Hello, everyone, welcome back to our channel. My name is Hyekyong and this is Jordi. We are the Lifetime Travelmates, a couple
who loves to travel. During our travels in India,
we saw incredible nature, fascinating temples, and tried amazing food. However, the highlights
of our trips were the people we met on our journey. On this episode, we are going to spend incredible
time with this guy. One month before this, we traveled in Panjim,
Goa for about a week. On our second day, we went to the Church Of
Our Lady Of The Mount. That’s where we met him for the first time.
So random. We took some photos together, talked for a
while, and since then, we kept in touch. On our last day in Mangalore, we were not
sure where to go next. We saw the weather forcast that It seems like
in whole Karnataka, it’s going to rain, at least for one week or something.
What should we do? I really don’t know where to go and what
to do. So we changed our plans and headed
north. And finally, we met him again, this time,
in his hometown: Bengaluru! Hey, Jordi.
Hey Park! We are going to try this blueberry cake. Very good! Oh my! We enjoy exploring a new city by ourselves
but it is always pleasure to have someone local who knows the place well and knows what
is going on. It is a totally different experience. Ashok is very passionate to share his culture
and the secrets of his city. We were just so happy to spend time with him. Most of all, he knew the good places to eat and took us to one of the best dosa places in Bengaluru. The Vidyarthi Bhavan. Hyekyong: Ah…So nice.
Jordi: Masala Dosa for you! Hyekyong: I’ve got everything.
Yes, so good. The place was jam packed with people. We could
easily notice this place is legendary among locals. Vidyarthi Bhavan started for students,
but its popularity increased and today celebrities from all fields, writers, artists, and film
stars visit this place to have the thick dosa and delight on their signature chutney. Normally, there is a long line to get in but when we arrived, we were quite lucky to be seated right away. You know a place is good when the locals line
up at the door. We will take a piece of dosa, deep into a
chutney. Wow! This masala dosa looks very very crunchy.
Check this. Wow! Hyekyong: Alright! Go for it! Ashok: coconut chutney Hyekyong: How is it? Wow! Ashok: Chew chew! It’s very spongy inside, crunchy outside. But it has this thick layer. They have only these two.
Eating two much of these are also like not that great. The dosa and Chow chow bath was amazing! After that, we went to the Bugle Rock Park, famously known as the ‘Rock Garden of the Garden City’. It is said that the rock formation here is as old as 3000 million years. This park is mostly rocky but densely covered with trees. One of the things that caught our attention
was the wall images of famous Bangaloreans and Kannada poets. All of these people have won prestigious award. And the greatest poet and the writer. His name is D. V. Gundappa This is from his own literature called Mankuthimmana
Kagga Which means, let the birds and animals to
live. You will get a lot of positive Karma. good Karma. And that’s will give you good death.
Do not kill animals, do not do anything like that. The park was lovely. We saw many couples hanging
out in the park and we had a short video call with Ashok’s lover as well. What a lovely
couple! Jordi and Hyekyong:
Oh~~~~~~ Hello? Ashok: How are you Geeta?
Geeta: Nice! Ashok: There are my friends, Jordi and Park.
Hyekyong: Nice to meet you. Jordi: Nice to meet you. We heard a lot of you.
Ashok: They heard a lot about you from me. I’ve been talking about you, Geeta, Geeta,
Geeta. Geeta. Okay, she is at home. What we didn’t know, was that the park is
also home or a few thousands of bats. We were fascinated and we enjoyed looking them for
a while before we moved to the next place. Jordi: So where are we now guys?
We are in the famous Bull Temple. One of the popular temples in Bangalore and
Karnatake, I suppose. The stutue itself is so huge and the god is
so spiritual and powerful. You guys have to see the energy inside.
Very old and very auspicious temple. Jordi: Then we put some sound track. (Jordi & Hyekyong singing) Hello, sir. Hello. Hello, sir. Ashok: Shoes, shoes, shoes. The bull temple is also known as Nandi temple.
It is the biggest temple dedicated to Nandi in the world. The entire sculpture of the
bull is carved out of one single granite rock. Jordi: There you go.
Ashok: There is a restriction. Jordi: Then, no more,
Bye, bye. The statue is 4.5 meters high and 6.5 meters
long. Coconut oil, butter and a kind of sesame oil called benne are regularly applied to
this statue. We were astonished by the aura coming out
from the Nandi statue. It’s very historical. There are a lot of golden color metalic doors.
They will open it. Once you get inside, It’s like a cave. And
people believe that there is a pathway from underground here to the Kailash Parbat
which is in Nepal. from here, all the way to Nepal?
All the way to Nepal yes. And it’s darker.
When you go inside the cave, it goes darker and darker. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu God
Shiva and is situated in a small cave that was cut out of a monolithic rock. The temple
itself is an architectural marvel and it is surrounded by many myths and mysteries. One of the intriguing phenomena is that every
year on the 14th of January which is the Hindu Festival Day called Makkar Shankranti, the rays of the sun enter through the window, move towards the inner sanctum, pass between
the horns of the statue of Nandi and then fall directly on the body of Shivalingam. This is considered a miraculous phenomenon
and has been a point of interest for several scientists to research upon. Ashok: Have you seen the peal shell?
Hyekong: Yeah. This is like that.
Jordi: Um… And Shiva is here in the middle.
When you go deeper inside. You cannot even stand. Hyekyong: Oh my god. Jordi: It’s slippery.
Ashok: Be careful for that. We had never seen any temple like that and
it was a unique experience. Hyekyong: What’s your choice?
Ashok: I am taking Paneer. And our day wouldn’t be complete without
a delicious meal. Or that’s what Ashok said! He took us to try the famous fast food chain
McDonald’s and its local vegetarian specialties. We usually don’t go to multinational restaurants
but we heard it was quite unique and since Ashok, being a local, recommended it, we felt
it was worth a try. Jordi: Mac spicy paneer and the floating soda and
of course, french fries. Jordi: So what do you have?
I have Mac spicy paneer burger. It’s vegetarion. Jordi: I also have a vegetarian.
Maharaja Mac. a big vegetarian burger if you wanna call it. Jordi: Floating soda. Jordi: what’s floating soda, you will ask? It’s Ice cream. vanilla ice cream on the soda. In this case Fanta, and the Coke. How crazy is this? Crazy.
Wow! It’s good! Before saying goodbye, Ashok took us to his
friend’s house and showed us around. It was a very authentic old Bangalorean house
full of details that made us appreciate how welcoming they are. We hope this video inspires you to travel
and makes you want to meet locals. We can assure you that the experience will be memorable. On our next episode, we continue exploring the exciting city of Bengaluru. We will have a sensorial experience full of colours and smells at the huge KR Market. We will also visit the sacred ISKCON temple and get marveled at the quantity of pilgrims and
the special atmosphere there. And of course, we will keep indulging on fantastic
local cuisine! Thanks for watching!
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