– Hey, guys, blood oranges
are in season, and today, I’m gonna show you how
to make a spectacular pound cake recipe with them. I love this dessert idea
because this pound cake is so moist and delicious, and flavored with just the
right amount of orange zest. We’re then gonna pour a
beautiful blood orange glaze on top of this cake that
gets its spectacular color just from the juice of
these beautiful oranges. So, we’re first gonna begin
by prepping our pound cake. So, in the bowl of an electric mixer, you wanna beat together
one cup of softened butter, and one-and-a-quarter-cups of sugar, and you’re gonna beat together
the butter and the sugar until it’s nice and fluffy. And at that stage, you’re
then gonna combine four eggs, one at a time, beating
in between each addition, and scraping down the bowl as needed. Then you’re gonna add two
teaspoons of vanilla extract, and two teaspoons of
the fresh orange zest, coming from two of your blood oranges. Now, I have done some tests with this, and I think it’s much better
to use the wider grate of a Microplane than the finer grate because you’ll get a lot
more citrus flavor that way. Now, after you zest these oranges, don’t go ahead and peel them and eat them. We wanna hold onto them
because we’re gonna need the juice for the glaze,
so just set those aside. Then, in a medium-sized bowl,
you’re gonna whisk together 1-1/2 cups of all purpose flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, and a half a teaspoon of salt. You can whisk that up until combined, and then what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna add this flour in third, and you are going to alternate with one cup of full fat sour cream, beating in between each
addition, scraping down the bowl. Now, if you live outside
of the United States and you can’t get sour cream, you could also use Greek yogurt. Just make sure it’s the full fat, or creme fraiche would be great too. Then you are gonna pour this batter out into a nine by five loaf pan that has been buttered and floured. Now, this is a tip, because in the past, I have tried to use baking spray. You don’t wanna use the baking spray, even the kind that has the flour in it. This pound cake will stick. I don’t know why, I think
it’s maybe the citrus that’s in this cake that
makes it a little bit sticky. So, if you want it to
release effortlessly, go old school with the
butter and the flour. So, we’re gonna put this in
the 350-degree Fahrenheit oven for just 45 to 50 minutes. This is the type of cake that
will look done on the outside ’cause it’ll start to
turn very golden brown, and if it gets too golden brown, do cover it with a sheet of foil, but you do wanna test
it with a long skewer because you wanna make sure
it’s fully baked all the way in. Once it’s done, you wanna
allow it to cool completely before attempting to release it. And then, meanwhile, we can
prep our candied oranges. If you’re not familiar
with the blood orange, they are a spectacular citrus fruit. They’re one of my favorites. In fact, I just bought two
little blood orange trees so that I can have them in my yard, hopefully, by next spring. Now, if you’re wondering
about the garden channel, not to worry, it is coming back. I’m shooting a bunch
of segments next month, so you can look for those
episodes to appear in mid-May. And if you’re not already
subscribed to my garden channel, what are you waiting for? Head on over there and subscribe, and I’ll see you over there in mid-May. Okay, so, for the candied oranges, we’re gonna take two fresh blood oranges, and we’re going to slice
them into six orange wheels. Now, you wanna go, probably,
about a quarter of an inch. And what’s interesting
about it is you’ll see the variation in color,
and this is what makes them so beautiful, from orange to orange, and that’s the best part, if you can get oranges that have that really interesting look. And I find the best way
to sort of control that is when you’re at the market, and you see the big mound of oranges, grab some that have kind of
a red skin showing through, and some that are orange
and don’t have the red skin, and that way, you can
kind of place your bets that you may get some nice striae effects. Then, in a large saute pan, you’re going to take
three-quarters cup of white sugar, and one quarter cup of water. You’re gonna set that on simmer until we get a nice sugar syrup. You’ll see, it’ll start
to become translucent, and will begin to bubble. That’s the perfect stage to
drop in our orange wheels, just in a single layer. So, if you can’t fit them all in your pan, you could do this in batches. You just don’t wanna crowd them. And let them simmer like that for about three to five
minutes on each side, and you can flip them with some tongs. And in fact, for this
stage, I really like to use the tongs that have
that non-stick property because they’ll be a
little bit more gentle on these orange slices
that do get a bit delicate once they start to candy. And then, when it’s time to
remove them, take your tongs, and just kinda grab the
wheel with one big pinch. You don’t wanna grab the end of it ’cause it could start to tear, so just give it one fell swoop. And then, you can place
them on a cooling rack that’s fitted inside,
like, a baking sheet, because that way, it’ll
catch all of the syrup as they start to drain. So, the oranges can stay just
like that at room temperature, and just set them aside, and then we’re gonna make our glaze. And for this part, you’re gonna go back to those oranges that you zested, cut them in half, and juice them. We’re looking for about
three tablespoons of juice. Then, you’re gonna take
a cup of powdered sugar and work it through a fine mesh sieve, just so that you don’t get
any clumps in the sugar, because that will help us
create a smoother glaze. And then you’re gonna
add the three tablespoons of the juice. And then whisk that up, and you’ll see, you’ll get the most
beautiful pink frosting. It’ll look like you’ve colored it with some sort of food coloring, but the color is really just
coming from these oranges. They’re unbelievable. Okay, so now that we have all
of our components ready to go, we can assemble this beautiful pound cake. You’re gonna take the cake
and place it on a cooling rack that’s fitted into a baking sheet. This will help catch the glaze,
once we start to frost it. And then, you’re gonna spoon
that glaze over the top, just making sure that
you’re kinda forcing it to drip down the sides a little bit, ’cause that’ll make it extra pretty. So, if you need to help it
along and push it over the edge, (laughs) you can do that. And then you’re gonna go
to your candied oranges, and you’re gonna place two in a row, and you can slightly overlap them. You did get some varying colors, some being really dark purpley, and others being little
bit lighter and orange. Just, kind of, alternate those colors, ’cause I think that also adds
to the decorative effect. Then, what I like to do
is take this pound cake and put it on a platter. And then, of course, this time of year, I don’t have the blood oranges yet, because my trees are too young, but I do have some beautiful blossoms, so I do like to garnish
it with a little bit of blood orange blossoms
on either side of the cake. Now, if you don’t have
access to citrus blossoms, not to worry. You can use some fresh mint,
that would also be beautiful. And when you bite into it,
you will see how delicate this pound cake is, with
that little hint of orange. This would also go great with
some homemade whipped cream, or a little bit of sherbert on the side. I hope you guys give this one a try, and let me know what you think. Subscribe for more quick and easy recipes, and I will see you back here
next week for another one. Until then, bye!