I don’t want to call him a genius what
what does that everybody welcome back to my channel today we got Caleb NAsh Feemster – Jenna Bandy here and we’re gonna switch it up
we are very sore we’ve been playing a lot of basketball last couple days I’ve
hurt myself again guys so I came up with a little video that is not basketball
not any sports we’re going to have a cook-off cook-off me first off the cook
miiverse Caleb so we’re gonna go to the dollar store we can spend fifteen
dollars total to prepare for Jenna appetizer entrée and dessert and whoever
makes the best meal wins good feet here’s the thing yeah is it like a wine
taste this cuz I know if she knows it’s me she’s gonna say no in fact we blind
eye will judge the best anyway we’re gonna go to the dollar store and we’ll
be right back a few moments later what a fun time at
the store I’m not a sweet old lady we are back from the dollar store
and we have our 15 items it’s a humor that is not true I knew what I wanted in
the first minute okay so all right you guys wanna see in just a second Jenna
and get ready for greatness and for me they are probably no good it’s the
dollar store people one thing we did inside we can obviously use spices but
we also put out like butter like a central cream some cheese eggs just
stuff it okay you couldn’t they didn’t have any cold items at the dollar store
so you guys get ten minutes but appetizer round ten minute
viewers grabbed my thumb and your tongue time starts now Jenna as I made sense tour we’re going
Mexican for both appetizer and entree round
hey I hope you think that’s good the tough part was which eventually never
mind just don’t look at this bar because it’s okay mix it up with with beans and
I’ve had like a recipe one time that was a bean dip which called for can’t
chicken out was very skeptical those delicious this is gonna be good
ain’t for me telling about from O’Neal I am part Italian you know that about me
feel like the SpaghettiOs are like papi probably should cover day little types can pizza / Posada you know this is the tip it’s just the the
topping to the kebab we’re making a little sauce on top well hot sauce with
a ranch little salsa oh that’s ran like eating spaghetti
right now Caleb so numbers not gonna do while I wait you gotta just do a little
bit of layering so you put some of this cheese can we try it so this is Josh do
you cook often Oh a little bit of chili powder that was so fast yeah it was a regular
thing we should be chilling I smell it oh no it really does smell so pretty I’m
coming Cassie – 14 – more dean-stark lady start plating why is there tortilla and just would you
just be the camera one for a second please the drizzle artwork stop it I’m plating
20 seconds and since sits confidently waiting for
the time to run out ten nine eight seven six five four three Martinelli’s Martinelli’s yeah I’m being
treated here today it’s just apple juice people you come the to the two
appetizers Jenna petit left we have a beautiful double decker to stack with
the beans and the cheese and on the right the far superior pizza sandwich
the person in pizza sauce on top as a garnish
these yourself Philippa alright so just a reminder you guys are not only being
judged by the taste of your appetizer but on the appearance as well and of the
opinions of the ship so I win every round it looks like a doofus right now do this okay Jenna go for it
good choice to start with may I ask what did you put on top
where’s that what’s the spice it’s beating I had chili powder all right all
right oh wow what’s the sauce yeah ranch with hot sauce and salsa very nice very
nice I really like the texture of this it’s not too crunchy
ooh but it’s warm and whatever that sauce and you said brand
like hot sauce and salsa it’s a nice little touch to it yeah uh-huh
two bites just going back for more she doesn’t have to it the refried beans
good touch with the chicken canned chicken not bad with refried beans all
right so I got this pizza with a top on it is it more of like a calzone a
calzone the spaghetti meatballs only came with
that mini meatballs that told us when I told you that that I’m stingy fish right
out you ain’t him one bite – I do like pepperoni I do like the touch of the
meatball so I’m going to be judging you guys off of all three meals so right so
at the end of the day I’ll choose one winner but if I had to choose a winner
like a partial winner for the first round of appetizers I’m gonna have to go
with the tostada it’s far superior than the two spot try it no you try it
nope I’ll say it in French guys okay here comes the entrée round all right
you guys were on to the second round the entrée round where’s my serve you are
going to have 20 minutes that’s fair that’s fair you have a good
plan on what you’re gonna do I see your items right here
I’m ready see your items sticking with Mexican okay all right I’ll stick on the
Italian okay ready begin I do perfect because the tough part
about the dollar stores there’s not a lot of proteins right besides yeah
