Hi guys, Jamie here. I hope you’re really really well. So me and the Hotpoint gang, we’ve come together to bring out and celebrate some of your most loved and cherished food memories! And I’ve picked out some of my very very best, but if you want to get involved in the competition go to the food memories hub. You could win a whole load of Hotpoint equipment. Now first up, Claudio. Italian boy. He has got a dish that is so special to him. This is from his honeymoon. It’s a beautiful aubergine parmigiana. Delicious! So Claudio thank you for being here. So aubergine parmigiana. Exactly, like you know straight from Capri. It was a great experience. Obviously it was a romantic time. Definitely. You just got married. We known each other since we were 14. Lovely! So childhood sweethearts. Something like that, I mean you know, definitely like a very good deal for me so… She’s amazing. Bless you. So describe the dish to me. It was, like you know, in discs, cut into discs and then, like you know, it was buttered and fried and then it had layers of tomato sauce and mozzarella and scamorza and all these other cheeses. It was just fantastic. Really really good. We’ve gone back to the hotel. We’ve researched exactly how to cook it, and we’re gonna have a go. I’ve got a message from the chef, Oliver Glowig. Famous chef and he’s now in Rome, at a restaurant I believe called La Tavola. Hi Jamie. Hi Claudio. Claudio, I’m really glad you remember my recipe and liked it so much. I hope it tastes just as good. If you’re ever in Rome, come see me at my restaurant. I wait for you, bye. Bless you! Thank you very much. Nice one. What a chef. Thank you chef and he’s been amazing. This dish isn’t my normal style. Nonna’s don’t normally put aubergine in towers do they? No. This is quite Chef-y I’ve just finely sliced the skin of the aubergine. This will be fried later. We’re gonna slice this just under a centimeter thick. He uses a cutter to cut them into perfect discs and do you remember how big it was when you had yours? Five layers? Were you drunk at the time because he told us three. Is that right? Yeh he did. Season the aubergine. Cover it completely with the flour. Go in with the egg. Boil. Turn the heat up. Now I’m using the Hotpoint hob. Hotpoint is the reason that we’re here, so thank you Hotpoint. Have you ever tried to recreate this dish for your wife at home? No. When’s the next anniversary? Actually soon like you know is in few days. You better focus. Get the aubergine in the flour. Place the egged aubergine into the oil. While these fry we’re gonna make the most simple tomato sauce. Two cloves of garlic, and if you can add a little bit of olive oil to the pan. Add the garlic, basil, roll it up. This is the quickest sauce ever. We’re gonna fry this off. Organic tomatoes, whole plums, and I’m gonna just squash the tomatoes in my hand. That’s how Italians do it, like you know, with love. The kitchen paper here is gonna take away the excess fat. Turn the heat up and now I can take the aubergine skin and fry it. Have a look at that. See how this is crunchy and crispy now look at that. Put it to one side. The tomato sauce is done. Give it a little season. You are a cheese maker, can you explain this. Scamorza. It’s an aged mozzarella cheese. It has been smoked so it’s got that incredibly robust flavour right? Yeah. I’m gonna slice this into little half centimeter slices, and I can see you’ve brought some of your homemade cheese. Mozzarella. Beautiful. I’m gonna use a little bit of your cheese in this dish. Fantastic. We’re gonna add just a little tomato to the base and then we’ve got the aubergine. You do the same. we got tomato sauce. Smoked scamorza. Your mozzarella. Oregano. Basil in each layer as well. We’re gonna do three. Let’s do it. And we repeat that everytime. Finish with parmigiano. Reggiano. So we’re gonna put it in our lovely Hotpoint oven. We’re gonna cook that for about 10 or 12 minutes. Are you hungry? I’ve been, like you know, fasting for a couple of days so I just came here for, like you know, for this. Look at that. Bring your memories back? Bringing memories back. Let’s have a try. Ah look at that! Is it everything you wanted it to be? It’s better. Aw that’s so good. Because now I can make it for my wife. The aubergine is crispy but meaty and soft. And the smokiness of the… cheese scarmoza just does the right the right job you know. Brother put it there. So, lovely people try this recipe. Part of a gift from me and Hotpoint to you, is we’re gonna give you a brand new hob and an oven. Thanks a lot. Thank you very much. That’s fantastic and you know that about it so. Guys what are you waiting for? Click the link and get involved. Enter the competition and you could win a whole load of wicked Hotpoint equipment.