Hello everyone it is Barry welcome to my virgin
kitchen hope you are well today we are making one of the most classic biscuits in the whole
of the uk ever ever ever, these are some homemade bourbon biscuits essentially two chocolate
biscuits wedged between a chocolate cream filling super good, in fact they were voted
the fifth most popular biscuit that people dunk in their tea I do not even know how they
worked that out, maybe they rang people and said hello what biscuit are you dunking yeah
fifth but for me always number one and in coffee really hope you give this one a go,
and in fact you could even make an extra large one like that, oi! Nope you get a dog biscuit,
have a dog biscuit, this is how you do it! The easiest way to do this recipe is to combine
all of the biscuit ingredients into a food processor and whizz it together but instead
what you can do is combine into a mixing bowl and rub in the butter leaving the milk for
the very last moment so get it combined rubbing the butter through your fingers and thumbs
until fine then pour in the milk mixing it through until it clings together as a dough,
one of those biscuit ingredients was bicarbonate of soda now that is completely optional but
it does help to give it a bit of a rise, if you omit that you get a more flat finish more
traditional but that is the benefit of making it homemade you can make it ooosh official
term! So once the dough has come together you roll
it up in a ball wrap in clingfilm then place in the fridge to firm up for half an hour,
in the meantime make the buttercream filling combining icing sugar, cocoa and butter whisking
until nice and smooth you can just leave that to one side. With the dough nice and chilled
which helps hold it shape you can get it on a nice floured surface with some baking parchment
roll it out and cut into even rectangular shapes now bourbons have a traditional holy
top, not holey top so you can use a bamboo skewer to make 4 along the top and 4 along
the bottom place it on the baking tray baking for 15 minutes, if you are doing a slightly
larger one you want to give it another 5 minutes in the oven but either way sprinkle on some
granulated sugar whilst it is still cooling down on a wire rack, that will grip to it
and give it an extra taste boost. All that is left to do once the biscuits are
cooled place one biscuit upside down with the flat surface facing up some nice cream
spoon it on or pipe it on get it nice and even, be careful not to overload it and gently
press a lid on top. Repeat that over and over until you are left with a good old pile of
homemade bourbons my mind is telling me no, but my body, proper stonking indeed guys really
hope you give this recipe a go whether you do them standard size or like that and yes
I know you guys want to see a giant one of these, yes I will do one very soon indeed,
let me know down below any other recipes you want to see next do not forget to follow me
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