TuneIn chicken so I’m going to be doing yam yam yam quesadilla quesadilla so
what is your idea and still very confused you chefs be leave me alone
yeah I’m back yeah tell us what you’re going on no shit
so rude the candy am just like sitting in sugary
syrup I gotta wash it off a little bit more so it’s not so sweet
the sauces are delish dang it never mind can you please tell us what you’re doing Italian classic with a southern twist
unless I get my blue team back a cheese and bacon okay that sounds pretty
interesting actually cooking dinner the next item in the in
the top is gonna be black beans black beans be potato what are you making
tacos quesadilla I’m thinking normally oil lasagna pasta it’s basically two
hours well do we have two hours I’m stating a
fact where’d your accent go find out if this
works or not guys I need to put your PIN Josh looks very composed great now I’m
chillin I don’t actually compared to the composed lasagna we have a weenie
visible so we don’t have two hours for me to cook a lasagna guys wait I just
realized we had spaghetti in the first round and no one said Oh mom spaghetti
you just make a great mac and cheese we might still win I hope no guys I’m actually a really
good cook I promise I just don’t know what to do with the dollar store
ingredients in 20 minutes we have 9 minutes and 38 seconds for me oh wow
what can I do with all this extra time freakin tostada in here smells bad over your shoes oh yeah look
at that so good this is gonna be epic feeling good about
this job I feel real good on this plate in June restaurant style hey I don’t totally
know this is gonna work or not but it does be really cool
many isn’t electric sorry hey you’re no harness very very hot this may be
terrible I’m just gonna do three layers but though there’s only two and we go in
the oven four minutes and 55 seconds remaining for the corn and I do so
you’re gonna get some deconstructed Street corn Jenna ooh
straight corn okay Caleb Caleb what are you doing no not till after Jenna tries
it and awards me the victory you messed up my plating they were
nestled perfectly nestled yeah one minute 20 seconds remaining
Josh there this is can I have one 20 sure you know what I’ll even let that
dinner sample mine first and yours can stay in the oven if you want just for
the sake of health reasons I think that’s smart okay Jenna I’m done he’s a
couple more minutes that’s very confident on tray number one
Bon Appetit there he comes back with his accent so we have em and black bean
quesadilla with dipping sauce I’m very excited about this the presentation is
top shelf Wow thank you have to say I’ve never tried again quesadilla with black
bean so it’s a different experiment all right I do love this sauce oh right I
like that reaction this is good this is really good I was I was kind of scared
about the end though I wasn’t sure but it’s like nice and soft and tasty all
right the street corn what did you put some
kind of like cream in it yes wrench that oh my goodness the rice pilaf castle
oh wow how does it flick expecting it to be very like mez not what you’d use the
chilli powder on top of them yeah but it was already like
pre-seasoned okay shut up over there please sorry no problem well I dunno I
just need to have one bite of that okay yeah you’re having multiple she’s just
she just needs more time to finish her meal Caleb what’s all the noise
seriously this sauce you need to put in it
and so the tortilla is nice too right buttery buttery crispy yes you
definitely spend some time making this well not as much time as kala spent
making his but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait
are you nervous a little bit I’m just not sure if it’s like the was Anya do
whatever it is Caleb for him did not try so hard so that like I gets it no
realize something real quick in theory this is a phenomenal idea and if I had
three hours to make a proper lasagna it would be great I didn’t think about the
time aspect okay let’s get this but yeah in theory yeah the plating is points for defeating
I wasn’t expecting it to look like this actually
I like the little artwork character here I’m really trying to just dress them on
the appearance cuz I’m not sure how that tastes and you’re not once again have
you tasted it I have it I’d like to say in theory this is a phenomenal idea and
I will try this as a real wasn’t too hard to cut but I do have to say the
flavors are like they work well together like their brothers and sisters for sure
like they go well together 100% yeah but yeah just the only thing is that noodles
and I I can’t mix it not only do those aren’t gonna be perfect because the
timing yeah but you said it yourself the flavoring the flavor is good and a
little drizzle the parmesan mm-hmm thought-out yeah so Josh probably not
that round but in theory I win this round
I like the idea of it this ideas way better like I really have to do these
narrow this things are the question this idea is better I don’t think you guys
