Good morning good morning guys! Greetings from Hyderabad, India. We are up bright and early for breakfast and
we’re going to be having Dosa again. This is not any kind of Dosa. This is a special street food dosa and apparently
there are 10 different varieties and it is only open from 3 am in the morning until 9
am. I’m also joined with my good friend David. How are you doing? Very good ready to eat some Dosa. I’m excited. Let’s do this man! So I am Sailesh Proddaturu. Yes. I am a local Hyderabadi over here and I am
like a small time food blogger. I love to explore a lot and eat a lot of food. Oh, wonderful. And what are we having for breakfast this
morning? So we are having Ram Ki Bandi Dosa. Yes. So we are going to have the best dosa in town
over here. Yes. And it is like the most popular Ram Ki Bandi
style. Wow. So excited for this. Definitely, very excited. Alright, so our first Dosa is ready. This one is the Szechuan Cream. Yep. So Szechuan is actually a western type of
flavor over here. Okay. And then over here we have the pizza dosa. It has a lot of pizza flavors. Okay. And then we have Palak Paneer over here. Oh wow, we have three already. We actually have three to start with that
is amazing. Do you have a personal favorite amongst the
three? It’ll definitely be the pizza dosa. Okay. I love the pizza over here. What do you like about it? It is really flavorful. You have a lot of cheese over it. Butter and all. It tastes awesome. That is my personal favorite. Oh wow, I can’t wait to try these. Definitely. These dosa’s look amazing. Amazing. Try it out. So I just can’t believe how popular this place
is. It just looks incredible. There is a huge line. It just looks so busy and packed. What is it that makes this place so famous
in your opinion? Oh the first thing is his timings? Yes. He almost starts around three o’clock in the
night. Okay. And it goes up until 9 o’clock. And his taste and his uniqueness. His uniqueness. This guy Ram he’s like an engineer who started
this and the kind of taste he has in his dosa is very different. Yeah, so it is very different from how you
eat it outside. Okay. And because of that time and that taste early
in the morning, these people love him. So people travel a lot. They have their late night outs or they wake
up early in the morning just to come here and have the dosa. To me, it seems like the ultimate street food
breakfast you can. Ultimate. Ultimate. This is the best. Totally ultimate. So pumped to try this pizza dosa. Now the coolest thing is that I mean it has
tonnes of toppings in the middle but the coolest thing is that it comes with coconut chutney
and considering the dosa I had yesterday the coconut chutney was my absolute favorite. So I’m just going to take it for a swim man. Look at that. Woah. It looks so so good. Time for the first bite. Oh! Oh my gosh. That is so friggin’ good. I’m like speechless. I mean it has got cheese, it has got all kinds
of spices and that coconut chutney. It just goes amazing with it. It is like the perfect marriage. I’ve got to try another bite. Wow! Wow. This particular one. This dosa is so good it is legendary. Like I would if I lived here I’d line up every
day for it. I would. Tasting the famous pizza dosa. So good. So good? Totally. You just pick up a lot of chutney like this. Oh my gosh. Haha. Hey I mean if they give you the chutney you’ve
got to use it right? You have to use it. You’ve got to use it. You’ve got to drink it. You’ve got to drink it. Coconut chutney is my favorite. Is that your favorite too? Definitely you know all dosa’s go with this. So who gets the last one? Hahaha. Good question. Let’s have a fight. It is going to be a street fight for it. So round 2 this is the Szechuan cream. And this one looks incredible. If you take a look I’m going to open the hood
here. Look at all of the ingredients we’ve got in
there. We’ve got onions, we’ve got tomatoes, we’ve
got different kinds of greens and spices. There is just so much going on. It looks absolutely amazing. I’m just going to set it down so that I can
actually grab a piece. Alright, I’m going to bath it. Take it for the biggest swim of all-time because
that is the only way to do it here. Alright, can’t wait to try this. Oh, it is the best. Oh oh my gosh. So much flavor. A little bit spicy too. Actually, it is quite spicy. Wow. That is incredible. Like these dosa just so much flavor. That is what makes them the best. That is why people line up here. That is why maybe even at three in the morning
there is a line to come here. I mean when you get flavors this tasty I’d
wait in line for this. This is the Szechuan cream dosa. So Szechuan is like the Chinese flavor and
it has added cream in it. And this is like one of the you know special
dosa over here. I’ll just take some flavor of it and add a
little chutney. Really good. Is it good? Amazing. Take more. Take some more. Dude eat the whole thing. Go for it. Wow. Round three and they just keep getting better
so I have high expectations for this one. This one is called Palak Paneer based after
a really popular Indian curry which features spinach and cheese. So I can’t wait to try this. I’m just going to set it down here for a second
and rip off a piece. But before I do that guys I will open it for
you. Check out that. You can see the green of the spinach. You can see all of the cheese. It looks absolutely wonderful. I’m going to grab a huge piece here. Time to try it. Oh my gosh. That was way too big of a bite. Hahaha. But it is so good. I taste the spinach. I taste the cheese. That has got a richness to it as well with
