chef buck here and today we’re
going to cook up the best onion ring recipe in the oven you know I love onion
rings they’re kind of a pain in the tuchus you know if you want a deep fryer
they taste fantastic oh if you deep fry them and it’s hard to get them to taste
fantastico if you bake them in the oven but you can do it it’s a little bit of
effort but it’s healthier and they’ll taste fantastic I like to use a yellow
onion you know or a sweet onion just cut off the ends and then I’m going to slice
it into some nice thick onion ring sizes I like mine about 1/2 an inch thick
don’t skimp on the size of the young’n because you want them to be oniony you
don’t want them to be overly bready but you’re going to want to get a nice
breading on here so use nice thick onion rings you know just pop them out you
know the little pieces taste fantastico so you use the whole onion and then I’m
going to take them and I’m going to throw them in a ziplock bag with a
little bit of flour and this is key because you’re going to want some
different stages to the battering process and you don’t want to skip out
on any of these because there won’t work if you skip out because I’ve made some
less than spectacular baked onion ring recipes you know trying to cut out some
of these steps but don’t do it you know get you a little flour in a ziplock bag
and get your own your rings coated up and then we’re going to get some panko
breadcrumbs you know because you want some nice breadcrumbs to add a crunchy
outer coating to your batter so we’re going to mix in our seasoning with our
breadcrumbs I got a little bit of cornmeal I’m putting some Italian
seasonings in here but just use some parsley if you like I got some paprika
and some garlic powder and a little bit of salt but use whatever seasonings you
want to use but just use a lot of it I’m throwing in some curry powder if you
don’t want to use curry use some turmeric I like to use Currier turmeric
when I’m doing these type of baked recipes because it adds a nice color you
can put in some chili powder if you want for a little bit of kick I’m putting in
some Chipotle but whatever seasonings you like you know and then getting get
them all mixed up you know so that your seasonings and your breadcrumbs are well
incorporated and now we’re going to throw together the wet part of our
batter you know I’m putting in some couple of eggs the whites and the
yellows you know whisking them up and then I’m going to add in a little bit of
half-and-half you know use some half-and-half or some buttermilk or some
whole milk you know don’t use water or a thin skim
milk you know you want something nice and thick and then I’m putting some
butter in here you know so Dada some fat and then a little bit of flour basically
what we’re making is a very thin pancake batter because you know when you’re
baking your onion rings the batter is key you want a nice heavy batter on
there so now that we’ve got all our stages are different levels of batter
ready now we’re going to throw it together so we’ve got our lightly
floured onion rings we’re going to throw that into our pancake e.type batter and
then get it all covered up and then we’re going to take it and cover it with
our bread crumbs gingerly cover it with our bread crumbs you know you want a
nice coating on there but you don’t want to manhandle it you don’t want to over
handle it because the batter is going to be very precarious on these onion rings
but it’s key you know they have it battered very well see when you’re deep
frying you know you put your batter on there and you throw it in the hot oil
and it seals it right away but when you’re baking you’re going to want that
batter to be thick enough to stay on the onion you know while it has time to bake
so get you a nice pan cakey batter coating on the onion ring get as much of
that batter off as possible and then gingerly coat it with your bread crumbs
I like to use chopsticks so I don’t have my hands all over it you know because
you don’t want your bread crumbs to clump up and you don’t want to be taking
the batter off with your fingers so chopsticks I find are ideal you know but
coat up all the different pieces the little small pieces taste fantastic oh
when they’re baked up you know space them out so they’re not touching put the
smaller rings inside the bigger rings you know and this is just one onion and
it fills up the whole pan and it’s plenty enough for me and camera girl
before I slide it in the oven I’m going to take some cooking spray and just give
it a light little spray you know that’s going to hell
to crisp it up as well and then I slide it in the oven boom 400 degrees and now
this is where you want to be careful you know you want to keep an eye on it so
after 10 minutes you know I pulled it out and took a look at it and it wasn’t
done enough I could have flipped it but I wanted to get a little crispier but I
don’t want to wait until it’s overdone you know I don’t want to do all of this
work and then overcook them so I slid it back in there gave it another 5 minutes
and then boom I went ahead and flipped them at some point you want to flip them
so that they’ll cook a little more evenly you don’t want one side to be
down on the hot pan longer so that it gets overcooked on one side so at some
point about halfway or a little more than halfway flip them over and then
slide it back in the oven for the finishing whatever it is five or ten
minutes you know depending on your oven just keep an eye on it you know the
total cooking time for this was about 20 minutes and there you have it man and
these onion rings are delicious you know they’re just as good as
deep-fried you know which is hard to believe but you got to do it just right
you know don’t skimp on any of these steps and you will have some onion rings
out of the oven that taste fantastic if you want to make a delicious oven baked
onion ring recipe this is the way to go listen to this you hear that nice
crunchy very flavorful the onion is still moist you know because I like
onion in my onion rings I don’t just want it to be a bunch of bread but you
got to have a good breading on there for it to be a successful onion ring in the
oven if you don’t want the mess and the fussiness of fooling around with all
that wool and you want some semi healthy onion rings then bake them up but you’re
going to have to bake them up like this I’m you can make some pretty shabby
baked onion ring recipes I’ve made a few of them you know trying to find the
right combo that works and I try to make them with fewer steps than this but they
haven’t been successful this is the boom this is the successful
way to do it you know bake them until they’re done but don’t overdo them you
know sometimes you know you’re gonna want to bake them too much you know to
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