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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making caramel cupcakes with
a salted caramel frosting, piped on using just a ziplock bag. To make your cupcakes you are going to need
to melt together your white chocolate and margarine. For all the recipe quantities go to the blog
howtocookthat.net There’s a link in the description below this video. Then mix in your brown sugar, followed by
the milk and the vanilla, then whisk in your eggs and then finally add in the plain and
self raising flours and mix them in really well. And it’s that easy. The batter is very runny so I like to put
it in a jug to make it easier to pour into your cupcake cases. Carefully Fill each cupcake case to about
three quarters full Place in the oven until they are golden and
they feel springy on top. To check if they are done you can put a knife
into the centre and check it comes out clean. To make your frosting take 1 cup of butter
that’s at room temperature and add to that two cups of cooled dulce de leche, which is
a thick caramel and we made the recipe for this last week, there will be a link at the
end of this video or you can look in the description below this video to get to the dulce de leche
recipe. And then whip that up until it’s smooth. To pipe if you have a piping bag and star
shaped tip you can use that, if not grab a ziplock bag. Fold both sides of the bag in slightly to
make more of a piping bag shaped point. And using wide sticky tape sticky tape that
into place. Wrapping the exces tape around the back. Flip your bag over, add more sticky tape to
the other side right down to the point and tuck it under. And then repeat that one more time on the
other side. The purpose of adding the sticky tape is it
makes the bag firm enough to hold its shape and pipe the pattern that we’re after. I will show you the cuts on an envelope so
it is easier to see. Make two cuts following the line of each of
your folded in edges then open up your bag and flatten it out and make one more cut in
the middle. So you make two cuts, then open up your bag,
flatten it out and make one more cut in the middle. The good thing about using ziplock bags is
you don’t have to wash them and if you have excess frosting you can just put it in the
freezer in the bag. Put your frosting into the bag and have a
practice piping on the base of an upturned glass, you can put this excess frosting back
in to the bag when you are ready. Then pipe swirls onto each cupcake starting
in the centre, make larger circles out to the edge and then smaller circles back into
the middle. Optionally you can crush some sea salt between
two spoons and sprinkle that over the top to make them salted caramel and add a drizzle
of excess caramel over the top and enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe for more delicious
dessert and cake recipes and cake decorating tutorials. I will see you next week, bye. [music by youtube.com/setsailtv]