– It’s the battle of
HelloFresh versus Blue Apron and how money are you really saving over buying conventional groceries. (soft tune) Hi. I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite and I’m here for you pretty much every day to save you more cash than
anyone else in the country. I also have more giveaways
than anyone else on YouTube and while I am not giving
away a box of Blue Apron or HelloFresh, which I
had actually wanted to do, I learned that when you
give away a free box, you have to cancel before
the membership rebills you for the next week, then
it’s not really free, and, instead, 50 dollar Amazon gift card, which is about 19 dollars
short of a week of HelloFresh or Blue Apron, so, there you
go, that’s the money I have, I hope you enjoy it. In the amount of time that
I’ve now had to test Blue Apron and HelloFresh, there’s
definitely a clear winner and I’m gonna give you a full
unboxing and a comparison and one of my amazing
coworkers from television is actually gonna join us
midway through the video for her Blue Apron unboxing. And I should also mention
that neither HelloFresh or Blue Apron is paying
us to talk about them, we are not getting kickbacks, this is merely to educate
you on the difference between the two and also whether
or not a meal subscription service where you’re paying
eight or nine dollars per portion is actually worth
your hard earned dollar. Let’s head over to my condo. Unlike Blue Apron, this just comes a little bit better organized and they’ve actually changed
the size of the recipe cards, so the recipe cards now are really big, almost like the size of a place
mat, that is a nice change. You get their other offers. Again, that’s sometimes how they subsidize their cost of the shipping. (paper crumpling) And as we open this up we
have each of the meals. We have Penne with a Kick, Lean Mean Chicken and Greens, and New York Strip Steak. At the bottom of this insulated cooler, you have the ice packs, and
then this is where the meat, the poultry, the seafood would exist, and the funny thing is
the first time I ordered, my wife actually took this
box out to the recycling because she didn’t realize
there were treasures at the bottom of the box
and I don’t blame her. In some cases, you’ll see
the HelloFresh branding on the items like you will on the steak but on the chicken they,
of course, let you know where they come from and
it’s usually high quality, fancier labels that they include. We’ll show you Blue Apron in a moment but they basically put
everything into one box, HelloFresh individually
splits up the ingredients so you don’t have to sort through them and figure out what goes with what. Each recipe card lists a prep time, which I do find accurate, the total cook time, the calored value, if that is something
you are concerned with, and they usually don’t
exceed 800 calories. I’ve noticed them usually hovering around 600 or 700 calories. Of the three recipes between
the chicken, the penne, and the steak, I will conclude the penne’s actually the most complex
and I use that word lightly because it’s really not that
difficult in my opinion. I’m gonna make this for you. Six steps for this one, actually
six steps for all of these, so I will breeze through this and we’ll be eating together in no time. Let’s open this up. (cardboard tearing) And all the boxes come sealed, there’s usually two stickers and never really any spillage issues. Alright, we got a lot of spinach, you get the penne, canned tomatoes, onion which is in good
shape, two onions actually, tomatoes, decent shape given
that this is the winter, Parmesan cheese and, as you can see, this is HelloFresh branded. You get a chili pepper and then the garlic which is really nice, it’s
peeled already for you. Alright, vegetables are all chopped, let’s move over to the
stove, penne is ready to go, and as you guys can see
it’s almost two o’clock in the morning, I’m
getting ready for work, so this is my breakfast slash dinner. That’s what happens when you’re nocturnal. Alright, the pancetta goes in. (sizzling) (scraping) Alright, now go the onions
and the chili peppers. (sizzling) And now it’s tomato time. I don’t know why I said
that in an excited way, that was a little
sketchy, but here you go. (sizzling) (scraping) Alright, spinach time. I know it looks like we have a ton but I’m assuming this will wilt. And finally, penne. I haven’t added any of the cheese yet but the 30 minute prep
time definitely holds true and it looks very similar to what it says it’s going to look like. Alright let’s get some pancetta in the mix and do a little taste test. Really good. There’s less packaging on Blue Apron, which also means a
little bit more confusion over what goes with what. As I showed you on the HelloFresh recipe, you get individually wrapped garlic that’s peeled for you per recipe. Blue Apron’s approach is
they’ll send you a giant clove of garlic and then you split
it up in between recipes. They also put everything
together in the box rather than packaging them individually. Yes, you’ll know what
goes with what recipe but it’s a little bit more work. I would say the creativity
and the value of the produce provided on HelloFresh quite
far ahead of Blue Apron in terms of my experience. – So this is my first
Blue Apron experience. It’s kind of weird to me
that food comes in a box and it’s okay, but I’m
gonna be a believer. So this is the stuff. It’s lettuce, with a burger
you have a salad on the side, a carrot, these are our buns,
they’re a little smooshed, just being honest, they gave us a ton of cheddar cheese, which I think’s for burgers, this is so funny to me, a shallot. Okay so I cooked the burgers and they’re almost done. I don’t really think they
gave us enough cheese so I gave Alex all the cheddar
and I put American on mine. That was the one thing I would
say there’s not enough of, it was this like serious
tiny block of cheese. Caramelized onions are done,
I have the salad complete. – I’m standing beside
my favorite co-anchor and the magnificent
meteorologist, Hollie Giangreco. – You’re so good to me. – I love ya, Hollie.
– I love you more. – Based on your test, now I have been a Blue Apron
member for about six months, I tried it with Jackie,
I was always hungry. – Right. I was too, I tried it
for the very first time and I felt like either I have a portion control problem or, yeah, I was starving. – For those of you that
haven’t seen Hollie before, or you’re watching a
different part of the country from where she airs,
she cooks on television. She’s been cooking for
years on television. One of her other shows is
revolving around cooking and if you are not sold,
I don’t think I could be. – Right. Where I do think I see
the possibility is if you wanna get into the
adventure side of cooking and maybe try something
that you never have but I’d be a little nervous
about two olives for a salad. They literally, with one of
the meals, it was a pasta dish and then you got this
head of romaine lettuce, two pepperoncini, two olives. Now I’m the kinda, I’m an Italian girl, I’m the kinda cook that
I’m tasting as I go and what the heck is this two olives? (laughing) I mean an entire can of black,
and they were black olives, this was not too fancy schmancy, an entire can is under a dollar, it’s probably like 79 cents. – Yes it is. You’ve just nailed that correctly. With a coupon it could
be as low as 12 cents, so aggravating. – But we’re a family of four. Three meals for a family
of two was 60 dollars. With 120 dollars, which
is what it would’ve been for these three meals, I could
go nuts in a grocery store. I mean, just let me loose, Matt. – I completely agree.
– Up and down those aisles. – You make it happen and
actually the classic box, which I had tried, the classic
box, which is 109 dollars compared to that 120.
– Okay. – I mean, as you guys
just saw, the portions… – Don’t even tell me, a lot more? – Yeah, it was. Like four people easily out of that and I’m a huge, I mean,
you can see me eat. – So you had leftovers? – Oh wait, that wasn’t
even a question, yes. – Yeah, well, leftovers was not even a possibility in my case. (laughing) – I agree. So the big takeaway message, I prefer HelloFresh to Blue Apron. I think the recipes are
a little bit better, I think the quality of the food
is just a little bit better, but I’d say if you are someone
that eats out frequently or doing a lot of pick up,
you’re definitely gonna save money with a service like this. It’s foolproof in most cases. You will be eating, in some
ways, a healthier variety of recipes that you
wouldn’t have access to. If you’re short on time, great. If you’re short on money, this
is not the service for you. And now it’s time for a
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