Hi foodies this is my third day in ahemadabad
and I am at an very interesting place where they serve authentic style of kathiyawadi
food, this restaurant is known as Rudu Kathiyawad Restaurant in front of the vastrapur lake
in ahemadabad. Right now I am here for the dinner to try
authentic kathiyawadi food so now let me take you to the kitchen and then I am going to
give you the taste of their food. Wow I just love it. So this is a complete kathiyawadi meal as
far as the look is concerned, it looks absolutely delicious to me as well as all the dishes
looks very similar as they serve in the kathiyawad but I am going to give you detail about each
and every item they have served and also going to tell you whether it is taste same as they
taste in the sauraashtra or not, so now let me give you detail about all the things. They have few varieties of breads and this
is really very interesting thing because at a very few place in Gujarat they serve all
the things like they have chapatti, they have rotla, they have bhakri, they have thepla,
they have paratha so it is really very interesting thing about this place. They have mix Bhajiya, it is known as fritters
made from the besan or gram flour, hot jalebi, sweet mohanthal, kadhi, baingan bharta or
oro, traditional potato curry, sev tomato curry, butter milk and see here this is a
really very good thing, they have served me lots of things in accompanied with my dinner
like traditional cabbage salad, jaggery, mango pickle, garlic and chilli chutney and this
is a sweet and sour chutney made from the dates and tomato and cucumber salad with pappadums. As always first of all I am going to start
with the curries and I am going to eat all the curries without anything so I can tell
you the exact taste of it. Now first of all I am going to try with their
baingan bharta, it is very much similar like as we make at our farm but I really love one
thing about this baingan bharta or oro is the smokiness of eggplants or brinjals in
it, it’s makes this really very interesting and I just love it to eat with the millet
bread. Now I am going to try traditional potato curry,
wow this is good, and this is tastes as same as I was expecting it is little sweet, sour
and spicy so that’s make it really very perfect and another thing is this curry is
cooked really very perfectly so I just love it. Now I am going to try sev tamatar curry, basically
this curry is made from the snack and tomatoes in it, this is also good and giving very much
authentic taste, if you like tomatoes than I recommend you to try this sev tomato with
the thepla and it goes really very good with the thepla. Another part of kathiyawadi meal is snacks
because we people love to have snacks with our meals and in the evening snacks generally
we people love to have bhajiyas in our meal, so these are the three kinds of Bhajiya like
gota or fulavda, stuffed chilli and batata vada. First of all I am going to start with the
gota or fulavda, it is made from the fenugreek leaves and gram flour, this is nicely cooked
and I love one thing about it is, it is spongy and soft, if you find it heavy in weight then
it means that it is not perfectly cooked from inside and its raw, they serve dates chutney
with it so here we have a chutney which goes really very good with this mix Bhajiya. When you have this fritters or Bhajiya with
khatti mithi chutney it makes it really very interesting, like you have to soak this into
the chutney, we people love to have Bhajiyas in the evening snacks as well as in our dinner. Now I am going to try this stuffed chilli,
wow I just can’t believe everything is so good in taste and almost 99 percent very near
to the perfection so this makes this restaurant really very interesting for me because all
these dishes which I have tested so far going really very good. Now I am going to try batata vada with the
chutney, stuffing is good and it has a special touch of kathiyawad which I can feel very
easily because we people almost every day eat something out of these all the dishes
so I can tell you the exact taste whether it is tastes very similar to the authentic
kathiyawadi food or not. This is a millet bread or rotla usually we
people love to have this in dinner and if you really want to eat authentic or traditional
kathiyawadi meal then try rotla, kadhi and baingan bharta or ringana no oro, wow this
goes really very good with this rotla or millet flour bread. Now I am going to try thepla, thepla is basically
nothing but kind of masala paratha and we people love to have it in breakfast as well
as in dinner with sev tomato curry, wow I just like it and one thing about the kathiyawadi
meal is see they have given me fresh butter which makes kathiyawadi meal really very unique
because we usually people like to eat fresh butter with millet flour bread, we apply on
it and have it with curies. Now I am going to give a try to the kadhi
and khichadi, khichadi is a mixture of dal and rice cooked with turmeric and little bit
salt in it, it is a really very healthy dish and very light too which we people love to
have very often in our dinners. I love the sweetness and sourness of this
kadhi and it is going really very good with the khichadi, personally I love khichadi very
much and almost each and every day I have khichadi in my dinner and as far as taste
is concerned it is just mind blowing and I am really very happy to have this kind of
restaurant in ahemadabad which is serving really very authentic food and everything
taste as I expected so I am really very happy with their food. Usually this is bigger in size but they serve
it as small, it is known as a bhakri, it is really very interesting and you can have it
with the sev tomato curry or bateka nu shaak or aalu ki Subzi, it goes really very good
with both of these. I am going to try it with the potato curry,
it is really very good in taste, nicely cooked and one this is really very interesting about
it like see when you break it and when you have your bite and put it into mouth it just
disappears so that is really very interesting thing about this. They have also served lots of dishes accompanied
with this meal like jaggery, cabbage salad and pickles but these are the traditional
dishes as far as authenticity is concerned but one thing I would love to try is this
stir fried cabbage salad because usually we people have fried cabbage salad in our lunch
as well as in our dinners. I like the crunchiness of cabbage with the
mustard seeds and turmeric in it and it is really very good. In the dessert they have two things one is
hot jalebi and another is mohanthal which is a traditional sweet of Gujarat, you all
guys knows jalebi very well but most of you might not have heard about this mohanthal
so let me try and tell you the taste. Wow I just love it because it has a very unique
flavor of gram flour and ghee in it as well as they have added lots of nuts so it makes
its really very interesting and specially in winter we peoples like to have mohanthal
and adadiya that kind of traditional things so as far as overall satisfaction is concerned
I am hundred percent satisfied with this place and I am really happy to tell you guys that
this is a really very god place to try authentic kathiyawadi food. If you really want to eat something good and
everything is balanced and perfect then come here and try their food, this is really very
awesome place to have a visit. I don’t remember any place where I have
that much delicious and perfect food ever before in my life in restaurants, this is
really very interesting thing about this place that all the dishes were absolutely perfect
and up to the point and very much authentic and give the same taste as we get in the kathiyawad
in our homes and specially when we cook this kind of food at our farm, it makes kathiyawadi
food really very interesting and I am really very happy to visit this place and I am highly
recommend this place to you guys to come and give a visit to this place and their authentic
kathiyawadi meal and one important thing about this place is they only opens for the dinners
so make sure that you don’t visit in the lunch time. They usually start at 7:30 or 8:00 o clock
in the evening for the dinner and that’s it I have really enjoyed my visit to this