– Hey, guys, today I’m
gonna share with you a fantastic dessert for Valentine’s day if you need to feed a crowd. It is my roasted strawberry cobbler, with heart-shaped biscuits. It is delicious, especially when served over strawberry ice cream, and so festive too with
little heart biscuits that are as light as air. Let me show you how quick and easy this recipe comes together. Now, for this recipe, we
are going to be baking this in a 12-inch, oven-safe skillet. Now, if you don’t have
a skillet this size, you could also use a casserole dish. Anything really that’s 12 inches and will go in the oven will do the trick. In a large bowl, we are going to add eight
cups of strawberries, so you wanna make sure
that the tops are removed, and that they’ve just been sliced in half. And we’re going to add
a quarter cup of sugar, and then to this sugar I also
like to add one vanilla bean that’s been scraped of its seeds, and you can just add the paste. And then all you’re gonna do
is just toss that together, and then transfer your berry
mixture to your skillet, and you wanna pat down the berries so that you have a nice, flat surface, and this is gonna be important when we go to put our biscuits on, we won’t want them to be all lopsided, we want them to have a nice
even surface to lay upon. And then to make our biscuits, we’re gonna take a cup and a
quarter of all purpose flour, place that in a food processor. To that we’re gonna add
a tablespoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of
freshly-grated lemon zest, which is a fantastic flavor combination with the strawberries. And two teaspoons of baking powder. So you can go ahead and just pulse that up until everything is combined. And then you also wanna
add eight tablespoons of very cold butter that’s
been diced into cubes, and you can put that
through the feed tube, just pulsing all the while, until you have a nice,
course meal on your hands. Then you’re gonna transfer
that mixture into a large bowl. Then in a Pyrex pitcher, you’re gonna add a third of a cup heavy cream, and one egg. And you can whisk that up just
until it’s nice and combined, and then you’re gonna go
back to your flour mixture, and just make a little divot in the center, like a little well. And you’re gonna pour your cream and egg mixture into that well. And then you are just going to combine this mixture
until a nice dough forms. And at that point you wanna
get some flour on your hands, grab your dough, and kinda roll it into a ball, and shape it until it’s nice and flat, and then with a rolling pin
you’re gonna roll that out to about a half of an inch thick, and then using a
heart-shaped cookie cutter, you’re going to just
cut out your biscuits. And then as you’re cutting them out, you can go ahead and transfer them, and place them on top of your cobbler. Also don’t worry if they look too thin, they will actually rise up
in the oven as they bake. And then the final step is you wanna go in and brush each one of your hearts with a little bit of heavy cream, and a sprinkle of raw sugar, also known as Turbinado sugar, which will give them a nice crunch on top. And then we are going to bake
at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for about 35 to 40 minutes, just until those berries
are bubbling and syrupy, and those biscuits are
nice and golden brown. And you’ll see, you’ll have
one beautiful looking dessert that is also fantastically delicious. So if you have people in your group that aren’t chocolate lovers,
I know, can you imagine? But there are those people
out there, I know it. This is a great fruit dessert that’s equally festive, and delicious too. I hope you guys give this one a try, and let know what you think. I also hope you subscribe for
more quick and easy recipes, and I will see you back here
next week for another one. Until then, bye!