– Hey guys, so as promised,
this week we’re gonna get to the pluot sundaes with almond brittle. I love this recipe
because pluots right now are at their peak of perfection, you’ll see them in the supermarkets, and what makes them so interesting is they are a cross between
a plum and an apricot, so while they have the tartness of a plum, they actually have the flesh of an apricot which makes them perfect for sauteing because they hold their shape. They also create the most
delicious syrupy sauce when cooked at a high
heat which is just divine when poured over some vanilla ice cream. Let me show you how to make
this easy summer dessert. So, the first thing we’re gonna do is prepare the almond brittle. So, you’ll wanna take out a
large rim-lined cookie sheet and just grease it with some butter. This is so that our almond
brittle does not stick when we go to release it from the pan. Then in a large non-stick skillet, we’re going to add one cup of white sugar and then we are going to heat
this on a medium high flame and not walk away, this
can be very dangerous if you just leave it and walk away, so you do wanna monitor it and we’re basically looking
for that sugar to melt. Once it does start to become translucent, you can take your pan
and start to kind of like move it around, helping
that sugar dissolve. Once your sugar is all dissolved, you wanna wait just a little bit longer until it starts to turn amber brown, that will create a really nice
caramel color on our brittle. Then, we are going to add a
cup of blanched sliced almonds and, at this point, you
can turn off your flame and then stir those almonds
up with your spatula, just making sure all of
the almonds are coated with the sugar, then
we’re gonna transfer this onto our greased cookie
sheet, and we’re basically just gonna let it sit there and harden up. It won’t take very long,
it happens pretty quickly. And then once your brittle
is completely cooled, you can take it and place it
in a resealable plastic bag and give it a gentle
whack with a rolling pin. Then you can transfer it to a bowl until you’re ready to serve. Now, you’ll see it’ll start
to create this really nice texture of just an almond brittle, which is going to be really fantastic when we put it on top of our sundae. Now, if you’re making this for a party, this step could also
be done the day before, I would just cover it with a little foil and leave it on your countertop. Alright, so now for the pluots. We are gonna use eight and
we’re gonna slice them in half and you wanna make sure
they’re not too overly ripe, so something that’s
about a medium firmness will do the trick and then
we wanna remove the pit and sometimes that can be a
little tricky with this fruit so what I like to do
is take a melon baller and that tends to really help release it. Then we’re gonna slice them into wedges, leaving the skins on. The skin is where all of
that delicious color is and that’s what’s gonna
make this beautiful sauce. Then we are going to add our
pluot to a large skillet, sprinkle them with about
a quarter cup of sugar, and add a one third cup of water. Then you’re gonna place
a lid on your skillet and heat this at medium high
just until everything starts to bubble and then you can remove
the lid and kind of check on them but you’ll really wanna
make sure that they have a chance to kind of soften and
having that lid on will help with that and then just start
to saute and stir your mixture just until you start to see this beautiful syrupy sauce develop. If you feel like you don’t
have enough sauce developing, just add a little bit more
water and then cook the sauce a little bit further to allow it to become syrupy and reduce down. At that stage you can turn off the heat and then we are going to add
one teaspoon of almond extract. Now, if you wanted to make
a bit of a boozy sundae, you could also use one
tablespoon of amaretto, that can be really good too. And then you can just give that a stir and now your sundae
topping is ready to go. This is another thing
you can do the day before and then just heat it up
when you’re ready to serve. So now to build our sundaes
we’re gonna take out our favorite fancy glass and for this a margarita
glass works really well. Margarita glasses seemed
to be used a lot more often before we had kids, now that we have kids, we use them for sundaes. So, you’re gonna take two
scoops of vanilla ice cream and then you are going to spoon
that beautiful pluot mixture over the top and then
you are going to sprinkle with a little bit of the almond brittle. And then the other thing I like to do is serve some kind of
store brought fancy cookie on the side and there you have it, your pluot sundae is ready to go. I love this recipe because
it’s so easy and quick and so elegant when you’re entertaining, you’ll also find the flavor combination between that sweet,
creamy, vanilla ice cream and the tartness and the almond flavor of that pluot mixture,
mixed with a little crunch of the almond brittle,
it is a fantastic dessert that took you hardly any
time to put together. I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think and, as always, you can find the recipe in the video description
or you can also go to entertainingwithbeth.com
for a printable version. Alright you guys, I will
see you back here next week for another easy and delicious recipe. Until then, bye. (upbeat music)