(upbeat music) – We are Sorted, a group of
mates from London, exploring the newest and best in the world
of food, whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normal (beep) and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, that everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) – Hello everyone, I’m Mike. This is Baz. – Well, this is an impossible challenge. This is pass it on baking edition. – Surely that can’t go wrong. – What’s everyone done? – What is going on here? – Oh no! – Um. (upbeat music) – How are we feeling? – That usual, nervous excitement. – I’m less excited, more nervous. – I’ve got no excitement,
pure nervousness. – Do we have a theme Janice? – [Janice] Today’s theme is baking. (laughing) – Just baking? – You can bake potatoes. – And also–
(laughing) – No not again, not again! – Remember, baking is not a science. – We’re stood in a dangerous
order at the moment, but has Janice got a proper order? – The order is shoe-size:
smallest to tallest. (laughing) – [Janice] For those of you
with the same shoe size, the tallest will go first. – I’m wearing shoes that
are too big for me today. (laughter) – You put Daddy’s shoes on again? (laughter) – Tallest. And then, taller. – Then Mike. – Oh, no!
– Oh, no! – [Mike] The worst thing
is that I’m going to spend all this time decorating and making sure we’ve got a fully finished product. – And he’s gonna eat it.
(laughter) – And he’s just gonna eat it.
(laughter) – [Janice] One at a time,
the boys have ten minutes to cook and add to a final dish. The remaining team will have no idea what’s happening behind them, until it is their turn. (buzzer) – Okay, baking could mean
so many different things, it’s obviously gonna be sweet, but I’m concerned in fifteen minutes of making a cake, baking
a cake, cooling a cake, and then trying to layer
it with some kind of frosting or icing or filling or ganache, it’s just not gonna work with hot cake. So, I’m going to make a hot cake. And therefore, it can be served hot, with custard, with creams,
with other baked fruits, there’s so many other things we can bake. So I’m going for like a
frangipane-y kind of thing. Butter, melted. Same
amount of butter as sugar, and same amount of
sugar and ground almond, and then half as much flower. Four eggs. (egg cracks)
(mixer whirs) What should we flavor it
with, that’s our choice. Vanilla, obvious, but I think also some citrus in there, either lemon or orange. Obviously, I could cook this in any size, but if I do this size,
then hopefully they can turn them out, and they
can be cooked quickly, but at the same time,
look nice on the plate without Jamie, who’s going last, having to do too much to shape it. (knife clinks) Now, the big question, do we want something in the bottom? I think, maybe some fruit, when you turn it out,
it could be quite nice. I also wanna leave some clues of what else could be done
so they don’t moan. Maybe some baked apples, some baked fruit. We’ve got the orange,
we’ve got the vanilla, (chopping) we’ve got this crystallized
ginger, and some walnuts. They’re simple flavors, that can have so many
things added to them. So they’re going on the bottom, and then, basically,
when the cake turns out, obviously, they’ll be on the top. Two minutes. An oven is at 180, ’cause that’s what all
cakes are cooked at. (laughs) Into the oven. 15 minutes, done.
(metal clinks) Clues for Barry. I’m not gonna add anything
more in these final seconds, but I am gonna say I’ve
hinted at baked apples. I’m gonna hint even more.
(slices) By taking the tops off of them
and implying that something needs to come out of that. Because then it will bake in enough time, he can fill it, he can season it, and all sorts of different things. I’m literally filling time for 2, 1. (buzzer)
I’m done. And I’d probably give
myself about an 8 of out 10. Bold, I know. (slow music) – I’m more scared of this one
than any other one we’ve done. (buzzer) What if I won’t do it?
I don’t want to do it. Do I have to do this? Oh, it’s started. Okay, so. Let’s have a
look, let’s have a look. What are they. I’m not sure I should open the
door because they might sink. Right, I can’t do it. I
can’t do anything to that. What can I make, what can I make. How many have I got? I’ve got
8 minutes. I’m just flapping. What can I make, what can
I make, what can I make, What can I make?
(pages flipping) Can I make honeycomb? 10, 20, 30 minutes to set. Yeah, honeycomb. Holy…
(metal clunks) What am I doing. What am I doing. This is so (bleep) Okay. On. How much do I need, how much do I need? (paper crinkles) Stupid idea, stupid idea Barry. (knife clinks)
That’ll do. This is a bad idea. (sighs) (laughs) I’m panicking so much. Why am I using this spoon? This is a bad idea. Ahh, I forget everything. Okay, let me double that. Grams, go. (bleep) What have I been measuring in? Oh, I measured it with
the wrong measurements. Oh, no! I’ve been measuring
ounces, not grams. Crap! Crap! Right. (dishes clink) Gah! Why have I done this,
they’re gonna hate me? Oh, no! Into a pan, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Oh I need the main thing
that makes honeycomb, bicarbonate soda. Do we have any bicarb? Please say we’ve got bicarb.
