hi hope you enjoy this recipe it’s quite a simple and straightforward but with good
high-quality ingredients and the right mixture put together they can make a
really tasty and healthy meal and this one’s no exception you really want to
use bananas that are just about ripe you don’t them green at all you want
them perfectly yellow and just starting to get the odd spot you want them too
soft because that won’t work well this just because then that’d just be too
soft will he spread the butter on and they’re just go to pieces but this
is a great recipe to make a long time in advance and pop them in the freezer and
then every time you fancy a healthy treat just pop one out and you’ve got a
bite-sized with two to three bites of having all this healthy chocolate banana
caramel treat ready to go you can probably see from the photos and videos
they are a bit messy and this didn’t quite go particularly as how I wanted to
it was making this in the middle of a heat wave and the marble that I filmed
the end result on had been left out the Sun for at least 10 hours it’s the first
time I was shooting it in the afternoon the mouth was really hot so as soon as I
put the chocolate banana coins on it melted instantly now it’s trying to cut
propery as it was sliding and gliding and moving all over the place
and melting she just had one shot to do it it slid I was trying to manually
focus the camera and by the time I’d set everything up for the camera and put
everything down I couldn’t actually move things around and read again because the
chocolate coins were already quite melted so it’s kind of one stop one shot
have to do it had to get it right it’s not perfect and actually for the best
shots I think I did I forgot to actually press record my hands are covered in
chocolate I had three tea towels covered in
chocolate and over my forehead but
in the end hopefully one or two shots turned out okay even if they’re not
perfectly in focus and it gives you an idea of how to do it and is a good fun
recipe to do at home you don’t have to worry about videoing it and
photographing the end result you can use just about any nut or seed butter you
want for this in this one I’m using peanut butter cashew butter and pecan
butter altogether it was pre-bought like that just because it was on offer and i had not tried it it was quite good but it was 60% peanut butter so
it tasted more or less just like peanut butter now I’m using the crunchy version
and this just because that’s how I like it I think it looks good in the photos
could you see the little bits of peanut you can use whatever not butter you like
or seed butter if you like I’ve got a recipe for some chocolate sunflower seed
cups and just the filling for the sunflower seed camarón that I’ll link it
so it pops up is great for this and it’s also much cheaper and it’s probably a
bit better for you as it’s sprouted the same goes to the chocolate you can use
any chocolate you like this I’m using a dark 85% cacao chocolate because it’s
quite bitter and it’s low in sugar and high and lots of there healthy things in
chocolate you can use whatever chocolate you like or if you want to make a water
ocular coating so do 1/3 cacao butter 1/3 cacao powder and a sweetener again
1/3 and just coat that as well and then they’ll make it totally raw if you use a
raw butter like my raw almond butter which I’ll link up there you could cut
the banana and freeze it first just to make things a bit easier I didn’t for
this recipe as I wanted to all in one stage and I’d rather have it do it once
to get it all done out of the way and put it in the freezer
that was quite messy but good in a fun kind of messy way but it did get very
messy with because there’s bananas slides around over the place so I had to
hold that my fingers spread the nut butter then transfer it to fork then
hold it over top then pulled the chocolate on top but the end result was
still quite good one thing I did do is my bananas weren’t particularly straight
just go didn’t want to waste and the bananas weren’t used all of them every
part of it so I was slicing it to make the most the banana but when you stacked
two of them on and they’re both a bit of a lopsided they fall over a bit and
you’ll notice that one them did totally fall over in the recipe but I still cut
it open and still looks good it’s hard to really go wrong with it
the only thing you can go really really wrong with is making a bit mess but
that’s why it’s good you have the parchment paper to put everything on so
you put the parchment paper down and it catches a little chakra bits and
obviously you can eat any chocolate bits that are left over I’m melting 3/4 of
the chocolate and then taking off the heat and adding the final quarter the
chocolate just for easy chocolate tempering it’s a great way to make sure
you get that nice glossy finish on the dark chocolate and quite a satisfying
crunch that should get from chocolate if you don’t
temper it properly all the cacao butter separates and you end up with a dull
finish this so must be a bit grainy and it just doesn’t have a snap so it’s not
great but this is a really easy way to temper your chocolates you always get
the right results I did have this idea last summer when I was having a lot the
Trader Joe’s chocolate bar coins which just chocolate covered in dark chocolate
although the dark chocolate wasn’t really enough I could care content for
me so didn’t have them too much because I think it’s more like 60% I rather have
much higher chocolates much higher cacao content chocolates make a healthy
chocolate I had the idea of putting a peanut butter came out in the middle to
elevate it and make it a bit more interesting and a bit better and give it
a bit more protein and a bit more nutty around filling taste it turns out I’m
not the first one to have this idea which is often the way somewhere else
actually had it went there went viral on Pinterest last month just as I’m filming
this now I shall already spent a day filming the recipe and editing the
photos but I’m still gonna release it anyway a mine is slightly different
because they added some coconut oil to the chocolate and I don’t think you need
that was proper tempering and they didn’t add any sweetener to the peanut
butter middle or the not but not mid middle or the seed middle I think it
really does need the sweetener also they did their bananas quite thin and they
did get much prettier end results but I think sometimes life can be a bit too
short and you want a big a big chunky side one of these and we mine do look a
bit messy with the peanut butter we’re not butter bulging out the middle
you kind of see the banana there and this big rim like a muffin top but I’m
it tastes good in the end and once you cover in chocolate actually looks quite
fun you can do them smaller if you like but you’ll probably need more chocolate
to coat more and it will take longer there’s a link down below for the full
recipe for this you can print it off and take it with you but if you
have any comments or questions about the recipe pop them down below and I’ll get
back to you or on the website I’ll get back to you if you did enjoy it give it
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