Hi there, it’s Jen from simplegreen smoothies.com and I am here to help you fuel your passion today We are gonna make the best tasting of green smoothie recipe out there It is called beginner’s luck and over 1 million people have blended the smoothie and loved it. So I think you’re next This recipe is at my book called simple green smoothies Which you can buy on Amazon Barnes & Noble’s it’s sold all over and it’s also in our free 7-day green smoothie challenge Which you can sign up for right here So to make this delicious and nutritious green smoothie recipe you are gonna need two cups of fresh spinach We’re gonna do 1 cup of pineapple I like to use frozen because it’s already cut and easy to do and One cup of frozen mango and the frozen fruit also helps chill down your smoothie Then we’re gonna put in 2 bananas. If you are not a fan of bananas, it’s okay You can also swap bananas for avocado and it will make it creamy still And today I’m using my Vitamix a2500 which is from their ascent series and we’ll see how it goes So we’ll put our two cups of leafy greens in first So to measure 2 cups of greens, it’s kind of tricky I just do handfuls because it’s hard to fit it in a measuring cup. So two good-sized handfuls is about 2 cups So it fills up a good amount of the container don’t be scared It may look a little intimidating right now, but I promise you it is a delicious recipe Next we’re gonna add 2 cups of water And Depending on what kind of blender you’re using if you have a standard blender, that’s usually under $100 You’re gonna want to put the lid on and blend your leafy greens and your water together first And this will help you get a super creamy green smoothie If you’re using a high-powered blender like the Vitamix you won’t need to do that So we’re gonna keep on adding everything in and just blend one time. So next we’re gonna add the pineapple Gotta get it all in there and the mango It smells so good it is literally like a tropical party right now and then the two bananas Last And if you Don’t like the flavor of banana. You could even do one banana, but to makes it super creamy. It’s just so delicious and This recipe it makes two servings So I’ll be sharing it with my husband because we’re gonna go hit up the pool and drink this poolside today All right, let’s get blending I’m gonna put it on smoothie setting, which takes fifty seconds and hit play and let it do its thing We are gonna pour it into Our glasses look at this Bright green, ooh can smell the pineapple? All right So I have it to goal in which I’m gonna take to the pool screw it on Has a little hole put my straw in it. This one’s for me. And this one’s for my husband Let’s see how it tastes Super creamy feel like I’m in Hawaii right now now that you have the best green smoothie recipe ever I want to take you further. So sign up for our free 7-day green smoothie challenge right here It’s called simple seven and we will give you seven recipes a shopping list and a daily a guide to get you through the seven days where you can try more recipes like that and all of Them are delicious. Thank you so much for watching I hope that you give this recipe a shot and that you stick around for more of it because I’m here to help you fuel your passion