Otherwise I’m screwed. (bleep) (metal clanks) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) Aw you (bleep) (sighs) What’s this about? I’ll do some tidying up, and just… (dishes clink) (buzzer) Good. I think I have done awful. I’m gonna give myself a solid two. And I think, you know what?
I think that’s generous. (sigh) (buzzer) – Hello everyone. What is going on here? What’s this? This hasn’t got this
in it already, has it? Okay, there’s some orange, some walnuts, there’s some ginger. Who put what where, and what is that? Maybe I could just fill for ten minutes. They’re gonna need something
to put on top of the cakes. They probably want a little drizzle, so I’ll make a little drizzle. Hopefully I can get the
caramel done before Mike comes, ’cause he will panic and not do it. Has that already got soda in it? Izzy’s laughing her head off, so it might actually
already have it in it. And if it does then I
should probably start again. Ah, Barry, Barry, Barry. That’s definitely got soda in it. I’m making a drizzle, like an icing sugar drizzle, to go on the cakes once they’re out. Hopefully they’ll cool in time. This is just orange, and
I might put some ginger through it as well. I think Mike will definitely
try to add something. Which is not always the
best idea, you know? The ideal situation in a pass it on, is if Jamie doesn’t have to do anything. I’m gonna put ginger into that. I know there’s baking soda in it already. I know there is. It looks okay, but honeycomb can look
okay and then it can sink and be awful. So we’ll see. I think if that’s gonna set in time it is probably gonna need to be chilled. But I can’t do anything with it right now, it’s gotta to set up a little bit and then it can go in the fridge. But I’m gonna have to
rely on Mike to do that. (oven door shuts) The faster these cool, the better. (buzzer)
Oh my god, I’m done. I’ll give myself a 7. Still not confident, though. Hey. (buzzer) – Right. Oh, what the hell is that. (sniffs) Oh, I think that’s honeycomb. These look…
(sniffs) What flavor is that? I’m really worried about this. That’s not gonna set in time. You can’t put honeycomb
in the fridge, can you? Gah. There isn’t really anything to add. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do with that. What are we doing with that? We’re hiding these. I’m just gonna chop stuff. I’m gonna make a sweetened
cream and just leave it there and see what he does with it. Right, double cream. I’m only going to put a
tiny bit of icing sugar because we don’t want it too sweet. Oh, I’ll tell you what I could do. (whisking)
I could use some of that vanilla that’s there. Or I could use Kahlua,
which is a coffee liqueur. (whisking) How long I’ve got? Oh, man. (clinking) I’ve got to find the Kahlua. Do we even have any? If we don’t have any, I’m using vanilla. (whisking) I haven’t really got time
to look underneath there, because it could be under there. (sighs)
(whisking) I really want to find that… Nope.
(wood slams) I just nearly knocked the set down. Oh.
(wood hits ground) Ow!
(glass clinks) But I’ve got it! Yeah that’s quite nice, there’s a subtle hint of coffee, but not too overpowering. Lay that next to that really
amazing thing that I did there. Oh no, how’s he gonna know about the… Oh I better put this back. (buzzer) I’m just gonna have to
leave the honeycomb. I’m just done with leaving clues. He’s just gonna have
to look in the fridge. If he looks in the fridge, I’m gonna give myself a 6. Because let’s face it, I made
some sweetened coffee cream. Now if he doesn’t look in the fridge, I’m gonna give myself a
3, because we’ve lost an entire component because of me. (whimsical music)
(claps) Well the guys fell over it, last man standing. Boop. (buzzer) – I have two ways of approaching this. I either come in, panic,
miss some stuff, muck it up, or I take a really relaxed approach, and just try and see what’s going on. So, we have some lovely
dainty little cakes, that’s got Ebbers written all over it. Cream.
