– Hello everyone! It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin
Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today is possibly the fastest video request I have ever done. On the screen right now hopefully is what the final chocolate
carrot cake will look like. Obviously I’m just about to make it, I’ve never made one before, and I’m very excited indeed. So last night was a bit windy, I had a very restless night’s sleep 3 A.M. I woke up and I just
started reading my E-mails. And I had one from Aaron Hastings: “Hey Barry would you or Mrs.
Barry be interested in making a chocolate-topped Brazilian carrot cake? My Brazilian friends have
changed my life with this one. I never want to see a
regular carrot cake again.” Now that’s a pretty bold
statement, there is a phenomenal recipe for carrot cake. I’ll probably put the link up here and in the description too. So if it’s better than
that, I’m gonna love it. And it’s chocolate-topped
so we’re gonna go for this. If you’re not already on the website, there will be a full write-up
of the ingredients, the method head on over. If you are, let’s crack on! We’re going to chuck most of
the ingredients in a blender, I’m excited. First step is going to
feel a little bit like we’re doing carrot bacon again. Which, let’s just say was
a teeny bit controversial the other week. I have been told though, if you put slightly less maple syrup in it and the liquid smoke, from
the person that actually created the original recipe,
it will taste just like it. I thought it was a
pretty cool snack anyway, but some of you were like “Oh it’s Facon” Which is uh, you know,
that was funny in 2014. So just turning the
carrots and peeling them. A lot of people rave about
leaving the skin on carrots so I don’t know why if
that’s more nutritious or something like that. If somebody does know the answer to that, I would love to know. There we go. And these are just gonna get blended up, so I’m gonna
give it a little bit of help by slicing it into coin sizes. It’s really gonna test
my blender actually. I’m a little bit sceptical whether it will blend it up we’ll see. Chopping carrots again. It feels like I’m making roast dinner. I made an epic pork
roast dinner yesterday. I’m thinking of actually
doing a roast dinner playlist on the channel by the way. Like maybe pork, chicken,
beef, lamb, veggie options something like that, even turkey, so we’ve got like six in a playlist. Carrots are done anyway. Morning guys! Hello Amy! Boston is just
knackered, I took him for a really long walk, but Amy’s…you
still got energy mate? No, using Boston as a rest. So what’s gonna happen now is
we use a big food processor blendy thing, and just make our batter. Batter up! Well we put nearly all the
ingredients in, uh but we add the flour and baking
powder a little later on, so this is some vegetable oil. Sugar. Now that is 400 grammes of sugar. That is a lot. Four eggs. One. Two. …ish. Three. Four. Now I intentionally tried to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger and
was it from Kindergarten Cop? (In Schwarzenegger voice)
One, two, three, four. Just put your eggs in. That looks like a weird fish tank. So here’s the thing we do,
we’re gonna blend this up. We’re supposed to add the
carrots in but first I kind of want to dissolve the sugar
just a bit more thinner. All right. Let’s do this. Now let’s do it! (Food processor whirs) Oh no. What have I done? I’m missing my attachment.
Sorry guys, hang on. Sorry about this. That goes in there. Ah, there we go. I think… There you go! Like a glove! Let’s try it now. (Food processor whirs) Awesome. That’s dissolved
that beautifully. Now this is the worrying thing, I’m gonna stick the carrots in,
I’m gonna do it a little bit at a time. I’m just gonna maybe do
it in like maybe quarters? (Food processor whirs) It’s definitely doing it. So I’m just gonna keep
adding in my carrots. Still in quarters, I’m not
gonna get too overconfident. It’s definitely doing it, but
I don’t know if you can see I’m not quite happy because
it’s slicing them there fine. Don’t get me wrong, they
are much more sliced than they were. But I want it smooth, so I’ll
move on to another machine after this little step. Yeah, that ain’t chopping it
up any more, so let’s do this: (Blender whirs.) Ah! Sorry. We’re gonna use an actual blender. Ooh, I think I filled up too much. I’m gonna do it in two batches. (Blender whirs) That is much much smoother. So I pour it into another jug, and blend up my other half, all right? Camera’s not showing it too well
but the difference in colour between the blended-up stuff
and that, that is much paler. So uh, whiz again. Yes! Much much better. So next we pour, ah yeah! That very liquidy mixture in there. It is kind of like a carrot
smoothie you get from one of those health shake places. A teaspoon of baking powder. And then this is 300
grammes of plain flour, all-purpose flour. I’m just gonna use the
spatula I used earlier to help scrape down the sides
make sure my carrot’s getting blended up. Just to lift and fold this
through and incorporate it in and, ideally, thicken it up. I love this feeling, it’s
kind of like making cement but in the food world. So just-oh no! Not again! Handles always fall of this thing. We’re really scraping down,
making sure there’s no flour, hiding out in the bottom
getting it all mixed through, and of course the baking powder,
well pushed through there as well to give it a nice even rise. I think that is our batter. All done. So this is a loose-bottomed square tin that I’m just greasing
the bottoms and the sides. I’ve got this thing
now where I try and use a loose-bottomed tin
like as much as possible, just to get it out of the
oven and once it’s cooked making it so much easier to lift. By now just take a bit of flour. This is a tablespoon at the
moment, so maybe just a little bit more than that. What we’ll do actually, is we’ll give it a little shakey-shake and
