all righty we got two cups of freshly picked blackberries and what are we making today is blackberry cobbler because we’re too lazy to make blackberry pie basically you just taste them and if they’re too tart you have just a little bit of sugar I’d suggest starting with a quarter cup of sugar and you can add from there okay but we’re not heading in sugar to these because they’re sweet enough so what do you haven’t put in here to start a little bit of cornstarch we’re just adding a tablespoon and that’s just so that there can be just a tiny bit of thickening so we’re just gonna add just a little bit of this you got enough sugar gonna be in the topping this isn’t gonna bring down the flavor at all now you don’t have blackberries what’s great is you can use blueberries you can use strawberries raspberries two cups of anything alrighty so now you can set those aside I’m gonna mix your dry ingredients now yes so you got one cup of oats oh he’s just quick cook oatmeal and you’re gonna add what we have is a half a cup of flour that’s all-purpose flour one and a half teaspoons of baking powder this is to help your little bit of dough rise we’re adding just half a cup of sugar and because especially with oats I like some brown sugar I did half and half so 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of white sugar so we’re just gonna mix this up a bit and don’t even make sure anything we’re gonna cut in the butter I’m gonna cheat and I’m gonna use the grater you just make sure that your butters in the refrigerator until you need it so it’s as hard as it can be and you can do it with two knives you can do it with a variety of things so you grated your butter out into these little thin strings you’re working your butter in there getting your butter mixed up with your dry ingredients yeah so we got one egg and I like to add nila I’m gonna put about half a teaspoon and we add that in there and 1/4 cup milk this happens to be almond milk so it’s not as rich as say buttermilk which is really good or whole milk or whatever it just whatever you want to try some people add cinnamon I’m not adding cinnamon I think the berries will be a good enough taste without it so all we’re doing is we’re moistening everything that’s all you see it’s not a whole lot of batter all right so now we’re gonna do this in a little pie tin you can grease your pan with some butter but you do want to grease your pan somehow I’m just using some butter flavored spray just dump in your berries you see juicy juicy okay and then you’re just gonna sort of plot this around don’t worry about stirring it together just sort of first pop it around again you don’t have to do a whole lot of spreading cuz it’s gonna spread on its own but I can’t help it but it’s pretty much covered yep so every bite that you get when it’s cooked is gonna have some of the topping just put a piece of foil put a baking sheet we’re just gonna stick it all rightie in a 350 degree oven for how long about 30 minutes so you can shaking it now it’s 30 minutes pretty much 33 minutes to be exact so there you have it golden brown blackberry cobbler so we just gotta wait for the cool down for a little bit and get some ice cream on there watch your movie yeah so there you have it blackberry cobbler super simple give it a try let us know what you think Bon Appetit