Hi guys how it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen its Becky here I hope you are well today. Im going to show you how to make this amazing
blueberry magic cake. Now magic cake you might be thinking what
is a magic cake is a rabbit going to jump out of a hat or I dont know sprinkles go everywhere
or something no what this cake is as it cooks it forms three layers in the tin and I didnt
think this going to work either but trust me it did. Youve got a fudge base a custard middle and
then it finishes with a cake topping. Magic. If you guys want to give this a go which I
really hope I inspire you to do head over to myvirginkitchen.com where you will find
the full list of ingredients and the full detailed method. First thing you need to do is grab yourself
a large mixing bowl add in your egg yolks and icing sugar grab yourself a spatula and
give this a gentle mix together to begin with. Then get your electric whisk and you want
to beat this until it is light in colour and its thickened up. Add in your zest and juice of half a lemon
and give this a mix together. Then add in your flour and mix it in to your
mixture again. Pour in your melted butter again mix this
in to your egg mixture. You then want to gradually add in your milk
now I got Barry to help me with this cos I had the electric whisk on pouring the milk
I wasn�t quite sure how this was going to work and Im glad he did cos he poured and
I whisked just be careful cos it does go everywhere and the mixture becomes very runny. Put that bowl to one side and you want to
bring in the bowl with your egg whites. Grab yourself a whisk and whisk them for a
few minutes before adding in your sugar and then you want to keep on whisking until your
egg whites form nice firm peaks when you lift out your whisk. Your then going to gradually add this egg
white mixture into your flour mixture just a third at a time and you want to gently fold
it into the mixture. now the mixture will look quite lumpy at this
point but dont worry thats perfectly normal and it did remind me a bit like cauliflower
cheese or like some sort of cottage cheese mixture it was very very weird and I did think
this isnt going to be right but trust me its how its meant to look its ok. Before your cake goes into the oven you are
going to sprinkle on the most important ingredient of this cake blueberries. I felt like as I was sprinkling them on it
was kind of like I was dropping the blueberries in to some sort of light fluffy cloud. It was a really really strange texture I was
putting them into. You want to bake your cake for about an hour
and you will know when its done because it will be firm on top but it will still be slightly
wobble wobble it huh, it will still wobble slightly that�s what I am trying to say,
when you take it out of the oven. Oh my god that is really weird you just came
out of there hahaha. Oh my god I forgot that we could do that now
we can just pop in and out. Cut your cake into squares whilst it is still
in the tin and then serve it up on a plate with some extra blueberries and a lovely dusting
of icing sugar. And you can enjoy this delicious lemon blueberry
cake and as you can see from the pictures the three layers worked. You�ve got your fudgy base custard filling
and a cake top. Its magical I cant believe it actually worked
and it looks amazing. I really hope Ive inspired you guys to give
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follow us on social media and I will see you again next time, bye.