different spices and that is incredible. That is just as good as the other two. Everyone we’ve tried here has been outstanding
so far. Like I could confidently order anything from
here and I know it would taste good. So this is the Palak Paneer Dosa. So Palak the spinach and paneer cottage cheese. So this is a very good Indian dish. So a lot of people love Palak Paneer over
here. And the Ram Ki Bandi just put it inside the
Dosa. So I’ll just tear a bit of it. You know Palak Paneer is one of my favorite
Indian curries so it makes a wonderful Dosa. Amazing. The right kind of Palak and Paneer. Makes this dosa amazing. Alright, we are trying something different. My friend could you please explain. So this is Idli. So a regular Idli you know they fry it on
top of a top and then they add all of the spices. And then on top of that, you have some cheese
and paneer. Okay. So it is a must try. It is a must try. It looks like a really nice eclectic mix of
different ingredients. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to have this. Oh that is so good. It is creamy, it is cheesy it has got tonnes
of flavor. It is not crunchy. It is just like you bite into it and it kind
of moist and my goodness this is good. It is different from all of these other things
we’ve tried so it is nice to like mix it up a little bit with this. So we’re moving on to the next one and can
you please explain what is this? So this is basically Idli. Idli. So that is a batter which is put in like fine
cups. You put that in a steam. So there is a steam cooker in which Idli are
made. Yep. So it all happens with the steam. Wow, it looks really good. I think this is actually my first time to
try this to be honest. Oh, it looks like it is very. It is very puffy and airy. Yes. I’m taking it for a huge swim. Look at that. Just bathing it in there. It is swimming like it is taking Olympic training
lessons here for swimming. Look at that. Totally covered. Time to try it. Mmmm. Oh, it really absorbs the chutney well. That is good. It is like the perfect sponge isn’t it? It absorbs the sauce so well. That is really tasty I’m glad I got to try
that. So this is how you actually have it. Put some chutney on the idli. Soft but sweet. It is so good huh? It is so good. Okay dude. So we had three dosa, some idli but my favorite
dosa. Are favorite dosa was the pizza dosa. This is legit the best dosa I’ve ever had. Yesterday I had the biggest dosa ever which
was amazing but this is amazing-er. Like way I know. Way beyond it. Way beyond it. We scaled a whole new mountain of amazing-ness. Yeah, it is hot. It is gooey. Look at all of the cheese. Look at that. Chutney. The chutney is awesome. So good man. It really feels like I’m having a pizza. With this super thin dough. Wow. Mmmm. Amazing street food here. Amazing. Amazing. You’ve got to keep dipping it. I think this is my favorite street food breakfast
I’ve ever had. It has got to be up there. So we had an incredible street food breakfast
with the dosa. Thank you so much for taking us there. And now we’re going to visit a market. Correct? Which is this one? So this is the Mozamjahi Flower Market. Yeah. So it has been here since a long time. People throughout Hyderabad come here to buy
flowers. Yes. And this is the prime time. This is the festive season. The festive mood is on. And people may be here to buy a lot of flowers. So it is full of flowers. You can explore everything out here. This is so packed I’m trying to keep David
and my friend up here. It is busy. It is very busy. It is very busy. Everyone is preparing for Diwali right? Everyone is preparing for Diwali. Yes. So in this market, you are bombarded with
colors, with sounds, with people. There is people hauling bags. There is purchases being made. There is just all kinds of commotion going
on. It is absolutely bustling. There is so much activity going on here at
this flower market during the holiday season of Diwali. I don’t even know what to look at. Look I’ve got one carrying something. Another guy selling something here. More people carrying flowers. It is incredible the amount of activity happening
all at once. This is just surreal but incredible at the
same time. (Market sounds) It is a beautiful flower. Very nice. Very nice. There is a guy trying to bring a motorcycle
through here. What a morning! That was just an incredible feast of dosa
this morning. The variety that is literally the best street
food I’ve ever had for breakfast in India. What did you guys think? That was the best. The best ever. Simply the best. Simply the best. And then to go to the flower market. That was a bustling hive of activity with
a festival coming up. With Diwali coming up. It was insane in there. Absolute chaos. Basically an assault on the senses but in
a wonderful way. I’m so glad I got to experience that and what
a day. So if you’ve enjoyed this video please give
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our guide. What an awesome guide. How can people follow you? My insta handle is at SaileshProddaturu. Wonderful and we’ll have that in the description
box below as well. Follow all three of us and we’ll have more
adventures from India soon. And I’ve got to say you guys have to try the
pizza dosa. Oh! Come to Hyderabad for that. Absolutely. Okay bye guys. Bye.