know how cooking Kirk but if you would just give me points for the idea cuz
many places the judges are always like I just said that I know that but I’m
saying you know what I’m doing dessert hey it’s not over just because josh
might have won the first two rounds hypothetically it doesn’t mean all in
all you can’t win you might just smoke this last round out the water in half
okay all right you guys we’re moving on to the third round the dessert round my
favorite room how funny like how much I asked you what you would
prefer I only need ten minutes so I’m gonna have eight take a route let’s go
ten ten ten minutes ready begin I’m doing a my favorite childhood
dessert was worms and dirt ah but they didn’t have worms so you are getting an
dinosaurs in tar okay what do you make any bum some pinky this Jenna I wanted
you get to steal the marshmallows from the hot chocolate got it mixed together
but I bet the powder it’s probably delicious this box does not call for
those milks ingenuity cheese grater Wow fellas just a pinch little pinch of vanilla and
you can’t forget the secret ingredient well t-rex so childlike very fitting for
you hmm but you would make a design at least
smile it’s Jurassic Park up in here Caleb do
you know your desserts over here when you’re ready hey Josh has been just beam
time with a lot of time to spare now I can help Caleb but I help a new father
is that a J for dinner shut up doing this guys if you’re still watching this
video and you’re enjoying it let us know what you make this is obviously
different than our typical video but we’re having a lot of fun so I hope you
guys are enjoying it subscribe if you haven’t yet and drop a thumbs up if you
think I’m going to win three rounds in a row hypothetically the flips not going
to be there Oh bread and butter and by that you mean peanuts with pancakes
we’re back our sorrows Avenue have a minute 20 seconds left okay you’re really trying to make it you
want me sick six five four three two if you want sir do you want sir all
right looks like the boys are done with round three and it’s time for me to rub
this here we have zero side mood for this why do you get into his mind
because he just picked it up outside for guys we’re doing here there’s a lack me
one of my favorite like pastimes as a child worms and a figure she is the new
dude the dinosaur but yeah the Dino this didn’t take much like cooking just like
putting stuff together okay Dino has gotta be like oh no bad Dino they don’t
want to say I didn’t try not a good Dino I haven’t even like mango chill okay Oh
spit out the diner and just enjoy the mud gross I’m sorry oh no good spit out
oh no but we have one more
bite of the mud the dirt got a little hint of that mala nice all right no
words for now excuse me madam would you like some said it yes okay tell me win one to you food
I really appreciate with challengers still doing a little bit of chocolate
flavoring they’re not bad good consistency
I’m kidding actually the vanilla extract egg and milk in any box if it tells you
to put the the mix and water you put egg and milk instead it makes it thicker and
vanilla extract and I have to wash it down wheat peanuts and washed it down
I’m so confused I don’t want to call him a genius
what are you serious wait is this a thing I’ve just never heard of how only
like coke but for whatever reason like the peanut gives it some kind of like it
this sweet and salty you just got a peanut you got a minute never done in a
can of course I was worried it was gonna be a different game but like any time
you pop a bottle coke bottle take a sip off the top and just cram as many
peanuts as you can it said Philip saw something about the
coke going over the peanuts just makes it phenomenal Wow
so on all I think okay we’ll take the dessert Wow okay I’m still eating this
thing the three courses are done we had the appetizer the entree and the dessert
I have to give it to Caleb with the last round
however happy however what of the day the day in total but you forget about my
pizza sandwich appetizer which was a delicious sandwich Wow in theory in
theory I could have won because like my my my the would I put together my head
was great mac and cheese lasagna no one’s ever
thought that mac and cheese lasagna no one’s ever thought phenomenal and then a pizza sandwich
like inferior good idea you created the execution wasn’t there Caleb Caleb
definitely thought out of the box okay you know it looks like Josh really you
know he came up with this idea to do some kind of cooking on the channel
because I think he knew that me let me see your computer history from PC you
know if you weren’t doing dollar store recipes no I was sleeping thank you guys
for watching again out of the box for this channel but if you liked it make
sure you tell us in the comments subscribe to Caleb subscribe to Jenna
Instagram shout outs right here click on those other videos up top we will see
you guys later bye I think I look cool with a beanie I’m gonna start writing
more penis