Welcome to Today we are going to make almond katli. Almond katli can be made on any festival or at any time. We can easily make it at home. So come, let’s start making almond katli. Almonds – 1 cup There are 2 types of almonds available in the market,
one that are a little heavy in weight and the other that are light in weight and the quantity of almond
rogan is less than them and they are a little cheap. For making almond katli you can use any type. Both the almonds will make a delicious almond katli. Powdered sugar – 1 cup Ghee – 2 tbsp Milk – ½ cup Saffron threads (kesar) – 10 or 12 To make almond katli, we will firstly
soak the almonds and peel them. Add 2 cups of water in a boiler. Let the water bowl. Once the water is boiled, add almonds to it. Turn off the flame. Cover the boiler and keep it aside for about 5 minutes. On the other side, add saffron to the
milk so that it leaves its colour. Our almonds are now fluffy and we will be able to peel them easily. Take out the almonds in a bowl containing cold water. Now peel off the almonds in this way. Peel off all the almonds similarly. Now once again put all the almonds
in a bowl containing hot water. Cover them and keep it for 1 or 1 ½ hour. It will become quite fluffy and then we
will grate them to make our almond katli. 1 hour is over and our almonds are now fluffy. Let us grate the almonds. Take out the almonds from the
bowl and add them to the grinder. Our saffron milk is also ready.
Add the saffron milk as well to the grinder. Add some more milk. We can keep adding milk as per our requirement. We have prepared a fine paste of almonds. Use a non stick pan to make almond katli. Heat the pan and add 2 tbsp ghee to it. Let the ghee melt. Add the almond paste to the pan. We added 1/2 tsp milk but we found it to be thick
so we added 2 tbsp water to make a thin paste. We can take milk in place of water. Also add the powdered sugar. Keep stirring and cook on medium
flame till it has a freezing consistency. We can see the paste is having a thin consistency. Keep cooking it for some more time
so that it has a thick consistency. Make sure that the spoon goes till the base of the
pan, so that the mixture does not stick to the bottom. Our mixture is quite thick. If we want to check whether our mixture is
ready or not, then we can do it in this way. Our mixture is now ready. Take out the mixture from the pan, so that it gets cool quickly. Once the mixture is cool, apply oil on
your hands and knead the mixture a little. Till the time it is not completely cool, it will not freeze. The mixture is now cool. Take a butter paper, apply ghee to it and make it smooth. Take the mixture and make it like a round ball in this manner. Press it and make it rectangular in shape. Apply ghee on the rolling pin (chakla). Now roll it out.
Make sure it is rolled out thin. Roll it out approximately 1 cm thick. Our chapati for almond katli is rolled out. Now let’s freeze it. Then we’ll cut it into pieces. Our almond katli is now frozen. So let’s cut it into pieces. Cut the burfi using a scale and a pizza cutter. Cut the almond katli from the other side
as well using a pizza cutter or scale. If you do not have a pizza cutter, then you can
use a knife as well and cut it in the same way. Now put the pieces on a plate. Our almond katli is now ready. Very tasty almond katli is prepared. It is very easy to make almond katli. If ever you feel that the almond kutli is too soft, then again put it on
the stove and heat a little till it does not become of a thick consistency. Almond katli has a good shelf life. We can store it
in the refrigerator and eat it for more than 1 month. Make almond katli, eat it and share your
experiences with us at We will meet again with a new recipe. Do subscribe to our channel.