Hi ! I’m Savani a.k.a the_vaze_factor The plan for this Onam special episode is to try some authentic Kerala food in Mumbai. Dessert, breakfast, lunch. I’m going to taste all. My first stop is “Taste of Kerala” at Fort where I’m going to have my breakfast for the day. This is “Puttu” and to go with it is “Chana Masala” along side I have “Kappa” Kappa is basically Tapioca There is also “Appam” which is had with “Veg Stew” And to finish to the breakfast with, is some “Coffee” So finally I’m done with my breakfast and even if this seemed like a full fledged meal for someone like me it’s the diet for entire week. but this is what people have generally for breakfast This is so healthy & I don’t remember having so many veggies for breakfast ever. I think all the meals today are going to be this healthy. I’ve to eat a lot today and so I’ll head to my next stop On the way I saw a Coconut vendor & you can’t miss to have coconut water when you are out to taste some South Indian Food My Grandmother told me a story Vishnu’s 5th avatar, Vaman who in order to humble a King named Bali asked for 3 steps of land. In the first step was the heaven second was earth and the third one was on King Bali and push him into the earth As I grew up my friend’s from Kerala told me the story behind Onam. Onam is said to be celebrated in the joy when King Bali comes out to see his empire on earth On the day of Onam family comes together to have a special feast called “Sadhya” So I’m here at Hotel Delux to have “Sadhya”. And I’m able to see people eating a lot of dishes on Banana Leaf which even I’m gonna get served So I’m excited & accepting the challenge to finish it all 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 So, there aren’t any breads in this meal but this different kind of rice which is like thick brown rice served with “Sambar” I’ve finally managed to finish it all after a taking about 5hrs for it. *kidding* I’ve come to know that if you have liked the meal you should fold this Banana leaf outward So the hosts know you’ve liked their food. I’ve eaten a lot but I’m still craving for some desert so I’m here at “Benzy’s” in Marol. Where I’m going to try some “Payasam” which is made from Kerala’s special rice & Jaggery So this particular type of “Payasam” is called “Ada Pradhaman” I hope I’m pronouncing it correctly This is made from special Jaggery & from a special type of rice And some people call this King of Payasam. If you happen to be around Marol do visit Benzy’s to try this. Because this is simply amazing I’ve got to know a lot of interesting things about Onam today It’s a festival of 10days and every day has a different name and every day people get together to eat which is called “Sadhya” and that’s what I also tried today It was so much fun & I realized that South Indian food is much more than Idli-Dosa which I urge you all to try out and if you’ve like this Video hit the like button share the video subscribe to our channel “Bha2Pa” and do let us know what kind of food videos you’d like to watch in the comment section.