(F): I’m Faisal Lanin (T): I’m Tirta Pane (F&T): Welcome back again with us on (F&T): Masak.TV (F): In this webisode we will (F): Cook Chinese food (F): Chinese food, again? (F): Today, we.. (T): Are we often? (A): Well, we did it just 5 minutes ago (A): So it’s like we already made a lot (F): What will we cook, Tir? (T): Kungpao chicken (F): Kungpao chicken (F): It’s Masak.TV’s style (F&T): Kungpao (F): We have (F): A lot of ingredients (F): It’s better if we explain it while we cook it (F): We have chicken breast (T): Boneless (T): Just one side (F): I cut it (A): This knife is dummy (F): Like a toy? (F): (Laughing) Yeah (F): We cut it into cubes (T): Wow it’s so big (F): It’s not just one side, man (F): Okay, after we cut it like cubes (F): For the size is up to you (F): Up to you (F): Next (F): Where’s my bowl? (F): Just put them all in (F): I’m like left-handed (F&T): (Laughing) (F): Nah, it’s not important (F): Next (F): We put them all in (F): We have starch (F): Cornstarch (T): 2 tablespoons (F): We have angciu (Chinese cooking wine) (F): Just a little becuase we will use it later for sauteing (F): This is sesame oil (A): Stop! (F): Egg yolk.. Eh.. Egg whites (F): Put them all in (F): Also (F): Sweet soy sauce (F): Eh, it’s not sweet soy sauce (T): Mushroom soy sauce (F): Eh, mushroom soy sauce (F): Maybe it’s the same like soy sauce (F): Mix it well (F): After that we fry it (A): I’ve already heated the oil (F): While I fry it, you can follow Tirta (F): The ingredients for sauteing is quite a lot (T): This garlic (T): I will make this garlic like chips (F): After we fry it, the oil will taste like garlic (T): So I cut it thinly (T): I’m not going to crush it (T): Not going to chop it (T): I use three cloves of (T): Garlic (F): The chicken is done (F): After this, we can drain it well (F): Turn it off (F): We turn the stove on for Tirta (F): We heat the pan first (F): Then, we pour the oil (F): Is the leek done? (T): Yes (F): How much is the oil? (T): Add more (F): Like this? (T): A little more (F): Pour it off? (T): Stop (F): (Laughing) (T): He watches Kapau’s too often (T): Shake it off (T): But hasn’t the video done, yet? (Crew): Done (Laughing) (T): Is there a scene like that? (Crew): A bit (F&T): Make it crunchy (T): Make it crispy first (T): And then we put another ingredients in (T): I used cayenne chilies (T): Bird’s eye chili (T): So you can adjust the spicy (T): If you don’t want it spicy, then you can skip it. (F): But if you want to make it simple (F): You just can go to Chinese restaurant (F): And you order (T): Before the garlic is burnt (T): Put the rest in (T): Glaze it with angciu (T): Give (T): Lime (F): So it will not be burnt, will it? (T): Yes (T): Put the rest in (T): What is this, Cun? (F): What’s the rest? (T): Fish sauce (T): Spoon, please? It’s hard, Cun. (F): Ouch (T): Sweet soy sauce (F): Or corn soy sauce? (T): No, it’s not (F): Corn soy sauce? (F): What soy sauce is it? (T): Mushroom soy sauce (F): Mushroom soy sauce (T): 1 tablespoon (T): Then, 1 tbsp oyster sauce (T): Ketchup (T): About the same (F): I think it doesn’t need ketchup (T): Give (F): Stock (F): Stock (F): No need to add more because it’s already there (F): And others (F): This cashew nut (F): This cashew nut is already roasted (T): Yeah (T): Roasted cashew nut (T): No need much cornstarch (T): Just a little (T): To make it settled (T): Done (F): This should be mixed (T): The sesame oil isn’t already there (F): Hurry up! (T): Put them all in (T): The chicken (F): It’s usually (F): Cook until (F): Until the liquid is reducing, right?
(F): Thicken (F): Until it’s dry (F): And become sticky (F): It’s done (F): Turn off the stove (F): We pour them all (F): Ready to serve (F): Done (T): Oh wait (T): Kungpao (T): Schezuan (T): Schezuan kungpao (T): Using ostrich meat (Joking) (Laughing) (T): It’s hot (Laughing) (T): So it’s our version of kungpao chicken (T): I want to see yours (F): Maybe if there’s difference, you can comment below (T): Maybe you prefer fish or beef (T): It’s up to you (F): Okay.. Thank your for watching. Watch our next webisode! (F): And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (F): Eh.. Follow.. (F): Follow us on Twitter (T): We have a lot of social medias! (T): Facebook, Google+
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