hopefully the butter will grip the rest of it. Oh! A bit noisy. There we go. Nice and antiqued. And then we pour, oh my gosh, that looks amazing pour the batter in there. My carrot cake normally has like grated carrot in it. So this is like discreet carrot, it’s hidden. That looks really good! In it goes, we’re baking
it for forty minutes. Okay? Feel like I’m conducting
things on an aeroplane. Just for reference, I’m actually
putting my timer on for 35 minutes, and I’m gonna check it there. I did this on the last video I was like “Yeah I’ll just put it
in the microwave on blast but I’ll let you know how long” And then I forgot, and loads of you guys
reminded me about that. Thanks! Yeah, 35 minutes and it
should be nice and springy, we’re gonna let it cool down, and then we make the chocolate topping. That’s it, I’ve got a fair bit
of stuff to tidy up though. Made a bit of a mess. So I’m gonna wash up. Cool. …Yeah. All right I’m ready to
get this out of the oven. It’s nice and golden, and also
I just put a skewer through and it comes out clean. Cha-ching! Hey hey hey! There it is, look at that! That’s looking awesome! So now I’m going to let
it cool down in the tin just slightly, and then I can take it out, and let it cool fully on a wire rack. While that’s happening, we can
make our chocolate topping. There we go, so just let
that cool down a little bit and transferred it to a
wire rack, so it needs to be fully cool, for our
chocolate toping to go on. Which we need to make
and then cool anyway, so we’ll leave this as it is,
and let’s make this sauce. So for the topping, it is
Milk, 250 mils of that. Chocolate. Tablespoon of butter. And then two tablespoons of honey. And what we do, put it on a flame, like a medium heat, and we’ll keep stirring
it as it melts through, so we’re gonna break it all
down, melt the chocolate with the butter, the honey, and the milk. Looks like a lot of fun
in there to be honest I’m well jealous. But we’re actually going
to bring up to just a very steady simmer. Gonna do my Steve Irwin
impression now folks, (Steve Irwin voice) Get
a load of this beauty! Crikey! Danger! The chocolate is breaking
down, the butter is just finishing off. Chocolate lake. So it’s all sort of broken down now. And that on it’s own would
make an absolutely delicious hot chocolate, but we are
just waiting for it to come up to a simmer. I’m loving these sort of
like, waves and marbley effect going on in the pan. It’s looking very thin. I’m finding that really
really mesmerising. (laughs) Oh it’s a little heart! Look at that! Look at this therapeutic
sight, it’s bubbling away. Folks, this isn’t a topping
right? This is hot chocolate like a sea. I’m loving it though, it’s
bubbling, but doing it like this, apparently after five
minutes, it should thicken up and make a lovely topping for the cake. I went for milk chocolate,
I’m not sure if we should have done dark or whatever but either way, I’ve had a little taste
of this, it is phenomenal. Alrighty then folks, I’ve
just had another little check and it is supposed to be
relatively runny anyway, kind of like a hot chocolate topping, more like that than a frosting. You can sort of pour it on,
so we just keep mixing it. I’ve actually simmered mine
for nearly ten minutes, and it should be five but I’m
taking this off the heat now. We let it cool a little bit,
and then we drench it on top. So I think just for peace of
mind, I’m going to actually sit this in a baking tin so
that when we pour stuff on it it’s gonna catch it and not
go all over my countertop. Yeah, nothing too crazy, just kind of like a protection thing. So the chocolate will
sit on it, hopefully, and then, anything will
be caught on the sides. All right then folks, let’s do this, the cake is nice and cooled,
I’ve also put the chocolate sauce into a jug, and I am just going to pour it, oh my gosh, into the middle, I’m gonna just leave it there, let it do it’s thing. It’s kind of finding it’s way anyway, it has thickened up considerably, but I’m just trying to push it, so it covers every top of this cake. Oh man. This is really cool. All right. A little bit more. It is like pouring a slightly
thickened hot chocolate on top of a cake. I’m not sure if we’re
supposed to let it run down on the outsides. Pictures I’ve seen have
normally had the square so it’s like, got a nice clean cut on it but I think that’s the inner
cuts if that makes sense. So I’m not going to go too crazy, just going to make sure
I’ve got the top covered. And that is it, I’m loving the
shiny reflection on the top, it kind of looks like a mirror cake. I’ve got it all nice and
coated, I’m just going to let it kind of settle for a couple minutes. Oh wow! Oh yeah! That was the
look I was seeing online. What a lovely chocolate topping. Oh yes! And there we go! So just go straight through
it, it’s hard to remember that this is actually a carrot cake, I guess that’s kind of like
the secret to it as well. Yeah you just kind of feel
like it’s a vanilla-y sponge with just chocolate on it, but it’s not! Let’s have a go! Oh my word! I’m not getting hardly any carrot at all but what I’m getting is this
really dense, sort of moist almost slightly caramel-y sponge, but with this hot chocolate sauce on top. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Just want to make sure-I
can see very small specks of carrot in it but it is out of this world. I’m so glad I tried this recipe. I’m so glad I didn’t sleep last night. So there we go! Thank you
Aaron Hastings who has actually joined in the making of this
video, he emailed me back saying “Cheers” In the hopes
that I will make it someday, but surprise! I made it straight away! So if you do try this recipe,
send me a picture and tag me on social media @myvirginkitchen
I love to see your pictures and your attempts, that’s why I do this. Remember to subscribe for
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