them is to produce aroma becuase these all three are dried spices after treating them with a small heat, they all release thier oils and produce a beautiful aroma and the aroma that you get in chaat masala is due to these three ingredients so, we will roast and then grind these spices use this kind of pan for roasting you can use nonstick as well put it on flame and add corriander cumin and ajwain now roast them properly mix it slowly and don’t let it burn 2 to 3 minutes maximum roast at high flame, we will know when it is roasted due to its aroma stir it while roasting you can hear the sound of poping don’t roast is more than 2 minutes otherwise it will get burntv now turn of the flame these are thre ingredients that we roated i am telling again, roast them very carefully and roast them maximum 3 minutes and it will get roasted, there is no technique now we will grind this you can let it rest to cool down now see here these are our roasted spices which includes coriander, cumina and ajwain put it aside now we have citric acid here and put black pepper in this black pepper is already ground but we will grind it again also put amchur in this to make it more fine powder grind these three ingredients and then we will mix all the ingredients you can also grind the whole masala at the end to make it dust i will show you if we need to do so we will only do if necessary now take a container to mix all the ingredients first add this mixture, 50 gram cumin, 50 gram coriander, 5 gram ajwain if there are any grainy particles in the mixture, we will strain using a sieve at the end this is amchur, citric acid and black pepper put this in this is red chilli powder 15 grams this is rock salt and 50 grams black salt 35 grams now mix them nicely after that we will get the color of our chaat masala some recipes that use garam masala ingredients like cloves and cinnamon that spices don’t tastes good before cooking that’s why we don’t use that spices in this masala comercially we use these ingredients only this will giver very delicious taste our chaat masala is ready very good aroma and taste i have a sample of packet chaat masala to show you i will show the difference here if we take it out and observe closely firstly this is dust if you want masala in dust form then drinf if finely and strain through thin sieve and again grind the residue, you will get the dust because commercially we use grainy masalas thats why we aren’t forming dust second thing is difference between color it contains hot spices i didn’t used that ingredients like cinnamon and cloves that gives uncooked taste if you taste both spices this is less spicy ad compated to our chaat masala our masala has stronger flavour we made it as per our requirement now if we talk about its cost this packet costs us 40 rupees and the weight is 50 grams i have purchased all these ingredients in 60 rupees and quantity of final product is 290-300 grams it means we got 6X quantity approximately in same price by spending 50 percent more money we got 600 percent quantity i did a small effort and reduced my cost by 600% and this is a big difference in price and also in taste this packet masala contaisn alot of preservatives to increase shelf life which are unhealthy that cause acidity problems if you eat more packet masala you will face acidity problems but in our masala we know what we have used only citric is 15 grams in this else all the ingredients are mild and too much spicy but after combining all these ingredients we get we get very flavourful chaat masala i tell you easy recipe of chana chaat, use black chickpeas soak them overnight boil in the morning use this chaat masala to make chaat use salt according to taste mix chaat masala and squeeze lemons on them and get the food street chana chaat that is the same thing and dhai baray i will share the detailed commercial recipe how to make all the things required for dahi baray, isnhaAllah we will meet soon with a new recipe eough for this video inshallah we will meet till than take care of your self, Allah Hafiz