(slurp) And an empty oven. Is there anything else? – [Janice] And then he
remembered the fridge. And Jamie remember… Oh, no, he’s just gonna
eat stuff isn’t he? – I’m not just hungry, I’m just trying to see what this is. – And he’s gonna eat it. – And he’s gonna eat it. – He’s gonna eat it. – He’s gonna eat it. – I spent three minutes
eating things, that was fun. (laughs) Look at that for a
plate, it’s made of wood and everything. – [Janice] Oh, kill me in the face. – Do I cut one of those cakes in half, put the cream in the
middle so we make into like a sandwich cake? Or sandwich? That’s a good idea. I could pipe that, couldn’t I? I’m gonna pipe it, just for bants. Found some candles. We’re making cake, so we’ve baked a cake. So why wouldn’t you have candles? Ta-da. There could be a nice way to do this. Or, there’s the Jamie way to do this. Three guesses which one we’re going for. Yep, he’s Jamie’d it. Oh. – [Janice] This can’t
be it, Jamie thought, so he checked the fridge to see if he’d missed anything. – I want to say better, but, right. I’m going to maybe pour… No, no, no, no, no. (laughs) It’s just not gonna work. Nope. Stuff that. (playful music) I don’t know how to do a quenelle. (laughs) Look at it. I’m gonna get rinsed. – [Janice] Check the (bleep) fridge! (buzzer) (laughs) That’s the most disappointing
kids birthday party cake I’ve ever seen. – [Janice] Ahhhh! – No. – Oh, no, Jamie. – What could possibly
have happened after me. What is going on? – What? – There’s smoke coming out of it, Jamie. (drum roll) – [Mike] Okay guys, let’s go! – Are you ready to see what we made? – Well, yep. (drum roll) (laughter)
(clapping) – Okay. – That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. – Ta-da. – But it’s got a cherry on the top. – Firstly, there was more
than one in the oven? – Yeah, it’s not just Jamie
just to serve less than– – He’s probably eaten the other three. – Less is more. I ate one. (laughter)
Because I had to know– – Less is more. – I had to know what it was.
(laughter) – I feel like you didn’t
look in the fridge. – Why would I look in the fridge? – Honeycomb. Cool, and so the sign to the fridge to say that the honeycomb was in there, was…? – I thought I’d leave that
up to your own initial– (crash) (laughs) – Oh. – Let’s eat this, let’s just eat this. – I did have another attempt at plating, and it didn’t go well. – That’s better.
– That’s better. – That’s better.
– That’s better, mate. – That’s better. (laughter)
Less is more. – Cheers. – It’s a nice cake. – I like the cream, actually. – Do you know what, with the– – Honeycomb, that would’ve been delicious. – With the crunch of the
walnuts, you don’t need any other texture. – No, you’re right actually.
(laughs) – I had feelings, I thought
it might be too many flavors competing with each other, but actually the coffee
cream is delicious with that. – Ah, it’s still crap though isn’t it. (fork clinks) – I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with that. I think we were disappointed
with how it was plated. – You’re absolutely right, everything that’s on the plate works well and is a tasty mouthful. Let’s just go straight in. I’m gonna say it’s a pass. Because we’ve had far worse fails. (laughs) – I’m happy to say that’s a good pass. – Is it a pass? I can’t decide. – What’s your heart telling you? – My heart’s saying I failed. (laughs) And you all failed with me. – I know you like to think
that you’re better than this. But after as many of these as we’ve done, maybe you’re not. – I don’t think I’m better than this, I just think I’m better than you. (laughter) – Does that say that? – Yes. – Yes.
(laughter) – I’m gonna have to say it’s a fail. – Oh, Ebbers has got the deciding vote. – It tasted good, just
so close yet so far. We’re borderline. – I think if you eat
that with your eyes shut, it’s a beautiful pass. As it is, it’s a pass. – Okay, okay. Well, majority rules guys, it’s a pass. I’m putting it out there,
I rated myself a six but if the honeycomb didn’t
come out of the fridge it was a three. So I’m on a three. – So you predicted that the honeycomb wouldn’t come out of the fridge. – Because I know you so well. – So why did you not make it obvious that the honeycomb was in the fridge? – Because number 1 I ran out of time, and number 2 I made that terrible error of overestimating you. (laughter) – I don’t think I ended up rating myself. – Well that makes sense. – I rated myself a seven. – I didn’t know if 10 was high enough. – Baz, what did you?
– Two. – Two. Ebbers? – I went bold in this one with eight. – I think that’s pretty fair. – I did the only thing,
part of the baking. I did the only baking part
of the baking challenge. – We said you deserved it. (laughter) – Please list us down below in the order you think we came from best to worst. – Also, thank you so much
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