alrighty Chef Buck here and today we’re going to cook up a big old root it’s a giant enormous dangerous weapon it’s often got like a waxy coating on it because they put that coating on to preserve it when they’re shipping it The first thing we’re going to do is cut off the end oh I’m not strong enough but then I became strong enough we’re going to cut off the ends and then we’re going to cut it into manageable sizes that are easier to handle and then we are going to cut off the skin because the skin is inedible you don’t want to peel it off with a peeler because it’s kind of thick and easier to whack it off with a knife and just slice the skin off like this yuca it needs to be cooked don’t want to eat this stuff raw so the first thing we’re going to do is boil it so we’ve got all the skin off and now we’re going to boil it at that point it could be ready to eat but we’re not going to boil it that long we’re going to boil it until it’s soft and then we’re gonna split in half and there is a fibrous stem that runs through the yuca and we’re going to take that out but we’re going to cook this in a two-step stage so we’re going to boil the first soften it up but not too soft because then we’re going to cook in the skillet a little bit so let’s take our yuca over here and we’re going to put it in boiling water boom boom so we’re going to bring it to a boil do a little dance for us Buck but then I’ll have to make a little love and get down tonight….and that just sounds like a lot of work I brought the pan up to a bubble I got it reduced down to a simmer I’ll cover it and let it cook for about 15 or 20 minutes it’s been going about 25 minutes …a little bit longer than I usually do these pieces are so big so you want to adjust depending on the size of the pieces but the thing is you don’t want to be overcooked yuca cook just enough so my fork starts to slide in there easily then it’s ready to come out because i don’t want it to be mushy …now if I cook this longer for another 10 minutes and it’ll be done then i can just put some salt and pepper and lemon juice on there but i just want it to where a fork will go easily go thru then i’m going to take it off and strain it out of hot water and then let it cool down for a few minutes before we can handle it ….my yuca is still steaming away a little bit but it’s not cool enough to handle i’m going to go ahead and go through and pull out this stem that’s in the center of the yuca it will break apart and you can just pull it out of your hand or you can cut it out with the knife because this is inedible and then we’ll go ahead and take the time here and just cut this into the size pieces that we want to saute …but that’s why i like to boil it in the larger sizes because it’s just easier to handle and get that stem out so like a lot of times when it’s cooking it will break apart but then you have a piece like this here that didn’t break apart but you can just pull it apart and the stem is on that side not on this side here but you can cut through and see that it’s not there boom boom that but there is it came out quite easily… but this yuca its kind of cooked through it’s still a little up firm I mean if we were just going to eat this just right now we would want it to have cooked a little bit longer …it’s almost finished cooking…now we’ll finish it in a skillet saute a little onion and garlic but very starchy it just has a nice flavor it has a terrific texture it’s just a little bit different than a potato alright so now I got my yuca cut up into some nice chunky pieces still pretty firm now I’ve got a skillet on medium-high heat I’m going to melt a little bit of oil …i used to cook this dish with just olive oil …I’m gonna finish it up with olive oil but i’m going to use coconut oil to start with …we started sautéing things with coconut oil so i’m going to use two different oils but use whatever kind of oil you like… but i recommend putting olive oil in this dish when it’s finished …now cumin is key for this dish… so we’re going to use lots of cumin you know like 2-3 tablespoons I think that’s about all the cumin I’ve left in here …so i’m probably going to use all of that now this is optional… we’re going to put cumin powder cause I like cumin flavor but i’m going to go ahead and add cumin seeds just for some texture you know they’re going to start to crack brown right away but you don’t want to overcook though just throw them in there then i’m going to toss in my onion …crazy amount of onions but I got a crazy amount of yuca lots of garlic I’ll turn my heat down to medium …I’ll saute this onion and garlic up a few minutes I probably should have put this in earlier but it’s never too late to get some crushed red pepper for a little bit of spice that’s optional put in some salt and lots of cumin lot’s of it I’ll throw my yuca in there this is why you don’t want yuca to be overcooked …you don’t want to boil it so long that when you put in a skillet just going to turn to mush and fall apart …mix it up with that garlic and onions that cumin I’m going to go ahead and add olive oil in here not gonna be shy with it bit more salt in there… because yuca like potato… can use a lot of salt let it cook for another five minutes …and you can add a splash of water if it needs it so it doesn’t get overly dry but don’t put too much water … because you don’t want it is super wet cook away here for a few minutes give it an occasional stir …it’s been a few minutes and i think i’m calling it quits looks pretty good to me got some nice mushy bits to it but I didn’t overcook the yuca when I boiled it so it’s got some nice firm pieces… i’m going to go ahead and turn the heat off and i went ahead and zested a lemon I’ll throw my lemon zest in there and then I’m going to squeeze the juice of one lemon all throughout here lemon juice has a nice little bit of flavor …. you add some citrus bling always serve this with lamb or we used to do stuffed peppers …for a vegetarian dish and serve it with this yuca… because this is so filling …so there you have a super-duper flavorful and very easy to prepare rib-sticking yuca dish there’s a link down below subscribe because all the cool kids are doing it appreciate your comments and taking the time to watch the video we will see in the future