WHAT’S UP! Never had this combo before…so we shall see how it tastes hmmmmm Wow! the taste was actually pretty damn good! Get in on that!! This honeycomb is a lot softer than the honeycomb I had for the very first time on this channel (honeycomb drizzle) This honeycomb sticks to just about everything…especially my beard! haha! And I learned from my past video…dont wipe anything until you are done eating the honeycomb… because this shit is like natures super glue! The wax is getting stuck to the back of my teeth (Sugar Overload has now hit my blood stream) Yep, that was a lot of honey but it was worth it! Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger from McDonald’s Having a cheeseburger after the honeycomb was such a good idea I needed something to break that sweet taste in my mouth McDonald’s no longer sells signature sauce…but I had some in my sauce drawer 🙂 sooo good!